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Eat my shit eat it now with evamarie88 [MPEG-4]

Moaning toilet poo and pee! with SarahWestChococlate13 [MPEG-4]

 I quickly turn on my flash, I start pushing and pushing my sexy and yummy turd just shoot out! I push harder thinking that maybe there’s just something more and I pee everywhere!
Tastefull with Veronicapassi [MPEG-4]

casalfist [MPEG-4]

Scat Feet And Dirty Holes with DirtyBetty [MPEG-4]

PantyPooping Mirror Masturbation with mysluttyeviltwin [MPEG-4]

what a long poop, put it in my mouth and smear my face and breasts with p00girl  [MPEG-4]

what a long poop, put it in my mouth and smear my face and breasts
Dirty masturbation with AliceHatter [MPEG-4]

Scat Virgin Training with 2 Dommes (POV) with MissMortelle  [MPEG-4]

Description: For your defloration as a toilet, 2 mistresses will shit on you and humiliate you!

It’s your first scat training and you have booked two dominatrixes for it, Miss Madison & me. You’ve really got a lot of toilet duties ahead of you… While we finish our coffee, we tell you what’s coming up. Today we will shit two big loads into your virgin mouth! We’ re still not sure if you’ re up to this literally gigantic task. To encourage you a , we turn our asses into your face. You won’t be able to resist! Miss Madison has to shit first. She sits over your mouth with her naked asshole and I command you to open wide! Be ready to be humiliated a lot! Under the instruction of 2 mistresses, you will learn to become our perfect shit eater! Next I will piss into your mouth. This will surely help you to flush down our shit. Afterwards, you have the great honor to worship my butt and asshole. While you kneel under me you will lick my butthole extensively and prepare me for my shitting. Miss Madison and I will also give you a jerk-off instruction, so that you are ready for the next part of your slave training! Now you will get your second portion of shit. You will see how the poop comes out directly from my butthole. My scar is so disgusting that Miss Madison has to leave the room briefly, but you have to stay with me and catch everything. Your job is to get horny for my disgusting shit! While I push out the last pieces of scat, you will lick my butthole as if it was a sweet treat. The moment of truth has now come for you toilet beginner! Will you manage to eat two giant piles of scat from Miss Madison and me? We encourage you to eat up all our filthy shit and cum at the same time.

Clip language is German.

Bei deinem 1. Mal als Klo, wirst du gleich von 2 Herrinnen angeschissen und vulgär erniedrigt!

Deine Klo-Entjungferung steht bevor und du hast dafür gleich 2 Dominas gebucht, Miss Madison & mich. Da hast du dir aber ganz schön was vorgenommen… Während wir unseren Kaffee austrinken, erzählen wir dir was bevorsteht. Wir werden dir heute zu zweit in dein jungfräuliches Klomaul scheißen! Mach dich bereit für das erniedrigendste Erlebnis deines Lebens! Noch sind wir uns nicht sicher, ob du der wortwörtlich gigantischen Aufgabe gewachsen bist. Um dich etwas anzuregen, drehen wir dir unsere Ärsche ins Gesicht. Da kannst du doch nicht widerstehen! Miss Madison muss sich zuerst in deinem Maul erleichtern. Sie setzt sich mit ihren nackten Arschloch über deinen Mund und ich befehle dir weit aufzumachen! Unter unserer gemeinsamen verbalen Erniedrigung, lernst du unsere perfekter Scheißefresser zu werden! Als nächstes pisse ich dir in dein Klomaul. Das wird dir sicher helfen den Kaviar herunterzuspülen. Du hast die große Ehre anschließend meinen Po und mein Arschloch zu verehren. Während du unter mir kniest wirst du mein Poloch ausgiebig lecken und mich so auf meinen Stuhlgang vorbereiten. Miss Madison und ich geben dir außerdem eine Wichsanleitung, damit du dem nächsten Teil deiner Sklaven-Erziehung auch gewachsen bist! Dich erwartet nämlich noch eine zweite Portion Scheiße du Klosau! Du darfst dann endlich zusehen, wie die Kacke direkt aus meinem Arschloch herauskommt. Mein KV ist so ekelhaft, dass Miss Madison sogar kurz den Raum verlassen muss, doch du musst bei mir bleiben und alles auffangen. Deine Aufgabe ist es, dich an dieser ekelhaften und widerwärtigen Scheiße aufzugeilen du Drecksstück! Während ich die letzten KV-Stücke aus mir herausdrücke, wirst du an meinem Poloch lecken, als wäre es eine Leckerei. Die Stunde der Wahrheit ist jetzt für dich Kloanfänger gekommen. Wirst du es schaffen, die beiden Riesenhaufen von Miss Madison und mir zu fressen. Wir ermutigen dich noch einmal zu zweit, all unsere Exkremente aufzufressen und dabei abzuspritzen.
Poo pink panties with evamarie88 [MPEG-4]

Ass to Mouth Shit Feeding with marcos579  [MPEG-4]

It’s extreme ass-to-mouth panic and shit-feeding of the slave’s stomach. I press his toilet face to my ass and make him to lick my anus. He breathes my ass, suffocates, but he still does not know what awaits him. By blasting my shit through his toilet mouth seal on my anus….I can bypass his gag reflex and deliver my shit right into his stomach. Well, as long as he doesn’t panic. All slaves panic when I feed them with my shit. If you like being mercilessly used as a toilet slave, then this video is what you’ve been looking for.
Inverted Milk Fountain Enema with Abigail Dupree [MPEG-4]

It has been over three days since my last bowel movement and I can feel the filth inside of me just dying to come out. In this video I am trying a couple of things that I have never done before so I'm very excited and a little bit nervous. I start out in the tub with a half gallon of milk and insert it while on my back with my feet over my head and my knees beside my temples pointing my puckering ass hole right at the camera. Over and over huge streams of milk enema plops right onto my neck and face from my butt.
Extreme Kaviar in the Bathtub with janet  [MPEG-4]

Today I am grants a further insight into my private bathroom. Here you will witness a really dirty and filthy kaviar session. There is no taboo here. First, I shit in the mouth and then fuck slave mouth with a strapon. Extreme shit in your mouth!
I eat shitty womit (part 2) with ScatLina  [MPEG-4]

In the second part of the video I made a shitty vomit. I love this extreme game with shit! I drank all the vomit and fucked myself in my dirty mouth with a dildo again. I have such a stinky vomit, and I love shit from my mouth so much that I want to do it again and again. I smeared part of the vomit in my face, enjoying it and eating the rest of the vomit. Hmm, this is bliss
Amateur Lesbian Scat And Toys By with Jelena, Tiana [MPEG-4]

New lesbian scat movie of the amazing babes Jelena and Tiana. Tiana is such a mega sexy scat bitch and together with Jelena they start to kiss and start to use some extreme sex toys. After there will be a big shit into mouth and more scat kisses from that young sexy bitches! So check out the newest scat lesbian movie with toys and sexy scat kisses with two sexy russian babes Jelena And Tiana.
Twenty Loads Full Coverage with xxecstacy  [MPEG-4]

In this video, almost a full month of not filming scat is shown off with twenty loads of treasure. Watch as I get absolutely filthy in this custom twenty loads smearing. The goal for this video is for absolute full coverage without wasting a single bit of the twenty loads. Enjoy as I cover myself head to toe in shit, getting absolutely filthy.

Substituting Coffee With Morning Piss

Description: Its day 7 I believe since I've been stuck inside, and I'm already out of coffee. Despierately needing to piss, I come up with a solution. In efforts to keep myself inside, I took the extreme measure of substituting my morning drink with my salty piss. Let me explain to you exactly how it smells, tastes, while I tease you with dirty talk. It's like drinking morning coffee with me, yet much, much dirtier.
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