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Farting with Suprise SHIT - scatdesire [MPEG-4]

My regular fart slave is so annoying. He begs to be treated like a toilet just so when im ready to shit he arrives late or starts crying. Today he is getting shit. ALL week he was texting me begging for scat but I knew if I told him he was he would bitch out. So once he came over I sat my ass right down on his face, and I told him we were doing mouth farts- he wrapped his mouth around my asshole and I shitted. overtime I shitted in his mouth. He got lots of shit and farts and was a bitch the whole time. Can you believe it? If not take a look.
Yoga headstand and pee on self - Spread my ass wide and huge poop with VibeWithMolly [MPEG-4]

Yoga headstand and pee on self

Description: Watch as I defy gravity by pissing upside down in a Yoga headstand! This ache is stunning… this is pure art!

Spread my ass wide and huge poop

Description: Watch me spread my asshole super wide and take a huge shit for you!
scat fuck 9 (with shaved cunt) with Versauteschnukkis [MPEG-4]

In this film of the nasty Schnukkis, this time the shaved milf poops on her fucker’s cock. At first the shit is a bit hard but then it becomes nice and soft and creamy, perfect for smearing. After he has smeared her ass nicely, the shaved milf lies down and is completely smeared and fucked with her shit and gets her shit stuck in her mouth with which the two then play with their tongues. Then he gets a chair and sits down over her face and poops in her mouth and has her asshole licked clean. Then he kneels in front of the shit milf and pisses her full and briefly shoves his cock into her mouth and fucks her doggy style and the two of them suck the shit together and kiss each other. Then the two go into the riding position and shove the poop into their mouths when the milf comes with a large piece of shit in her mouth and shortly afterwards he too and cums in her cunt then the milf gets up and drips his cum into his mouth. Have fun watching
Dirty Play BDSM with Dirtygardengirl [MPEG-4]

Start with some piss hole play, then DP, then triple ass/puss/pisshole insertion, some poop falls out of prolapsed ass, some poop re-inserted into ass for toy fist, huge DP. Tied tits, clamps on nipples, clamps on pussy, some smacking, Puking on self, inflatible plug and huge pump and then grinding in my mess.
Eating and Drinking Shit Piss and Puke with Dirtygardengirl [MPEG-4]

Horny for nasty fun I drink my piss and fuck my ass, get dildo dirty with shit and suck and deepthroat and puke. I drink my puke and recycle it again. Poop out of prolapse and masturbate with toy and fist Pussy and Ass. Spread open pussy and stuff in poop and puke. Smearing shit and puke on body and face. I eat my shit, chew and swallow, and gag. I get real Dirty.
Long shit in one piece with Markovna  [MPEG-4]

In the first video, I wanted to go to the toilet, but I couldn’t poop because I have constipation. And in order to push the poop out, I had to fart a couple of times. In the second video, I got a nice and long shit in one piece.
Shit falls on you with Markovna  [MPEG-4]

How do you like this viewing angle? Can you imagine these poop falling on you… or you sit under the glass table and masturbate to my poop that comes out of my ass … in the end, sweet fart.
Piss Puke Shitty Dildo Pussy Play with Dirtygardengirl [MPEG-4]

I start off with toy fist up ass and piss into bowl, drink piss, deepthroat dildo and puke into bowl, drink puke and puke again and drink again, ride huge dildo in pussy while gagging on dildo, then use shitty toy fist in pussy, gaping pussy.
Thick shit seeps through the anus with Markovna  [MPEG-4]

I see that you liked my previous video and I shot another video for you in this pose. 2 videos in 1. In the second video, I’m sitting on the toilet and making a fat dump of shit.
Dirty period play with Markovna  [MPEG-4]

In the first video I have a red pussy and I quickly dump a big pile of poop (I made a mountain of poop lol. Here is the second video of me smearing my pussy and ass with my period and pooping (and playing with the butt plug for a bit.
Ass Ring Pump with Dirtygardengirl [MPEG-4]

I use a penis pump on my ass lips for abt 15 mins before showing off my plump juicy asshole to you, My shit falls out of my ass without me pushing prolapse out, then I have fun playing with my poopy pumped up ass ring, squeezing, fingering and fisting my shitty blown out hole and prolapsing. I use the pump, sucking the dirty ass lips in then pulling it off for the suction effect! I stuff some of the poop back into ass and make a real mess of my ass and puffy butthole.
Doing dirty work lying on my bed with Markovna  [MPEG-4]

When I woke up, I felt like my shit wants to get out. But I didn’t want to leave the bed. So I decided to do my dirty business in bed. Massaging my ass, I felt my shit getting closer and closer to the anal ring for you to watch this sight.
Shower Hose Enema with Dirtygardengirl [MPEG-4]

New vid! I insert water up my ass with the shower hose, swoosh it around in my belly then it starts to drip liquid shit water, I gape my puckered asshole and my rose comes out continuing to drip liquid poo, big big prolapse which I erotically rub and finger and dig some shit out, fist my filthy asshole, push really hard and a piece of poo flies out of rose, lol around 8:51! then I bring the camera in closer, prolapse and finger prolapse
Pushing out a thick log after work with DirtyPrincess  [MPEG-4]

I held this in all day long at work for you to see!! I get down and show you my hairy self spread eagle as I release the poop I had stored in me all day! As always, I can’t help but get warm and red with pleasure as I lift my ass up to release the thick load…. Lots of pee dribbles out as well! Then I inspect my work with you
Big poop relief after the workday with DirtyPrincess  [MPEG-4]

I held it in all day!! But when I get home and get changed into some comfy clothes, I can’t hold it any longer. The thick hard log feels so nice coming out, of course some pee dribbles out and my front hole turns red with pleasure… I inspect the load, a lot went into this one! – 12 grain toast, kale, lentils, quinoa, sweet potatoes, and my favorite- hot chicken strips. Theres one last nugget left, and I pop it out into the toilet with some bonus pee.
Ella smushes her poop on the floor and squirts with DirtyPrincess  [MPEG-4]

I woke up feeling pretty naughty this morning and wanted to do something special…. I felt like getting dirty. I tell you about how badly I have to go. Then I adjust myself and play with my lips a bit… (sorry there is a bit of blood there from my period)… this is really new for me to do on camera but it feels good. I have trouble getting the poop out at first and some pee comes, which I had to do in the toilet unfortunately. But then I lay back down and struggle to push some more. Eventually my load comes out and it is a decent size and nice color and texture. I start rubbing myself with my toy, but the temptation to feel my shit is too strong… so I sit down on it and it feels so nice and warm on my butt….. I smash down on it a few times and get nice and messy! I cum for you and show you my messy butt please let me know if you like these types of videos bc it was really fun to make and makes me excited to do
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