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Dirty Fisting Pussy Smeared In Shit with P00gir [MPEG-4]

dirty fisting pussy smeared in shit, pooping from anal, smearing thick layers of shit on pussy, inserting my hand on the wrist, peeing, playing with toys
4 Load Shit Compilation with fuckslut [MPEG-4]

1st: Desperately pulling out buttplug to release a big long turd on top of the toilet.
2nd: Quick natural shitting into the toilet while everyones home.
3rd: Watch me take a big fat poop along the edge of the bathtub. My pussy is super creamy as I stand up to pee when I’m finished
4th: Standing to shit your yummy meal on a plate. Eat straight from my ass & enjoy a nice closeup of my puckered hole…
I Make Him Swallow My Shit In Public with Missmortelle [MPEG-4]

Today I have a special challenge for my slave, but he does not know yet. He just thinks, he can be my toilet as usual. Everything begings normal. We are in the living room and I make him kiss my feet to salute me. Then I tell him to lie down and take off my panties right over his face. First he may smell my worn underwear, then he has to lick it clean! Next, I sit on his face, with my gorgeous pussy facing forward into the camera. I pee right in his mouth and my slave drinks it all. I turn around and empty the last drops of pee into my slave toilet, while you enjoy the gorgeous backside view of my ass & pussy. My dirty pig drinks all of the golden shower, even though it was the intense morning piss. He is so voracious, that he even licks the floor clean! I am excited to have such a willing toilet bitch.

Then I tell him to kneel in front of the bed. I am in doggystyle on the bed & command my slave to catch my turd with his mouth. I push out a huge shit and he takes it all in his mouth.

„Keep my shit right there in your mouth!“, I tell him. „Now we will go for a walk in public, so everyone can see what a dirty toilet you are.“

I put my slave on a leash and off we go onto the street in plain daylight.

You will se his shit-stained face, as I walk him around. Even though there are people watching us from afar, I tell him to kneel down and spit in his face, while insulting him.
As we arrive on the other side of the street, I tell my slave to start chewing my shit. He will have to swallow it right here for everyone to see, while I tell him what a dirty pig he is!

Watch my slave proving his devotion to me in this exciting and challenging public humiliation game.
Massive Explosive Diarrhea with Missanja [MPEG-4]

Script is easy this time, I woke up and within a few minutes, I was in the bathroom with bad abdominal cramps probably of spicy meals for dinner. I was suffering long hours through night time. Friday early morning I had started my day with huge, massive lumpy stinky explosive diarrhea. I started to record the clip and after few seconds felt no way to hold it and shit was leaking out of asshole then quickly turned around and like a diarrhea fountain released at the shower. Impressive portion of diarrhea that’s certain. I keep pushing a bit more and pissing a lot with strong stream then flashing my super dirty ass, hemorrhoids and the smelly mess at the shower. So tell me what else could be much better like start your weekend with a gross diarrhea…
Gross, Explosive Epsom Salt Detox Part 1 with Missanja [MPEG-4]

Include 7 clips the first part of the full version. Over on 4GB so I just had cut for 2 to being upload able. This video explain and show what will happening during Epsom Salt detox. I couldn’t film all poo and seriously countless the number of bowel movements. At the beginning I tell you what kind of detox I do for 2 days and hold the first glass of Epsom salt water taste is disgusting and so bitter. I have it after all more than 2 hours I feel xtremely bloated and poorly. I show you my big belly and would cry of discomfort but it means I’m on the right way to shit a big one. So I expected such a huge diarrhea like that. Touch it in the bowl bc so lumpy and particularly black n stinky. The second clip is just ridiculous because I literally make a big bowl of diarrhea I just call diarrhea bowl. So very much runny shit. I also between 2 clips couldn’t leave the bathroom just barely cleaned the mess and pick up the camera again. I try to tell you everything and explain how I feel but surprised how much shit coming out of me. I started at 4pm the first glass worked around 6.30 then continuously felt need to poo. In every 2 hours I had salt water exactly 3 times at evening then rest. But I didn’t have any rest as my ass was squirting out everything haha. I feel exhausted and bit numbness but it’s normal during detox. I just wear comfy clothes no make up it’s just seriously me and my experience for first time. Watch the first part. Then the second part (WHICH IS COMING TI BE UPLOADED TOMORROW 19th of December) because these vids are belongs together.
Before Wedding Clean Up with Drea_Xoxo [MPEG-4]

Bride is getting ready for her big day, when her step-brother comes in to chat with her while she is getting ready. She tells him that she has a terrible stomach ache and needs to use the restroom so bad, but the one near her is broken. She then asks him to please be a good step-brother and let her use him as her toilet.
50% Off! Extreme Stepsister Punishment with Sophia_Sprinkle [MPEG-4]

Does Sophia have a sign that says “Cinderella” on her forehead? She starts cleaning the kitchen when she gets home from work and accidentally wakes up her deadbeat stepbrother in the process! He scolds Sophia for rousing him from his sleep and tests her patience to the point where she snaps and decides that he needs to be taught a lesson. What type of lesson, you ask? A big fat dump to the face! Watch as Sophia squeezes out a huge turd into her sexy fishnets and taunts her loser s-bro, smushing her shit onto his pathetic face with her ass.
Shitty Hair, Shitty Tits with Annacoprofield [MPEG-4]

I would have a new Script for you, maybe you want to do this. It is a bit like my other script. You start sitting in front to the camera only with a bra on. You start spitting in both of the cups. Now you could eat some yoghourt or chew a banana and spit it in the cup and play with your boobs. Put the bra off, rub your face in the cup and on the bra and spit even more in the cup. Now rub the bra on your pussy and play a bit with it. Now you shit completly on the bra and rub it on your body, focusing your tits and face. In the end you rub the bra with your hair, putting shit in your mouth and spit in the cup and rub it in your hair. Now put the bra back on and say bye…
Perverted Games With Cucumbers In Asses with Natalia Kapretti [MPEG-4]

Unexpected idea of stuffing as many cucumbers as possible into the ass of slave-husband, turned into full-scale perverted games. Six cucumbers were carefully placed in his ass, and then there were large-scale games. I fucked him in ass with cucumber, fisted him in dirty ass, and couldn’t resist taste cucumber right out of his ass. Fun turned into desire to also feel cucumber in the ass. I had a lot of fun and as result of such an unusual fuck in the ass, I wanted shitting. It was an unforgettable morning1. Ass full of cucumbers, it’s fun, deliciousNow I know for sure “Full of ass cucumbers” this is a real proven practice, very pleasant to the eye and not only. I took cucumbers and decided to check how many will fit in the ass my slave husband. Here is the first one entered, rather not even entered but flew in and hung out there freely, the second one settled next to him and fixed him in place. The third and fourth entered on either side. And finally the fifth already with difficulty pushing the walls of ass, expanding them to the maximum. Beautiful, green bouquet of cucumbers sticks out of his ass, it’s wonderful. And since I’m got in this ass, I need fuck him. Cucumbers slide smoothly and easily in the ass back and forth. One of them popped out covered in shit. My slave again did not wash the ass for Mistress. Ass is slurping, shit is squeezing out, I’m excited by the sight and smell. I need to fisting this dirty, shitty ass fucked up. O, yes, how much shit immediately I squeezed out, I like it so much, I feel so good. I can’t resist the sight and smell of it, I want to taste cucumber with shit on it. How unusual, what savory aftertaste, I will eat this cucumber in the shit and continue to fuck this ass with my fist. How I love fucking my slave husband in the ass with shit. I not be greedy and leave cucumbers with shit for my slave girl Maya for dinner when she comes2. Cucumber in me, don’t shit myselfCucumber in my ass, cucumber in pussy, this is the first time in my practice. Pimply, they slide inside me, arouse, it’s quite nice. Pressure in both holes. Fuck, how I want to shit. Thick stream of urine hits high. Slave recoiled from the surprise, how good, how fun. And I still want to shit. I’ll take a shit on the floor. And then I want the slave to lick it and start eating it
Two Bbw Farts And Scat On Slave with Margo [MPEG-4]

Our slave is so lucky… He has two hot BBW ASS. We so gassy today! We gives him a nice farts session. Do you wanna be like this slave? But this not all. He also gets a huge pile of shit in his mouth. Oh that’s awful! Great shit face. You still want to be in his place?
Piss And Shit On Loser with Marcos579 [MPEG-4]

My slave now serves as a toilet for me. I piss, shit and mock him. He’s my toy, ass-licker, whipping boy. I love to suffocate him, he wrinkles, turns away and gets a real enjoy. I have so much fun to humiliate him, to piss, to shit on him and humiliate.
Compelled To Eat My Shit with Annalise [MPEG-4]

I have an everyday slave, and he is my toilet! His job is to serve me when I require this. So lying on the floor, he cleans my shoes and kisses my feet. But the most delicious treat from me is waiting for him at last. I feed him with my shit. And it will always be so, as long as you obey me.
Gut Empty After Recording Videos with Fenix10 [MPEG-4]

Video of 3 ’22 “where I am very accelerated since I have not gone to the bathroom for several days and having recorded several videos of masturbation I have not stopped stimulating my body ha ha. So as I was dressed loose everything I had inside and I show it to you.
Private Scat Home Tape 1 with Dirtybetty [MPEG-4]

This is the first part of an incredible homemade dirty fuck video! In it you will not feel our signature “atmosphere” (although the sound artist did his best and once again delighted us with a new soundtrack), you will not see strange makeup and you will not even be able to find “ghostly” easter eggs… But you will see “home” sex scenes with real emotions and truly depraved action! Some nasty anal scat sex, jerking off a swollen cock with a huge fresh and flavorful piece of shit, I also taste my own shit a bit! PS: Just watch how my pinky asshole pulsating after this massive poo…
Hitting Stripper Part 6 with Vibewithmolly [MPEG-4]

Watch the famous shitting stripper do what she does best… she twerks and shits all over you in the private room! Lick her dirty slut asshole clean after she sprays all her shit out! I love grinding on you with a dirty butthole… I want you to cum super fucking hard in my ass!
Shit In Soggy Style with Vibewithmolly [MPEG-4]

Watch me take a huge shit in doggy style! Then I masturbate and make you each my asshole on the edge of the toilet like a good toilet slave! Keep cleaning until my hole is squeaky clean!