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Have you sniffed female poop? with DirtyBetty  [MPEG-4]

Huge fresh, fragrant shit crawls out of the swollen asshole, I inhale the stench from my ass, insert a few fingers into the hot and dirty hole and then show my load a closer leaving you with an irresistible desire to put your lips on my dirty ass and ask your friend: – “Have you sniffed female poop?”
Making a HUGE shit sandwich with SarahWestChococlate13  [MPEG-4]

Micro bikini front view poo! with SarahWestChococlate13  [MPEG-4]

Big poo EVER! Bigger than my hand with SarahWestChococlate13 [MPEG-4]

I treat you, my toilet slave, so well that I get all dressed up in my black leather bodysuit for you. I tell you that you’re gonna eat every single bit of it. Not even knowing how big it is, do you think you can? I get into position, doggy style and I realize that it’s already poking out. My intestines couldn’t even hold that shit in any longer and it’s already out of my asshole! I start pooping and oh my gosh it just never stops coming! And for my toilet slave, I tell you exactly how I want you to eat it all!
Moaning toilet poo and pee! with SarahWestChococlate13 [MPEG-4]

 I quickly turn on my flash, I start pushing and pushing my sexy and yummy turd just shoot out! I push harder thinking that maybe there’s just something more and I pee everywhere!
Real Scat Mole Rat Experience with DirtyBetty  [MPEG-4]

“Wait, is that a joke? Mole Rat? Is it like a werewolf or something? Some kind of mutant?”
“I saw them in my youth, I remember a great recipe for chemistry against such females”
“Just like you said, I just forgot to close the toilet lid at night and now my bathroom is trashed and stained with this creature’s feces”
“Guys, I saw this today at the farm, what gender is it?”
“At first I thought that someone was pranking me, but today I met this freak face to face, it immediately crawled into the sewer, it had a frightened look and a very unpleasant smell. Check hatches and locks at night…”
“These creatures scratched me yesterday, the wounds have already healed but itch a , I will try to put a camera in my bathroom tonight, I will post a video here if I can film his arrival”
Urgently had to go with SarahWestChococlate13  [MPEG-4]

Two different textures with this one! Hadn’t gone in days!! Just got done, sipping on my coffee and felt a horrible rumble in my stomach! Oh my God, it hurts so bad and my butthole was quaking! So I get ready to serve you up such a delicious plate! And accidentally get it all over the floor!
Sara always makes bigger poop with Sarathonson  [MPEG-4]

Medusa invites Sara to her house but they are bored. And they want to bet who poops faster and bigger. The girls get into position and loosening the holes release the poop and sarah as always makes it faster and bigger she feels the queen of poop
2 girlfriends shit stinky poop with Alicetop [MPEG-4]

Can Not Resist to Taste Again with Veronicapassi [MPEG-4]

Scat And Piss Top Model Girls Swallow All My Luxus Shit Sweet Girl [MPEG-4]

Come punch hot in my dirty ass with BarbaraGinger [MPEG-4]

Creamy shit eat it again with evamarie88 [MPEG-4]

Desperation shit joi with evamarie88 [MPEG-4]

Fisting shit out of my ass and smearing with JanaBella [MPEG-4]

I fist my shit out and smear it over my ass cheeks, pee and show you nice close-ups of the stuff
Feeding My Toilet Slave with BastiennesButtButter [MPEG-4]