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I Will Shit On Your Dick/Messy Handjob with MissAnja  [MPEG-4]

I wear a fishnets crop top and mesh panty on with a cute and soft high knee socks on. I start with just show off a bit my outfit and then start out conversations. Well what a great day you’re looking forward. I wanna talk about with you. I wanna talk of your dream what I have just heard about from somebody. It’s a very dirty fantasy of yours and I should could listen from someone else like you. Don’t be shy I want you to share it with me. You want me so badly to pushing out a nasty shit on your hard dick. Sounds such a filthy fun. I know my ass and my personality drive you crazy and you can’t hide away your secrets from me. I help you to relax. Don’t do anything just relax . I tell you to don’t touch yourself just enjoy the view to my ass then I start stick a pink plug into. My ass is shitty deeply. I wanna have fun with you all over. Stick your nose to my asshole and I encourage you to sniff. But still don’t touch your dick. I just wanna see how it’s getting hard from this dirty ass view without provide any touching.
All right, go on. I play with the plug and it’s time to turn around into squat and get ready your dick to my delicious shit. I release a massive creamy shit on you and I bet you wanna cum immediately. You can’t do that just enjoy my warm shit. I going to give you a messy handjobs and let you cum all over on my hands while I talk to you dirty. We had so much fun and look at that mess what’ve made once again. Next time I want to hear from you your nasty fantasies
Poop and pee on dick with VibeWithMolly  [MPEG-4]

Watch me meet up with a fellow and poop and pee on his cock! I start off by peeing all over his cock. Then he sticks his fingers in my ass to help my poop come out. Then he uses my lovely poop to jerk himself off until he cums! This is my first experience like this! This is a hot one!
Poop on plate and feed you! with VibeWithMolly  [MPEG-4]

Watch me take a huge poop on a plate and feed it to you! I masturbate and cum before stripping down and showing you my puckered asshole. Then I make you watch me poop on a plate and I make you eat it all! Enjoy loves.
Be my chocolate licker! with MissMortelle  [MPEG-4]

I’ll make it clear to you where your place is: Under my asshole, with your mouth wide open. You will not only have to watch, but experience with your own flesh how it is when I unload my chocolate sausage into your toilet hole and encourage you to enjoy it with all your senses. You have to worship my holy ass as much as the noble chocolate portion that I will feed to you. With my dirty talk and a look at my black painted toes I will get this dirty pile into your tummy. You are and remain my chocolate licker!

Ich mache dir klar, wo sich dein Platz befindet: Unter meinem Arschloch, mit geöffnetem Maul. Du wirst nicht nur zusehen müssen, sondern am eigenen Leib erfahren, wie es ist, wenn ich meine Schokowurst in deine Toilettenöffnung entlade und dich dazu ermutige sie mit allen Sinnen zu genießen. Meinen göttlichen Arsch hast du genauso zu verehren, wie die edle Schokoportion, die ich dir verfüttern werde. Mit meinem Dirty Talk und einem Blick auf meine schwarzlackierten Zehen werde ich diesen geilen Haufen schon in dich reinbekommen. Du bist und bleibst mein Schokoschlecker!
Overflowing Textured Dump in White Panties! with Sophia Sprinkle [MPEG-4]

This pair of underwear needed some backup! Sophia ordered a different “small” from what she’s used to and takes a fat shit in panties better suited for a much tinier person. Featuring over 11 minutes of hot amateur action, HD closeups, and Sophia’s style we know you’ve come to love! We salivate watching this spectacle and look forward to more from the panty-pooping series—what color of underwear would you like to see Sophia destroy next?
Gorgeous Clear Panty Poop Making Stwinkies! with GoddessAndreea  [MPEG-4]

We are so very pleased to announce that Miz Sprinkle has taken the first step to selling edible goodies in the form of Stwinkies! In this monumentally hot vid, Sophia unleashes her bowels into clear pants and neon fishnets, weighs the load, and later mixes up her poop with the filling to make her Stwinkies. We cored the Twinkies and carefully piped in our own filling. Stwinkie details and cost are located in Sophia’s Shippable and Edible tab. First come, first serve (these are going to sell FAST so make sure you get that order in ASAP!). Shot in 4K; featuring over 11 minutes of exclusive amateur content. First 7:00 pooping, last 4:00 are making of Stwinkie
Massive Panty Poop with Sophia_Sprinkle  [MPEG-4]

Holy shit! How does Sophia keep wowing us with her gigantic dumps? While doing her morning stretches, it is her asshole that seems to benefit most from the movement. As always, she stuns as she fills—no, overflows! her panties with glee, disbelief, and satisfaction. She leaves the panties in a state of absolute filth with a pound of shit in them to be enjoyed by a lucky “consumer”. If you’re into panty poops, this one is for you! A note to those gratuitously pirating Sophia’s intellectual property: it is illegal and you are on the radar. Continuing to redistribute content to tube sites without permission will result in prices inflating and…there will be nothing left to pirate. Don’t ruin this for everyone
Stinky Sweet Heart-Shaped Shit with Sophia_Sprinkle [MPEG-4]

Sophia is back to feeling herself again, very appropriately squeezing out her hugest shit yet–it comes out shaped as a heart! And my, it’s as pretty as it is calamitous to her poor hole. Featuring extreme and extended HD close-ups of her stinky love-pile.
HOT! Double Sexy Dirty Play with SweetBettyParlour [MPEG-4]

This is an absolutely crazy video that will make you quit ALL YOUR BUSINESS and indulge in pleasure… There are TWO hot and incredibly fragrant videos with a really dirty girl waiting for you !! Period, Pissing and endless thick dense streams of shit. Huge meat ass asks to open your mouth for all the girl’s juices and gifts! Drooling already? Get ready for DOUBLE pleasure, two huge asses, two fantastic heaps, and two pairs of… sneakers?Two Pooping Scat Clip in one Video Compilation with Huge Stinky Poo and Shit Massive Pile Efro Smearing Shit on Dat Ass Dirty Booty Dance with Female Poop, Period and Pissing Close Up Defecation Fingering Butthole and more…
Wide Pussy Spread And Swollen Shitty Asshole Tease with MissAnja [MPEG-4]

As always this time also really need to poo. The proof is my gaping asshole. But gaping by my poo inside. I knee in doggy pose so close to your face and telling you to sniff my pussy and smell my fanny farts but don’t resist my gaping asshole as well. I start with long teasing in doggy and I bet drive you crazy with this view. Is your hand on your dick right now? Good… I keep teasing you and playing with asshole but only try to not release poo just suck it back by hole. Stinky smells in the air can you smell it? After tempting you in doggy lay on back and spread pussy nice and wide, gaping as well while puckering butt hole for your eyes. What a magical view to both of my holes. Once I can’t hold it but still spread that pussy widely I push out massive poo close up. First thought would be hard as I pushed it hard but I would say hard-medium soft one. Peeing a lot while spread pussy as well. Then on my side I teasing you by dildo asshole make it more swollen and stretching by. I have no doubt don’t need to ask you to cum. That’s guarantee.
POV/Xtreme Close Greenish Monster Pooping with MissAnja [MPEG-4]

The video is filmed in 4k quality. I start with tease because I’m naked in the video. I film in POV style. Seduce you by my nice and hairy pussy, perky tits and beautiful tight butt hole. My purpose was that you feel so close to me and butt hole during release this greenish monster poo. You would be feel as you have an eye contact with my hole. I feel it would be large one but puckering a bit then comes out my monster poo nice and slowly. You able to see very close my asshole opening wide, able to see clearly my pussy and wrinkles around holes. After pooping I keep puckering a bit and pee close to camera a lot. At the end I show off how huge and nice this poo again. I also can see some seeds in my poo from the last dinner and you’ll see as well
Extreme Close Monster Shitting on My Period with MissAnja [MPEG-4]

Currently I’m on my period in this video. And I didn’t poo in the last few days. I’m serious. Feeling about a big big shit inside me. In this video I don’t really talk, and showing my un-shaved bloody pussy and tight asshole extreme close up to camera. Spreading my lovely bloody pussy for you. Would you like to taste it? Actually I can’t really hold it right now, really wanna running out of my asshole. Try to puckering couple of times and pushing back the big turd but I release it and push out as slowly as I can. Omg what a monster poo coming out of me. So long and compact. Beautiful long brown shit. I push more and more and peeing a lot too. You can admire my adorable bloody hairy pussy and swollen asshole. Show you the monster poo, It’s looks like a chocolate tower isn’t it? I was waiting for this massive and compact shit for awhile and happy I could poop like this in the video
Extreme Up Close Period Shitting with MissAnja [MPEG-4]

I’m on my period in this video. And was filming extreme close up to my beautiful asshole. Really had to poo and when I’m playing and puckering my bum hole you could see tiny piece of poop came out. But I don’t release them yet at the beginning. Keep puckering till I can hold it. My pussy is bloody as I’m on my period this time. So red it looks yummy isn’t it? Well I was filming extreme close for great spectacle. During pooping peeing too. After I feel cannot hold my shit I just release them and coming out big and yummy long turd. So long. Feel so good. Now I’m much more better ? My wet and bloody pussy and poo covered asshole such a great view in this up close video with crystal clear details. At the end I show how big poo I’ve made in the video from different angles.
safety shit with Versauteschnukkis [MPEG-4]

after I shit him a big sausage in the rubber he slips it over so that his cock was loosely 40cm long and fucks me in a coma until he pulls out the rubber again, lubricates me with my shit and pisses me in the pussy and continues to fuck when he suddenly thought of shitting my hairy cunt and taking it even more and fucking me again until he wixxted his shit-smeared cock in my mouth. Have fun watching
Shitty quickie with Versauteschnukkis [MPEG-4]

 after I shit him a big sausage in the rubber he slips it over so that his cock was loosely 40cm long and fucks me in a coma until he pulls out the rubber again, lubricates me with my shit and pisses me in the pussy and continues to fuck when he suddenly thought of shitting my hairy cunt and taking it even more and fucking me again until he wixxted his shit-smeared cock in my mouth. Have fun watching
I love my poop with CutieSyren [MPEG-4]

I love my poop so much that I just had to cover my body in the foul smelling buttmud and enjoy every second
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