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Creamy Shit Play Part 1 with NadiaCream  [MPEG-4]

Creamy Shit Play Part 2 with NadiaCream  [MPEG-4]

In part 2, I play with my shit and dunk my head in the pile like a dumb bitch.
Cute Girl Doesn’t Like Shit In Toilet with MissAnja [MPEG-4]

The entire title would be. Cute Girl Doesn’t Like Shit In Toilet Instead Uses Her Hand. I wear a cute powder pink pajama’s top bottomless only a pink plug in there my ass. I’m suffering already and feeling kinda monster hiding inside my ass. I tell you and show my big belly because I’m really feeling bloated and discomfort inside. Cramps makes it even more worth. Your cute dirty girl shares a secret. LISTEN! I tell you that most of the peoples likes doing there bowel movements in the toilet every single day. BUT! I don’t like this normal way of things. So am I wrong? Or dirty? I think just naughty and an exceptions of millions. But you loves dirty girls and dirty poopy ass. I reveal my plug and present booty backward and plug comes out without any press by itself. It’s time to shit so as I’ve told you I don’t like to poop in the original and boring toilet I going to use my hands to catch this monster shit. It’s much fun right? Quickly I lift up my leg and standing on the other place my hand under asshole and such a disgusting, stinky but creamy at same time monster pouring out of my ass. No way to catch all in my petite hand so let it leaking down haha. I’m impressed once again not only of portion but the texture is something different again like before. I grab my pink anal beads and invite you to have even more fun and all what you able to see encourage you to stroke your dick faster and harder. I bend over stuff in ass the beads then playing around, pulling in then back, farting, talking dirty to you and all this fun only for you. My dirty ass and beads play bring you on to cum right? While bending over you fantasy to fuck me and farting on you. That’s all right. I play for awhile with beads and last time I push it inside poopy asshole and pulling out you going to cum and having a shaking orgasm to me. Before the end I show the big shitty mess down on floor and once again my sticky shitty hand.
Olga ate her shit with ModelNatalya94  [MPEG-4]

Hello everyone. In this video you will see Olga eating her shit. Olga came to the kitchen, she took off her panties and pissed into a mug, then she poured a lot of shit into a plate and sat down at the table. Olga took some shit with a spoon and put it in a mug of urine, made a cocktail of urine and shit. Olga smeared some sandwiches with shit and began to eat them. She did it slowly, enjoying the smell of her shit, Olga showed you how she loves shit and offered to join. Olga washed it down with a cocktail of urine and shit. Olga ate all the shit, took a napkin and wiped the plate and Olga swallowed this napkin too.
Sara, Isabella Tania play with poop pee with Sarathonson [MPEG-4]

These sexy girls pee, poop, and smear on each other Melissa starts by peeing on Sara, followed by Tania. Sara then pees on Tania followed by Melissa. Then Sara fucks her ass with her dildo so she can then poop in Melissa’s mouth. After pooping in Melissa’s mouth and smearing it Melissa poops in Sara’s mouth to return the favor. After some dildo play Sara smears poop all over Tania’s pussy and ass.
Pooping with jeans with CherryPie [MPEG-4]

Making really big poo wearing jeans, catching the big poo with gloves
Fucking my shit filled pussy with Sarathonson [MPEG-4]

Sara starts by fucking her ass with her dildo. She then poops and stuffs her pussy with her poop. Then she fucks her shit filled pussy with her dildo.
Pepperoni pizza with extra toppings with your_mariam [MPEG-4]

I order a pepperoni pizza to add some of my favourite ingredients: piss and shit. This video goes from when I receive the pizza to me showing you the mess I made with the brand new pizza.
Lush, Huge Doggy Shit For Slaves with MissAnja [MPEG-4]

I wear a sexy Yes Daddy Brief style panty on and this panty is such a dream. Creamy, scented of my sweet holes and hint with some pee. I start with a long and lush panty ass tease backward, touching my perfect booty, and pull the pants tightly between my ass cheeks. How do you wanna worship my ass? Give all your love to your Mistress booty. Do you wanna grab it? Spank and squeeze? Do you wanna clean my dirty ass? I give it to you. What luck right? Your dirty girl always loves treating you. You just starring at me in doggy. Can you smell me? It wasn’t a question. Lick me, Smell me on all the way. Lick my creamy panty and this juicy creamy pussy! Tongue it! Stick your tongue deep inside and worship!! In My fave pose what’s the doggy I look back to you sexy and talking dirty, please you by dirty words and hot view to my gaping asshole. You can believe me such a monster hiding in my ass. Do you want to own this perfect shit hole? Look at that how sexy, dirty, and lickable. Such a dream for those slaves like you who could do anything just once touch and feel my shitty hole close on your face. I keep teasing you all over, reveal several times my big poo, and continuously asking to smell my ass. Your dick wanna run out of your pants when you hear these nasty words I say to you. I remove my pants and show close up, sniff on it and this is such a panty you do not wanna omit never ever. I bet what you do right now so it’s not a surprise you touch your hard dick and wanna be my good slave! I’m so close to pushing out this monster and asking you before release rub against your dick to my winking shitty asshole. Finally, you get your rewards what a real shit monster, long, creamy and enormous. You are also able to see hemorrhoids when I spread my cheeks close up! I let you jerk off to my shit hole, just keep sniffing me all the time. I didn’t wash my ass to smell this dirty hole. I encourage you to cum with a lot of dirty words, I don’t let you down. Hurry Up! And CUM!
Banana Sprite challenge gone wrong with your_mariam [MPEG-4]

Banana Sprite challenge gone wrong. I tried to, but no vomit. So I grab my fingers until everything comes out, including on the other part of the body! Fizzling with all that Sprite. The most filthy video you’ll ever seen. I also have the longest version of this video, which is 35 min, and I sell it for 70€, it includes the whole challenge and a “get to know me” conversation with me, because I can’t stop talking.
Taking shit snaps compilation with VibeWithMolly  [MPEG-4]

Watch me take many shits!! I love watching it fall out of my asshole. The way the asshole relaxes and pushes it out.. it’s so damn sexy… I hope you enjoy me and all my filth!
Shit and cum in the same gusset with your_mariam [MPEG-4]

I shit putting my thong on one side so you can see everything falling down my glorious ass to the toilet to then wipe my asshole and all the shit in it in my panties and proceed to masturbate until I cum in the already full of shit panties. Watch me shit, hear me moan, watch me cum, repeat.
The famous shitting stripper PART 3 with VibeWithMolly [MPEG-4]

That’s right! My shitting stripper act is catching on… the club headlines me. I totally try a pretty difficult move while I try and take a shit! Takes me a few tries but I eventually get it! My poop comes pouring out followed by my piss! I choose a toilet slave from the audience to clean my dirty asshole. Then I reward you by riding your cock and using my shit as lube. I include a funny clip at the end. This is a fun one guys
Worship My SHI with marcos579  [MPEG-4]

Your mouth is a toilet to me. That means I sit and go and when I’m done I’ll get up. Also I’m not going to use toilet paper no more. So before I get up off from you, you will lick my asshole clean that way I know you’re done flushing. If my ass is not clean I will smash your balls. You can have a regular lunch but breakfast and dinner you will have what I had. My shit ! You’re a toilet.
New Creamy Scat Pants with MissAnja  [MPEG-4]

I’m naked and desperation to shit. I could not hide away my already poop baked asshole. It’s leaking out by itself. I show my skinny body front and back doing some desperation dance because seriously need to poo and it should be kinda creamy diarrhea style of. I tell you how I feel myself and show up a black bowl this will be my help to catch all nasty shit. Or do you wanna help me by chance? My nasty poopy hole arouse you so badly and just let’s see what’s coming up after shit. I also tease you by show off long legs and barefoot. All my body parts makes you horny but these two are your real weakness. I grab the bowl and standing ass facing to camera release all this diarrhea style of nasty shit and pissing a lot as well. Part of landing in the bowl the rest on the floor. No matter I have all shit what I need for. I hold up and show the bowl of poo and dip my each barefoot firstly in this chocolate mousse then the other make them shitty and start to smear some of on both of feet. This is my new lotion do you wanna try and smell it so badly right? I bet you’re so jealous that I have the best lotion ever and you wanna help to apply all up on my legs. I make first knee socks style by shit, talking sexy and dirty, and just continuously smearing on my thigh as well. Nice and slow motions obviously make you super boner and you just wish to being here and help out me. Stinky, a bit lumpy, creamy and thick shit lotion. I care of my skin and would care of your dick as well. Would you? I just smear it both of my thigh and up to my ass, ass cheeks, playing with my hands all over. Just keep smearing as much thick shit I can and make the perfect scat pants for you. Tight, stinky and nice brown color. I encourage you to jerk your cock while making this sexy pants then sit on the floor and fantasy about a messy feet or handjob on your hard dick. I spread my legs wide apart and rubbing scat feet against each other time to time. I wanna see you stroking your dick…. I dip my feet once again the messy shit bowl and just tempting view close up. Xtremely dirty scat feet bring you to cum right? So much thick poo covering my lower body from toes waist and this shitty view makes your dick super excited so don’t hesitate to cum on these dirty girl
Mommy licks poop off your dick with VibeWithMolly  [MPEG-4]

Mmm Mommy’s been a bad mommy… too much to drink and my husband passed out! I catch you jerking off and decide to help you with that. Then I confess that I have a kink that I’ve never been able to try with your dad. I pee into my wine glass and make you drink it. You agree to let me poop on your dick! Then I lick it off.. oh boy… this is our secret! You can never tell your father!
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