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Scat Erotic Lesbian Games with Jelena,Tiana [MPEG-4]

New scat lesbian movie with the amazing two babes Jelena and Tiana. Tiana is a real pervert babe who is so crazy and she is a real lesbian lover. If both of them together in one scat movie, thats just amazing to watch, two young pervert girls kissing each oher with the mouth full of shit, or just do other crazy pervert games. This two russian girls surprise us every time new with every new scat movie. So if you are in to lesbian scat movies with sexy young babes then you are right at that new movie with two russian pervert scat babes
Snow White and 2 Dwarfs with ModelNatalya94 [MPEG-4]

Today is another video from our archive. I hope you miss them and enjoy watching our new videos with great pleasure. All for you, our beloved fans. In this video, a fairy tale – Snow White and 2 Dwarfs. Marina and Carolina are the gnomes who came to wake up Snow White Alice. She is asleep and still does not understand what awaits her with the Dwarfs. Carolina and Marina climbed onto the sofa where Snow White was sleeping, but they were in no hurry to wake her up. Carolina pissed on sleeping Alice and Marina also pissed and shit on Alice's body. Then the girls took a rubber dick and fucked Alice in the stash. From this she woke up and was surprised in what way the Dwarfs decided to wake her up. Marina and Carolina fucked Alice, put her doggystyle and fucked in the ass. Then Carolina gave a shit in Alice's mouth and Marina pushed the shit deeper into Alice's throat with a rubber dick, and Carolina continued to fuck her in the ass. Snow White was very fond of such games and was pleased that the Dwarfs woke her up in this way. You will like our fairy tale. Don't miss the opportunity to see this and have it in your archive too. Enjoy watching everyone! Love you...
scat fuck 9 (with shaved cunt) with Versauteschnukkis [MPEG-4]

In this film of the nasty Schnukkis, this time the shaved milf poops on her fucker's cock. At first the shit is a bit hard but then it becomes nice and soft and creamy, perfect for smearing. After he has smeared her ass nicely, the shaved milf lies down and is completely smeared and fucked with her shit and gets her shit stuck in her mouth with which the two then play with their tongues. Then he gets a chair and sits down over her face and poops in her mouth and has her asshole licked clean. Then he kneels in front of the shit milf and pisses her full and briefly shoves his cock into her mouth and fucks her doggy style and the two of them suck the shit together and kiss each other. Then the two go into the riding position and shove the poop into their mouths when the milf comes with a large piece of shit in her mouth and shortly afterwards he too and cums in her cunt then the milf gets up and drips his cum into his mouth. Have fun watching
Dirty Play BDSM with Dirtygardengirl [MPEG-4]

Start with some piss hole play, then DP, then triple ass/puss/pisshole insertion, some poop falls out of prolapsed ass, some poop re-inserted into ass for toy fist, huge DP. Tied tits, clamps on nipples, clamps on pussy, some smacking, Puking on self, inflatible plug and huge pump and then grinding in my mess.
Eating and Drinking Shit Piss and Puke with Dirtygardengirl [MPEG-4]

Horny for nasty fun I drink my piss and fuck my ass, get dildo dirty with shit and suck and deepthroat and puke. I drink my puke and recycle it again. Poop out of prolapse and masturbate with toy and fist Pussy and Ass. Spread open pussy and stuff in poop and puke. Smearing shit and puke on body and face. I eat my shit, chew and swallow, and gag. I get real Dirty.
Scat Mistress Gets Dirty Over You with Dirtygardengirl [MPEG-4]

Dressed in the sexy black latex and smoking, I perch over you (the bowl) and push my shit out with prolapse and it falls on your face. I unleash a torrent of piss over you. Then stuff the shit back up my ass and poop it out onto you again shit slave!
Poop Pussy Fuck with Dirtygardengirl [MPEG-4]

I shit into my hand push out prolapse, stuff shit into pussy, use huge toy to fuck it in pussy, push shit out of pussy then fill pussy again with the shit and use dildo again, and poop it out again and again, then fist, pee, gape, prolapse.
Period, Peehole and Prolapse with Dirtygardengirl [MPEG-4]

Kat just got back from the store and wants to show you what she's been holding for you. Teasing you with her tiny feet (size 4) and stripping off her shoes dangling them on her feet. Showing off her bare feet for you Kat then strips out of her pants and panties so she can take a nice yummy shit for you. Leaning back so you can see her pretty face, toes and her meaty pussy open while she takes a huge shit. Laying down next to her shit so you can admire her pretty face while she sniffs it all up! And don't worry she knows you wanna see those gorgeous toes next to her shit so she gives you exactly what you want!
Amateur Lesbian Scat And Toys By with Jelena, Tiana [MPEG-4]

New lesbian scat movie of the amazing babes Jelena and Tiana. Tiana is such a mega sexy scat bitch and together with Jelena they start to kiss and start to use some extreme sex toys. After there will be a big shit into mouth and more scat kisses from that young sexy bitches! So check out the newest scat lesbian movie with toys and sexy scat kisses with two sexy russian babes Jelena And Tiana.
Scat And Pee Top Models Threesome By Top Girls with Maylinda, Jelena [MPEG-4]

Amazing new scat threesome movie with the top babe Jelena and a new top scatgirl Maylinda. Fantastic how the new girl Maylinda is into shit into mouth. She takes all shit and give a big dick a blow job while here face and mouth is full of shit. Also deep lesbian scat kisses between this to babes are very sexy and erotic. So dont miss this new scat beauty Maylinda with our fantastic tiop model Jelena in a new scat story, where will be suck, fuck and much more..
Scat Kisses Lesbian Erotic Russian Babes By Jelena And Tiana [MPEG-4]

Here we are with the new lesbian love scat kisses movie with two amazing russian young babes. Amazing beautiful girls Tiana and Jelena make shit into mouth and kiss erotical with the mouth full of shit. Tiana is a real lesbian babe, and real pervert and this you can see in this movie. So see her in her first scat movie with amazing sequenses af pissing and shit games. Jelene pees in very nice position in her face and mouth during Tiana is full of shit , that looks sooo sexy and hot. And Jeleana you already know, she is a pervert young russian babe with no limits and she plays so natural, her shit is amazing quality like finest caviar and her pee, i mean woow. So dont miss that new lesbian scat kisses erotic movie and let us know in the comments.
Lesbian Scat Kisses Extreme And Hard Shit Fucking By with Jelena, Shakira Blade [MPEG-4]

Hot lesbian scat kisses movie. Top babes Jelena and her girlfriend Shakira in a erotical but stong scat lesbian story. The shit enter direct from ass to mouth when they shit in each other mouth and the sexy hot bitches kiss strong each other with the mouth full of their shit! Also everybody does a big piss into mouth and swallow, so thats real sexy. Also shit fucking and mouth attack fucking with a big dildo full of good smelling hot shit makes the movie even more stronger. I love the part when Jelena stay at the wall full of shit in her fucking mouth and gets real kicked in het hot pussy by Shakiras feets! Just amazing and after Jelena gets fucked! So if you like scat kisses with two perfect young girls, then thats your movie to see!
Big Panty Load Over Your Face with littlefuckslut  [Windows Media]

I want you to lay back and clothes your eyes. No peeking. Now taste me. I want you to mouth my pussy through my dirty panties. Keep licking. Keep tasting. Do you smell that? Does it smell different than before? I bet it does. Keep licking. Suck up my piss while I push this big load of shit into your face. I love straddling you and pooping my panties right over you. Now I'm going to take these off and your going to eat my mess right out of them. Then your going to take whats left and jerk your dick while I play with my pussy and watch you. I want to watch you chew my shit while you rub it all over you.
Filling Your Food Bowl. Eat Up Puppy with littlefuckslut  [Windows Media]

One of my personal favorite fantasies is to have my toilet slave become my personal little pet. Come be my puppy today. Stick your face down by your bowl and watch me push out a nice hot meal straight into your food bowl. I want you to stick your nose in it and take a nice big whiff of what your going to be eating. Your my personal toilet bitch today. I want to hear you bark and feel your warm tongue cleaning and lapping at my asshole. Clean it good puppy. What? You don't like blood puppy? Too bad, your going to take whatever I give you. & today I have dripping bloody pussy and a full asshole. Eat up!
A Double Explosion with HotDirtyIvone  [MPEG-4]

First – farts explosion before toilet, bass, sick and horrible stink in black panies, in first day mensruation. Second – explosion in toilet, BIG shit infront the camera (its so big and ugly) close my anus and my pussy. You can see HAIR inside my poop!
Suppository knee hi fill huge log with zarzar01  [MPEG-4]

wow! i worked out this monster with a glycerin suppository, NO WAY i could do it alone!
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