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Casalfist Scatting Porn [MPEG-4]

casalfist [MPEG-4]

scat session with Kirascatt [MPEG-4]

frankys time in the manure basin - lyndra lynn cleaning ends in a mess [MPEG-4]

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RoxaneQuinn [MPEG-4]

Ass to Mouth Shit Feeding with marcos579  [MPEG-4]

It’s extreme ass-to-mouth panic and shit-feeding of the slave’s stomach. I press his toilet face to my ass and make him to lick my anus. He breathes my ass, suffocates, but he still does not know what awaits him. By blasting my shit through his toilet mouth seal on my anus….I can bypass his gag reflex and deliver my shit right into his stomach. Well, as long as he doesn’t panic. All slaves panic when I feed them with my shit. If you like being mercilessly used as a toilet slave, then this video is what you’ve been looking for.
Sex machine ass and creamy pussy with RoxaneQuinn [MPEG-4]

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Yana eats shit with a spoon with ModelNatalya94 [MPEG-4]

Watch me eat my shit. I pooped a bunch of shit into a plate, then sat down at the table and began to eat my poop with a spoon. My mouth is full and I chew poop thoroughly before I swallow it.
Shit Sauce through a Mouth Gag  with MissMortelle  [MPEG-4]

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