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Thisness – House Shitting [MPEG-4]

This  Piggy with Mycelium_Mother [MPEG-4]

Her New White Panties with Katherine Staining [MPEG-4]

Katherine’s celebrating her 20k on Twitter
And what better way to celebrate it than staining her new white transparent panties against his face and making him eat and smell the celebration’s cake
Want To Shit Lets Have Fun [MPEG-4]

Shit For Brains with Mycelium_Mother [MPEG-4]

Mycelium Mother dressed in chain mail lingerie. She rubs the metal into her tits and her cloth panties into her clit. She sniffs herself on her fingers. She turns around and continues to rub her pussy through her panties until she takes them off. She pulls out your brainless skull and positions it under her puckered asshole. She slowly and effortly pushes two solid chunks of poop into your head. Does the smell of my poop get your dick nice and hard? It smells so good and she can’t stop sniffing. She shows off your shitty mind up close to the camera. She rubs some on the tip of her nose, licking and sniffing her fragrant poop. She picks a piece up and begins to suck on it, filling her mouth. She puts the other piece of poop right on your forehead, smearing it on your face. Savoring her mouthful of shit, she puts a realistic dildo on your shitty head and begins sucking. Don’t you love seeing that mouth full of packed shit? Coating your cock in her shit, she chews up and swallows the bit left in her mouth while stroking your poop covered cock. She deep throats your cock and her shit, simultaneously choking
herself while she sucks. (That shitty handprint around my throat is fucking HOT!) She cleans her hands by smearing them against then chainmail. She lies back and puts your shit coated cock in her phat pussy. She tastes her pussy mixed with the shit. She pounds her pussy to orgasm while chewing up the shit from your forehead and you cum in her mouth
I Doo-Doo with Mycelium_Mother [MPEG-4]

You’ve just married your beautiful bride Mycelium Mother and it’s time to consummate the marriage, but first, she has a big, stinky, special gift for you! No cold feet here with her blue frilly ankle socks on… Are you ready? Beautiful piano music plays as she slowly pushes out the most perfect 3-day hold turd right above your face. It’s so thick she moans with effort and relief. She pushes so hard that urine comes out. She turns around to sniff and lick her perfect present. Camera angle changes to show you the top of the poop. After having taken her virginity, your bride has her legs spread as she’s sucking your cock. You slide into her wet pussy and sniff her shit and armpits together. She licks her poop as she strokes your cock. Then she picks up that perfect turd and gives it a blowjob and handjob. She tries to stuff it in her pussy, getting it halfway. She takes it out, rerolls it and sucks on it some more. She puts dirty handprints on her white outfit. She tries to stuff her pussy again but the log of poop is too thick for her freshly deflowered pussy. She stuffs the whole poop in her mouth, gets your cock nice and dirty and fuck her vaginally until she comes. She moves closer to the camera, mouth completely filled with shit, she tries to shove your cock down her throat. Do you like that imprint your dick leaves in the poop in her mouth? Lots of gagging and pushing poop and cock down her throat as shit spit runs down her wedding dress. She picks up a piece of poop that fell out of her mouth in the process and begins to chew it up, moan and sniff while she strokes your shit covered cock. All of that poop down her throat makes it hard to swallow with so much gagging. She swallow and sucks your cock off until you cum.
Shity Soles And Prolapse with Dirtygardengirl [MPEG-4]

I Have Some Shit Tonight with Dirtybetty [MPEG-4]

Poo,Body Poo,Fingering My Dirty Ass with Dirtyteen18 [MPEG-4]

Hip Hip Hair-Ay with Mycelium_Mother [MPEG-4]

Mycelium Mother dressed as your shitty cheerleader.
After playing with her big stinky log of poop, you ask her to not waste it and rub it in her hair. She playfully pleads but obeys your request. She softens the poop between her hands and rubs it in her hair and ponytail. She smears her dirty hands down her legs, covering herself head to socked toes. She pulls out your already dirty cock and puts it back in her dirty pussy… shitty cream dripping to her asshole. Her orgasm makes her urgently have to poop.. She turns around and releases a big chunky log onto your cock with views of her gaping asshole and sprays all of her urine onto the shaft and head of your penis. She picks her turd up, sniffs it and shows it off closer to the camera. She sits down on your wet, dirty cock. She puts the entire poop in her mouth and uses her dirty hands to spread her buttcheeks as she rides you. She smears shit all over them. She takes the poop out of her mouth and gives you a fragrant shit burp. She puts it back in her mouth and your penis back in her pussy riding you to orgasm. She turns around and rubs her clit and shows off her used pussy. Post orgasm views of your dirty girl. She spits the poop out, shows you it, puts it back in her mouth and sniffs it a bit more before ending.
Scat Initiation: Discover The Joys Of Scat & Piss Pleasures With Me In This Video [MPEG-4]

In this video, I offer you an introduction to scat with a low-budget video and a short format! I’m going to take off my leggings to come and shit a huge turd in front of your eyes! My anus will already be brown from holding it in for too long… I’m going to come and eat the layer of shit on my anus before shitting! I’m then going to come and suck my shit straight out of my big ass, I’m going to suck it like it was a good big cock while letting out a few farts! I’m going to come and lock this poop in a Tupperware to send it home to you, so that you too can taste it and play with it! I’m then going to come and pee in a dog bowl, all of that made me really want it! In the rest of the video I will play with my ass and my huge black dildo! I’m going to smash it and give you several prolapses!
Scat And Piss Top Models – 2 Skinny Top Babes [MPEG-4]

A Cone In My Ass, I Put It In My Mouth with P00girl [MPEG-4]

Scat Jerk Off Instructions with Maria Anjel [MPEG-4]

Pov Toilet Slavery [MPEG-4]

Comendo Todo Meu Coco with Mabelscat [MPEG-4]

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