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Shit in the Moth Near the River with annalise [MPEG-4]

I didn’t go to the toilet in the morning and long hoard up the shit inside. I was walking along the river and felt that I could not suffer anymore and I urgently needed a toilet … This stupid pig goes everywhere with me for any event. I use his mouth instead of my toilet. Open your mouth and swallow my delicious shit! You’re a toilet and don’t be embarrassed by this.
Shiny Ass Poop Serve with thefartbabes  [MPEG-4]

Come closer my slave serve and stroke for your goddess.
Christmas beads from the shit in the ass with p00girl  [MPEG-4]

Christmas beads from the tree in the ass, I poop them with a piece of shit, then lick and chew, make a mask of shit on my face, smear on my chest and draw a heart for my fans, anal with a toy and from ass to mouth I suck a toy, very dirty mouth and tongue a menstruation is the very beginning
Holiday Dirty Greetings From My Toilet Sluts with Natalia Kapretti [MPEG-4]

Holidays are over, but their fairy tale, spirit and the strength that they give us remain for the whole year. Both my girls and I tried to do our part in these festive days, please and give a happiness.1. I and Kat wish Everyone merry ChristmasMy sweet slave girl Kat and I heartily wish Everyone merry Christmas. Today my new toilet girl for the first time ate piece of shit and did not wince. I’m so happy, she’s getting more and more into playing with shit, being in shit and eat, tasting my shit. I took a shit today length of 32 centimeters and diameter of 6 centimeters. A embarrassed, my slave girl Kat asked me try my shit, licked and ate it. I let her masturbate in my shit. In the new year, she will continue her training and become my full toilet 2. Toilet slut eats shit, wishes happy holidaysOn the eve of the holidays, my dear fans, my toilet sluts prepared congratulations for You. Today, my shit-eater Maya first congratulate You. She shits in the plate and eats her shit with pleasure. Her appetites are growing, before when she was not around me, she had enough eat her own shit and she had enough, she was satisfied. Now she always wants more, it’s not enough for her, she becomes a real insatiable shit-eater
Shit, PEE IN MY MOUTH and fuck with VibeWithMolly  [MPEG-4]

Watch me take a sexy shit and then call my boyfriend to come in and get the slut out of me by pissing down my throat! I swallow some and it tastes amazing!!! Then I suck his beautiful cock and he fucks me while I’m covered in piss! This is a fun one!
Accidental dirty anal with first time date with VibeWithMolly  [MPEG-4]

I met this young gentlemen off a dating app. My friend and I met him at a bar. We all clicked. We took him home and I ended up letting him fuck my ass because he said he didn’t care if it got dirty! This made instantly super attracted to him and turned me on so so much! dirty poop on my pussy and his cock!
Hes Mesmerized When Shit Comes Out with Natalia Kapretti [MPEG-4]

My slave husband is a cockhead, I have seen this more than once. As soon as he sees any of his fetish, he immediately begins think with wrong head. He watches me constantly in the apartment and in the toilet, catches most intimate moments. How mesmerized looks at my ass when shit comes out of it and thinks I don’t see and don’t notice how he fingered his cock in quiet way. But I even like it, like to tease him, like his secret attention and what he thinks I do not notice him and do not know that he is peeping and watching1. Hey, cockhead, strapon my ass with shitI like fuck in the ass with shit. When I want to shit so badly and can’t push him out. My ass is bursting and it’s such painful pleasant feeling. Everything inside is straining and trying to get out, to overcome obstacle. This is such a buzz, adds thrill to sex and fuck2. Spies on me not only in toilet My slave husband now spies on me not only in the toilet. He caught me doing something intimate, I was playing with a huge dildo on the couch and then he comes around the corner with the camera. I was even embarrassed by the surprise, but I didn’t stop and continued to fuck myself. I was so excited that I wanted to suck a live cock, he was lucky, he was at the right time and got good blowjob. And just at the same time, I wanted to shit. Well, slave husband, today got all 33 fetishist pleasures

I held this poop in for far too long! I literally exploded in my underwear in doggy style. Watch the shit squish around my thong! My butt is covered! I show it off for you then jump in the shower! Yes those are bruises from a fun weekend and yes this is a super messy video! I hope you enjoy.
Public piss, fondle, dirty anal with VibeWithMolly  [MPEG-4]

My guy and I had a romantic night together… peed outside then fooled around. Then we made it back to my place and watched porn together while he fucked my ass until it got dirty!
Get Smelly Shit Themselves Out Of Ass with Natalia Kapretti [MPEG-4]

I train all my slave girls to get smelly food for themselves, shit out of asses. I like to watch their confusion and surprise when their hand goes into dirty ass full of shit. I like to watch them break into smile when the shit covers their hand with its warm pulp and they are happy to start kneading it inside. They take out their hand covered in shit, smear face and body shit and taste it, lick their fingers, hand. They all like it the first time, because they are my shit-eaters, they love dirty games, they love shit and of course sperm with shit. My new slave girl, Maya, is no exception. She is happy tries shit out of ass, sucks dirty dick in shit and swallows cum with shit. She’s mine, my dirty slut
8 Days Kept Load with Thefartbabes [MPEG-4]

Naughty pooping in pink cotton panties huge fat bulge 8 days kept will make you explode on my dirty bratty ass!...
Super Girl Super Shit with Thefartbabes [MPEG-4]

Super girl is pooping super shit and naughty ruining it in the panties...
Scat Milf VS Top Blondie The Second Revenge [MPEG-4]

Ferrero Roche Dessert For Slaves with MissAnja [MPEG-4]

Your Goddess needs to shit so badly. She’ll make such a nice full of chocolate Limited edition Ferrero Roche for slave. I bet you’re licking all around your mouth of thoughts what a delicious and sweet treat on the way. Well at beginning I don’t talk to you much because need to poo so so badly. Those cramps in abdominal makes me struggling badly. Actually as I couldn’t hold it just time I grab that clear bowl where I catch all my nasty chocolate right away. Like a chocolate volcano haha. You get hungry in that once you see leaking out of my ass. So after shitting big one for you pissing on it to give more nice texture and in squat I talk to you dirty about this sweet treat. I know you have sweet tooth don’t you? This warm chocolate paste looks amazing straight from the best Goddess ass. Well I’m so excited to treat and feed you with it. Let’s make it. Such a nice treat from me to you because I just talking to you all over about you can’t even touch me but taste me it’s mandatory. Are you ready my dear shit slave!!! Let me prepare your own Ferraro Roche! I flash my ass quickly in doggy and ask you to worship but I see on your face you’re so very hungry like a wolf. I start spoon my shit out of the bowl by hand and filling each scoop with it nice and gentle. Look so delicious and yummy isn’t it? I will tell you how to eat them it’s not a rush. I have strict rules to you. First just sniff my shitty chocolate. I order you to lick it up and I act it how to do. I bet you’re more than hungry and excited. You’re greedy when see my shit ready to served!! Just like this time!! Be nice slave to your Goddess and obey her!
Huge Load Of Diarrhea On Toilet Lid with MissAnja [MPEG-4]

The video filmed in 4K resolution!
From the beginning I need to poo badly and suffering a lot. I have no idea how I going to hold it for so long probably no way.
I feel how this nasty poo leaking out of my asshole and made dirty my cute panty with some skid marks on.
I show off you bending over this poopy smeared asshole. So my poo which is actually looks a gross diarrhea still leaking out of me. Stinky and disgusting to look.
My belly so big full of shit obviously. I tell you going to shit a big one so I squat over on the toilet lid and release all this nasty shit.
Huge load of diarrhea on the lid and pissing as well to make more mess on it. For first look really disgusting and color is dark almost black.
I stand up and bending over front of your face present this messy poo smeared ass and I order you to clean my ass. This hole needs to be cleaned.
I tell you to use your tongue to make it clean all around and I slide 1 finger to play with.
Keep finger playing for awhile and pushing out more hemorrhoids. You love when I dig out even more shit for you and never can’t get enough. Then you know your job, be my good toilet slave forever and fulfill all requests of your blonde goddess.
I show you the big pile of diarrhea and just was I expected, stinky bit oil lumpy texture and some strange pieces inside.
5 Days Held Massive Shitting On Silk Panty with Missanja [MPEG-4]

I love so much wearing my silk or satin panties. So sexy on me and empasize my shape. This time I wear dark red silk string bikini. I touch myself in it and wanna tease you. Feeling so horny. Are you horny too? Do you wanna wrapping around your dick and jerking by my silk pants? What a great idea. But I didn’t poo in the last 5 days, seriously so wanna shit on my sexy bikini first then cumming for you or with you ? I take off the pants and show up my asshole, puckering a bit. I feel will be a hard poo to push but hopefully massive shit. So take off the pants turning behind the cam and I tell you I’m ready to release my loads on this silk cutie. Are you ready? I’m moaning during pooping because it’s so hard. Look at that what a massive shit. So nice to release it. I’m pushing until feel have more shit in me and soak pants in pee too. Then hold my big big loads with the panty and show you how big and nice and nasty shit. Heavy too. Would you like cumming with me? I wanna cum on my shit, so take my glass toy and start fucking my pussy until I have squirting orgasm. Nasty girl ? Did you come with me? I hope so. At the end also show close up the massive shit with holding in the pants. Stinky smells have in the room.