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Clothes and pussy are my toilet with evamarie88 [MPEG-4]

Shit in bra smearthen cum with evamarie88 [MPEG-4]

You dont deserve my feet poop videos xxx with Alana,Bruna [MPEG-4]

Extreme face smear and cum with evamarie88 [MPEG-4]

Viviane and Valaria poop videos xxx with Princess Shit [MPEG-4]

Odd Disgusting Desperation Shit/Hemorrhoids  with MyPetiteAss [MPEG-4]

I’m naked and feel embarrassed because really really need to shit. It’s not a joke it’s like I can’t hold it part. I just barely set up my camera and clench my ass to not shitting right away. I’m sitting on my heels and I wiggles holding my ass by hand then I just relief on myself quickly between my barefoot shoot a big odd disgusting and stinky turd. I just keep pushing a bit more of shit until my hemorrhoids being visible, winking few times and pissing on the pile and bring the cam close up to present that disgusting shit on the floor. Then get back for some more anal fingering play deeply in my juicy ass fingers playing make it stretch even more and while I do some dirty talk about how badly you wanna sniff me and cum on all over on my ass I let you cum for me. Video is feet focused!
Step******* used as Full Toilet (Scat & Piss) with MissMortelle  [MPEG-4]

I really have to use the toilet so hard, but my step-******* is using it. In the end I can´t hold it anymore and go into the bathroom. There I see him jerking off, while sniffing my panties and watching porn! How could he steal the panties of his own step-******? I fight for his phone and then I see what porn he was watching: Women shitting on men! How disgusting can my own family be? Then I realize that I have something against him now and might have a bit of fun at least… I tell him that I really need to use the toilet, but that he is blocking it. I start undressing and push my ass into his face. I know that he is enjoying it, even though it is humiliating that his own step-****** is doing this to him. Then I make him lie down into the bathtub and piss right into his mouth, looking closely that he is drinking it all up like a good toilet. Then I stand over him and tell him to open his mouth. He will taste the shit of his step-****** and swallow it all! One of my slaves was holding the camera and I am not satisfied with his work! Hopefully you can still enjoy this clip! If you like incest fantasy, let me know and I will film a similar video! It definitely is my personal fetish
Used as Double Toilet without Escape with MissMortelle [MPEG-4]

We look like two girls from next door, but we have already prepared our victim helplessly. Wrapped in mummification foil, our slave won’t be able to escape us. He will have to serve Miss Madison and me as a dirty full toilet today. But first, our slave has to lick the soles of our shoes. You can see close-ups of our shoe soles and of his slave tongue licking them. We spit into his mouth and onto his cock. We also jerk our victim a bit, both with our hands and the sole of our shoe. Then Miss Madison makes the slave understand that she really has to use the toilet. He will now first receive her delicious pee and then open his mouth for her shit sausage. Miss Madison poops a big portion of scat directly into his mouth. Today will be tough for him and he feels that already…. Our slave chokes, but Miss Madison pushes her shit firmly into his mouth. I also give my piss first. Our toilet also swallows some shit pieces from Miss Madison, while drinking the pee. Now it’s time for my scat donation. I spread my ass cheeks over his face and squeeze out a long, sexy turd. I proudly place it on the face of our slave. His face is now decorated with a huge mountain of shit. He can hardly breathe under all this poop. Miss Madison and I leave him covered in shit and leave the room.
First time ever scat video with NaomiBobba [MPEG-4]

Shit Covered Socks in Your Face - Special Order for YOU My Toilet with Nerdy Faery [MPEG-4]

Madam Director Lola - No People Food Allowed [MPEG-4]

I am training my sweet human stray. As a good pet, he must stay locked inside a cage, and of course, he is not allowed to eat any people food. Everyone knows that people food absolutely spoils and ruins a pet. I want him to be obedient! I wake my caged stray for his morning breakfast by rattling the cage. I prepare for him my specialty. He watches, very alert and hungry. When breakfast is ready, I open the cage door and let him lap from his wide bowl and eat from the ground near my high-heeled feet. My good pet eats it all up. I praise him and scratch his soft hide. When it has finished its meal, I order it to return to its cage. The training is working. My pet submissively returns to the cage, and I shut the door. I warn it to obey me, or I will absolutely neuter it. I will return later for another feeding. It better keep eating it all.
Leather Bubbly Farts and Diarrhea with cleopatra [MPEG-4]

I wore my black leather leggings, farting in doggystyle popsition, then shitting inside them, and fart again. My ass looks soo bubbly-can You resist?Especially when I give you those gassy,stinky, bubbly farts. Enjoy!
ScatLina - LinaScat [MPEG-4]

Blackmailed panty poop with evamarie88 [MPEG-4]

Blair Kennedy aka lickmyaids Mini Pack [MPEG-4]

Small mini pack of 4 videos of a girl from Reddit who goes by Blair Kennedy or lickmyaids. Videos involve puking and dirty anal with some mild shit eating specifically of a cock that has just been in her dirty ass and also from anal beads that have got covered in shit as well. There is some slight spanking in one scene as well but it is mainly the puke fetish that is catered for here as she vomits on a dildo as well as her partners cock. Sorry for how awful this upload looks in terms of presentation, it's been a while since I've done this and today has been a bit of a mess in terms of me trying to find time to do this and fill the request. Hope everyone enjoys
Addicted to My Shit with scatdesire [MPEG-4]

 The training of my slave, to transform it into my complete toilet, is almost over. The slave knows that this is a condition he had to accept in order to gain the privilege of being part of the many slaves owned by the splendid Goddess: and accepted it by submitting to my immense power. After making My beautiful feet worshiped as a sign of devoted submission, I orders My human toilet to position himself. The slave, with discipline, wide open his mouth and wait until i finished. But today I has a really full intestine and, when i begins to shit on the face of my slave, the quantity of feces is very great. He has to open his mouth and a part of her feces ends up inside!