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Sneaky Stepdad Panty Poop Seduction with Sophia's [MPEG-4]

Editor’s Note: This scenario contains Roleplay, Simulation, and is heavy on Monologue; some of the featured themes are not for the faint of heart. Sophia comes home from a long day of work to find her stepfather pilfering around her room! After recovering from the initial shock, she decides to console him about the recent passing of her mother—his wife—and expresses her desire to help him feel better. What he requests is a big panty poop, for which she is apprehensive to oblige but ends up more than fulfilling stepdad’s fantasy! Shot in 4K; featuring over 13 minutes of extreme, original, and exclusive content!
Solid Gold Pant Poop with Sophia's [MPEG-4]

Sophia swoops a sexy boy home from the club where she’s a go-go dancer. While figuring out what to do before the lights go out, Sophia’s IBS kicks in and she has no choice but to soil her work shorts and floor with her thick, mushy shit! How humiliating–all in front of her would-be one night stand! How will he react? Shot in 4K; featuring over TEN minutes of original exclusive content.
Happy Valentines Day in Red Lingerie with Marinayam19 [MPEG-4]

Assplosions with SexyFlatulence [MPEG-4]

This was so much fun filming my farts over the course of several days. All farts with time in between! Shower, POV, outside, in my car, on a leather seat, panties, leggings, etc
Ella pooping in your face and spraying pee [MPEG-4]

Squatting in Jeans with Valentynexx [MPEG-4]

In this video I was wearing jeans, a T-shirt and tennis shoes and it was full, a perfect poo came out.
Koharu Ambitious Poop - Aoi Patio Poop - Saeko Home Alone - Honami Secret Menu Item - Hitomo Chocolate Spread with JP Fetish Merchant [MPEG-4]

Koharu Ambitious Poop

Description: Having fun in an upside-down position! Pooping and peeing onto her own face! Self-filmed. Multiple Angles, Close-up(s). Slow-motion.

Aoi Patio Poop

Description: Biker jacket, lingerie and big poop in seclusion. Self-filmed.

Saeko Home Alone

Description: Pooping to relieve boredom, a huge log! Self-filmed. Close-up(s). Scale.

Honami Secret Menu Item

Description: Treated to a 3 course meal and serving you a big log for dessert! Multiple Angles. Close-up(s). Cameraman-assisted.

Hitomo Chocolate Spread

Description: Making a delicious homemade chocolate spread! Self-filmed. Note about final scene before purchase: As partially seen in preview, model only playfully nibbles bread corner (and swallows in full video). If you are wanting further progression you will not find it in this video, but surely it is a unique taste nonetheless!
Good Things Come To Those Who Wait with Marinayam19 [MPEG-4]

Shit before a date with mikadoshop [MPEG-4]

Remasterd mp4 HD Version of a clip from 2012. Princess Nikki use her slaves as shit toilets before going out for a date. Very humilating talk, and a lot of shit!
Shit on Madaira 07 with mikadoshop [MPEG-4]

Remasterd mp4 HD Version of a clip from 2012. Both Scat Ladies Princess Nikki and Rachel must shit at the same time. Their toilet slaves are waiting outdoor. After shitting of Scat Ladies they let clean her assholes from a toilet slaves tongue. While the toilet slaves have to clean the assholes from their Scat Ladies, the Ladies kiss both and laugh.
Dirtywife new task – eating her husband kaviar with GoddessAndreea [MPEG-4]

Starting today, it seems that Dirtywife has entered a new stage: she become a human toilet for her husband. She agreed for him to pee in her mouth and poop. Then he played with his kaviar and ate a . Do you think it could be dirtier than it got ? Watch her adventures in the next episodes! Soon a new dirty clip with Dirtywife and Mister Faith!
Pop AS quat Pt 2 [MPEG-4]

Giantee Fucks and Shits on es with Marinayam19 [MPEG-4]

I have small animals, I let some sea creature suck my tits and penguin eat and fuck my pussy till I cum Then I shit on them and all of them got to eat my delicious shit!
Anal Leakage with SexyFlatulence [MPEG-4]

Certain fat-free foods give me bad ass grease! Watch me make a mess in my pants and on my floor!
Brown Solid in a Pee Puddle - Congrats Grad and Great Work 2! with Marinayam19 [MPEG-4]

My last creamy pussy video had gotten great feedback so I thought I would do another one.I take off my panties and show off the creamy gusset, it didn’t cream while shitting ( pussies are unpredictable right? Well At least mine…) But you do get to see my peeing and pooping close up! And the end result is the brown solid in a puddle.. beautiful!
Farting story time! with BabyDollNaughty  [MPEG-4]

Ive had a few people send me requests for fart videos, and decided to take a stab at it! So, here I am talking about past embarrassing farts while farting for you!