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Sucking and jerking this filthy DILDO with Natalielynne699  [MPEG-4]

I start by doing a little teasing and then start fucking my ass with my dildo… when it starts to get messy and I cant hold my shit in anymore I take a big shit and then use my poop as lube to jerk my dildo. After that I decide I want to taste that poop and suck my filthy dildo.
Poop 02 [MPEG-4]

Poop 01 [MPEG-4]

Dirty Anal Privates 4 [MPEG-4]

The dirtiest anal I have ever seen in a private! She is back (well, i asked for another private ha), this time with sound. Lots of messy messy anal, some scat, lots of lube and loads of fucking her ass with that red dildo of hers. Other video was a capture of a public show she was doing, so more subdued but still some scat on the dildo. If only she could get a better webcam, we'd all be so much happier
Took my poop out of the toilet with Natalielynne699 [MPEG-4]

Watch me walk seductively to the toilet to shit out a big load and then take it out and smell it and smear it over my tits and ass and tell you how stinky it is!
Miss me, smearing with her own shit with Mistress  [MPEG-4]

My slave girl went to visit her parents in the village. She writes me all the time, freaking out, missing me and my shit. One night, she locked herself in her room and took quiet shit. She had runny diarrhea and it’s very good for smearing. She took shit in her hands, smear face, small breasts. Started smearing shit for all over her body, stomach, ass. She’s already so used to walking around my house in shit that she wants to get dirty, feel its soft touch and stinky smell. I’m happy, I made real toilet slut out of her in just a month
Eat shit don’t get distracted with Mistress  [MPEG-4]

My little toilet bitch like pupa today. All in white, showing off, dancing, wagging her ass, and begging for use her. Beauty bending to lie on the floor and invitingly smiles, calls, offers use her toilet mouth. Lick my ass first with your cute working tongue. Get ready take all my shit in your mouth. Yes, nice long, soft shit slides right into her mouth and wriggles down on top of her in pile on mouth. Get on with your breakfast, today my shit is flavorful and looks delicious. Chew and swallow, bite off more shit and lick your fingers, eat my shit don’t get distracted. What long dick you have in your hands, shove him with shit down your throat. Yes, well done, you train, you can already swallow 20 centimeters with the shit. Masturbate, use dirty strap-on, satisfy yourself and eat my shit, my pretty toilet slut
I need suck shit! Right now! with DirtyBetty  [MPEG-4]

rock shit + lollypop + scat play + sucking shit + licking shit + full mouth + hypnotic + atmospheric = this little ultra hot”n”dirty clip!
-«You should have been watching this room, why is this crazy thing shitting in the shower again? She is always silent, always looks straight in the eyes and stinks from her …
You know perfectly well that first comes the smell, then the excitement .. and then she materializes. You should have noticed her earlier! This is the last chance to discover the rift in this apartment!»
-«I … I was just watching! Don’t know if it’s cool or not, she mesmerizes me. Why does she do it? How? Is she even real?»
-«Did you smell her? She’s 100% real! Ghosts just can’t thin out that stench. Did she touch you?»
-«Never, I just felt her breath.»
-«Was it warm?»
– «It seemed to me that it can burn …»
– «Burn?»
– «Yes!»
– «It seems to me to get dangerous here, pack your things, we will come later! Wait … is that sperm? On your pants?»
– «What!?»
– «Okay, let’s skip this, let’s go ..»
Scat Feet And Dirty Anal Fun with MissAnja  [MPEG-4]

 I’m totally naked and naughty. Start to show off my beautiful and newly pedicured feet all over. I touch my soft soles, lick my toes and my poopy soles, asking you how jealous you are? How badly you wanna touch my feet? Playing with them or even jerk off your dick by them? I know the answer well and you never ever get enough of these pretty pink toes. The camera had set up much higher than usual so I just look up to you and provide crystal clear view to feet and body. I spread my legs then you able to see pussy and knee on doggy tp present my asshole. What a perfect view all over right? Did I make you rock hard even without poop yet? I talk sexy and dirty encourage you in the entire video to stroke your dick to my lovely feet because my plan is that I will dip in my scat to drive you crazy. With legs spread and up I penetrate a dildo but I start to desperate and really need to push myself to poo. Nasty, creamy extremely stinky poo include some seeds too. I’m so ready to dipping and smearing warm poo all over on my feet. This part of the video filmed in POV to provide even more close view while I play with scat on feet. These close ups definitely bring you close to cum but you know it’s not the right time yet. I curl my shitty toes and squeeze poop then lift my legs up and keep fucking my asshole until you cum for me. I tease you a lot and talking dirty about feet and that you should come for me. Did you do that? Before the end I turn to doggy gaping hole even more to farting before the end.
Mutual Messy Enema Fun with MissAnja  [MPEG-4]

I know you’re into messy enema fun, but what if you copy me while I clean my little ass out? I invite you for a filthy weekend enema fun just me and you. Hmm? Sounds awesome right? I start with teasing my naked body, bending over shaking m y ass and tell you get ready yourself because we start it. I goes down on my fourth you should follow me. I insert the plastic tube into my ass to let water flow in you should do the same. I ask you for the same. Will be so much fun when you and me at the same time squirting out those nasty shitty waters right? I also ask you that let goes the water into your ass as much as you can take at once. I do the same. Present my bloated belly several times and you also can moaning me cause of desperation to release it. I sprinkle enema in different positions like doggy on both side of the bathroom, standing or even with one legs up on my knee. Every round of enema is stinky and even more messy. I also help myself with a dildo and farting while pushing out enema mess and of course I tell you to do the same. Dildo or finger your ass when I do it. I determine to dildo my ass bending over, make myself gassy and gaping hole then pushing out some of runny ass juice before the end. I hope you could copy me nice and well and you’ve been a good boy and made sort of big mess in your bathroom just like me. And I also believe it you used all enema to clean out your ass to me. Was it fun? Definitely. In this video you will get lots of ass view, even more of enema round, shitty mess and more.
Panty Poop in Public Store with janet  [MPEG-4]

This is the most extreme public pooping I’ve ever done! Watch me fill my panty with a smelly load of shit in a very public and busy store!
I’m in a grocery store and I have to shit so bad! I don’t have time to track down a bathroom to use! I have to go now! I have no choice but to fill my white panties with shit right here in the store! I’m kind of excited about it though! I’m a dirty shit girl and I know it will feel so good to poop in public!

I pull my skirt up and bend over! Soon my shit is sliding out of my poophole! I’m filling my panties right here in the store! I’ve never pooped like this before in my life! My pussy is so wet from the rush and all the pleasure from shitting in a store aisle where people come around the corner and see me!

My warm shit feels so good in my panties! Look at that huge load of poop in my panties! I love shaking my ass and walking around this store with a huge load of shit squishing around in my panties!

It’s time to head home! I have to walk out of this store with a huge load of shit in my panties! I wonder if anyone will see the brown spot in my panties!

I’m am so incredibly turned on! That was such an amazing rush! My pussy is so wet! My ass is filthy! I leave the store, take off my dirty panties, and leave them on the ground for someone happy to find them. Maybe it’s you.
Shitty Diapers with scatdesire  [MPEG-4]

I’m a dirty diaper girl! I love how my poopy diapers feel. My poop stays warms for so long as I roll around in my poop filled diaper. I love how cute and clean my diaper looks on the outside. But I know and you know how nasty and poopy it is on the inside! My butt is getting smeared with my fresh poop! I can smell my filth inside my diaper. I wonder how it tastes!? Watch me take my diaper off and show you my dirty poopy butt and my poop smeared diaper. Mmm! It looks so tasty! You need to taste my poop! You need to eat it!
shit out of the pussy and fucked (1/2) with Versauteschnukkis  [MPEG-4]

In this film, the hairy milf shits a huge poo sausage on her cock and he takes the huge poo sausage in his hand and stuffs it completely into the hairy sow’s cunt and she shits the huge pile out of her cunt again, horned by the hot shitting cunt he stuffs her all the shit in her cunt again and she poops again from her hairy cunt. Then her fucker can no longer hold back and turns the milf over and smears her from head to toe with her shit and then fucks her hard in different positions and swap horny chocolate kisses. have fun watching
Serving You A Poop Plated Dinner with sammiecee  [MPEG-4]

I’ve got a special dinner for you, you can even watch me plate it up for you, I’ve prepared it especially for you. Here’s your plate and cutlery, let me just take these panties off and squat over the plate for you, that’s right, I’m serving you a nice steamy shit, what a treat! Now I want you to cut it up and savour every mouthful.
Wet Shitty Panties  with sammiecee [MPEG-4]

Wearing my bright pink and white outfit I tease you before pissing in my white high rise full back panties, getting them very wet, I then lean back and start doing a HUGE shit in my panties too, the panties are weighed down with it and has leaked out the side a little too. I stand up and show you the wet shitty panties, I pull them down and show off my shitty arse and arsehole before pulling the panties back up and wiggling the weight of the shit between my legs.
Dirty Asshole Privates 2 [MPEG-4]

Video 1 - Not the dirtiest private. She tries her hardest to show me what is in that sexy ass of hers. Subtle scat

Video 2 - Longer, music was asked to be turned off. Lots of shit lube and some scat. Very sexy show.
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