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My Human Toilet Mouth with marcos579  [MPEG-4]

Real toilet humiliation, piss and shit in the mouth! My human toilet eating everything I drop in his toilet mouth. I am pissing and shitting inside his mouth and make him swallow. He is just a facking toilet and nothing more so don’t be sorry for him!
Filling Piss Jars and Shitting on Dildo with FuzzyWolf [MPEG-4]

In this incredibly hot and filthy video I fill some piss vials while talking dirty and masturbating. My full face and body is on camera and I’m all dolled up in lingerie and pretty makeup. You get gorgeous close ups of my hairy pussy and gigantic clit. I get so horny filling piss vials that I fuck myself with the full bottle of urine. They’re too tiny to satisfy me so I escalate to my favorite blue dildo. That’s not enough for me either so I take it out of my pussy and stuff it up my slutty asshole with no prior cleaning. You guessed it- I end up shitting all over it! I keep going anyway, eagerly riding it surrounded by piss and shit- absolutely soaking my stockings. As always- if you’re new to my store you can expect some freaky goodness here. I’m a muscular/ skinny combo, flat chested/ no nipples and I’m extremely hairy and I have a hot gigantic clit. Authentic bearded lady. Come satisfy your freakshow curiosity. It’ll be our secret
Desperate In White Pants with thefartbabes [MPEG-4]

Hot diarrhea in white pants,locked out of bathroom,trying to get in!
Two hefty flavors (Double Scat) with MissMortelle  [MPEG-4]

Today Miss Madison and I are training a scat toilet together today. Right from the start we make him understand who is in charge here: We, the young, pretty mistresses of course! I make our toilet even more submissive by jerking his cock and hitting his balls. Meanwhile, Miss Madison is already preparing to use his mouth as a filthy shit hole. Our slave has to hold the toilet paper, then Miss Madison pushes out a chocolate treat first, and then her whole huge load of shit right into his mouth. Now he has to eat her shit! Under our guidance, he manages to swallow at least a few mouthfuls. Then I decide it’s time to give our toilet a second hefty flavor of shit. Whether he likes it or not, now he gets my big scat portion into his mouth! I shove my shit firmly into his mouth and make sure that he doesn’t spit it out again. While Miss Madison jerks our toilet slave, I smear her onto his chest. Then he gets kicked in the balls because he didn’t swallow enough. This is what he deserves and nothing else.

xxx poop, foot fetish, shit licking off feet and chewing plus piss with p00girl  [MPEG-4]

xxx poop, foot fetish, shit licking off feet and chewing plus piss
at first I shit in nylon, but the shut-off shit doesn’t go well, I take it off. crazy scat with p00girl  [MPEG-4]

at first I shit in nylon, but the shut-off shit doesn’t go well, I take it off and a huge pile falls out, a slope from my feet to my shoulders) a dirty toy in my pussy and ass, I chew a hard piece, and I also spread it, dirty drool
SCAT GAMES: I meet a man in a club with Ninounini [MPEG-4]

Healthy Eating with Cris with GingerCris [MPEG-4]

Scatsex in hotel shower (no male scat) with Versauteschnukkis  [MPEG-4]

In this video of the dirty Schnukkis, the two horny scatsex in the shower leaves nothing to be desired. Have fun watching
Toilet Training with Miss Medea Mortelle, Mistress Ezada [MPEG-4]

In this clip Mistress Ezada and I talk about your favorite fetish… Toilet Training & Scat! We will describe to you how you will receive our divine excrements and how this will make you a better submissive. You will get to know our different approaches on scat & piss play, while our slaves are worshipping our asses. We are both wearing very special latex clothing. Mistress Ezadas Latex shorts have a hood that attaches her slave´s head directly to her butt. In this way he has no choice but to stay close to her ass at all times. He can barely breathe, and every breath he takes is carrying the smell of latex & ass. When Mistress Ezada walks, he inevitably has to follow… My latex skirt on the other hand has an open back. In this way, my slave is confronted with the sight of my bare butt. I make him worship my ass cheeks with kisses and bury his face in my butt, while I talk about scat. Mistress Ezada decides she needs to use her slave as a piss toilet. She squats down and her slave follows. Her golden shower will rain down into his latex hood and if he does not swallown fast enough he will drown! Mistress Ezada shows no mercy and pisses everything out fast, which makes it very difficult for her sub. You can see how her golden shower flows out of her slave´s hood, who is gasping for air. Hopefully my slave will perform better! I want to use my slave as a dirty shit toilet. First, I instruct him to lick my butthole. Then I give him a first piece of scat while standing with my open skirt over his mouth. Finally I squat over his mouth and shit everything down his throat. My slave is not very experienced in scat, so I am still training him strictly. All of my shit belongs into his mouth and I don´t allow any resistance. When my slave burps I put my hand on his mouth firmly. Now I tell him to chew and enjoy my shit. He has to swallow multiple small pieces, before I am satisfied with him. This is how a toilet training takes place in real life also.
I poop a lot in bright pants with p00girl  [MPEG-4]

I poop a lot in bright pants and make an addition, ass doggystyle in shit
Smelly Ass o Smelly Ass with DirtyBetty [MPEG-4]

Big pile, smearing and double penetration with p00girl  [MPEG-4]

Double Dildo Poop with KinkGodess  [MPEG-4]

As promised enjoy a new kinky & dirty video of mine. Stroking my sweet pussy till it show its wet in my panties. Double dildo masturbation fucking both holes. Then pushing out the dildo with a fat creamy shit.
Psnty Poop with KinkGodess  [MPEG-4]

As promised my new video which i recorded today. If you like seeing a fat turd beeing pushed out into white seethrough panties and then smearing my kinky shit on my precious body this vid is for you
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