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RACIST DEGRADATION The Feast Starts Here Nigger with SharaChocolat [MPEG-4]

I stand spreading my ass cheeks and talk about how I’m going to test out my new nigger slave. I explain that white is right and white shit actually tastes nice. I’ll have you deported if you don’t eat every meal I serve and lick the plate clean with your nigger tongue. I shit onto your plate while spreading my White ass cheeks. After I’m finished I give my new nigger pet a chance to get used to my shit by inhaling it first. My White Goddess shit is far superior to your jungle food. I tell my monkey slave how to feast properly while I make it into more manageable pieces with the spoon and fork. Now eat it you black fuck. Featuring heavy consumption based dialogue in a very serious tone.
Bubblebut scat feeding her human toilet 1 with GoddessAndreea  [MPEG-4]

For the first time with her personal toilet slave, Bubblebut lady! From today, Bubblebut will also have a full time toilet at her disposal to chew and swallow her shit and piss whenever she needs his mouth services. Today she made him drink her piss and lick her shit from the floor to get him used to the idea that he had become a shit consumer of Goddess waste. Clip nr 1 with her human toilet.
Bubblebut shower and kaviar smearing on body with GoddessAndreea  [MPEG-4]

Another bizarre clip with your favourite young girl, Bubblebutt ! Soon she will use a real human toilet slave in her shitty clips !!! In today’s episode she loves to play again in her jacuzzi. She first played in the jacuzzi and then pooped and started smearing her kaviar all over her body, buttocks, breasts, belly, legs, etc. She also took an anal toy and started masturbating with it and then took an erotic shower. In the end, she called her boyfriend to play with her dirty body and to masturbate her with his fingers in her vagina.
keywords: poo play, anal fucking, dildo in asshole, dirty scat play, scat smearing on body, shit teasing, widens her anus with her hands, masturbate with kaviar.
Bubblebut scat feeding her human toilet 2 with GoddessAndreea  [MPEG-4]

For the second time with her personal toilet slave, Bubblebut smoked and obliged her slut first to be her human ashtray. She also obliged him to pee and lick his piss from the floor then she uses him in bathroom. She spurts a great diarrhea on him, in his face and mouth and made him lick her diarrhea from the floor. Clip nr 2 with her human toilet.
Faith and Dirtywife enema and shit sharing with GoddessAndreea  [MPEG-4]

Faith and his Dirtywife are still crazy today. Faith buy a nice short pair of pantyhose and told his lady to wear them in this clip. They are so excited in pantyhose…. Faith told her that she will be his bitch for ever and will do all requests. She enjoyed to lick his ass, suck his big balls, deepthroat his cock or put her wet finger in his mouth to taste her vagina. At the end, Faith fuck her hard and told her he love her. Then Faith convinced Dirtywife to come with him to the bathroom and become his personal human toilet. He peed in her mouth and made her suck his cock and deepthroat it. Then she made some enema in his mouth and they started kissing so dirty. In the end, Faith put his dick in her mouth and started smearing her shit on his dick to make her taste her own shit. Excellent clip with 2 of the dirtiest lovers. Another EPIC movie with the 2 romanian lovers.
Dirtywife enema and kaviar in mouth with GoddessAndreea  [MPEG-4]

Another clip with Dirtywife, recorded by her kinky husband. She loves to become a dirty wife, a depraved whore and exactly that’s happening. She empties her bowels in front of him and take some turds and put them in her dirty mouth. She enjoyed to lick, suck and eat her kaviar and soon she will suck dirty cocks full of shit. In the second part, she goes to bathrooma nd do some enemas for her fans. She smear her shit over her ass and tasted her enema. Good depraved slut! For any videos you want, Dirtywife is open to receive custom requests alone or with Mister Faith.
Girls Only Scat Party Truth Or Dare Leads To Imani's Fantasy [MPEG-4]

Chocolate Covered Body with CutieSyren  [MPEG-4]

Watch as I take a nice big poop in a bowl before smearing it all over my breasts and torso covering me in its smelly goodness
Nude model poops herself! with VibeWithMolly  [MPEG-4]

Watch me interview for a nude modeling gig. One of the other models put laxatives in my coffee and and I can’t hold and poop myself in front of the person interviewing me! He’s cool about it and let’s me clean myself up.
Smeared buttcheeks with CutieSyren  [MPEG-4]

After pooping out my lunch I smear it all over my wellrounded buttcheeks
Brown tiddies with CutieSyren  [MPEG-4]

After pooping out my biggest stinky load, I take and smear it on my boobs all while sniffing it the delicious smell
Bizarre Dirtywife obliged Faith to swallow kaviar with GoddessAndreea  [MPEG-4]

After 2 weeks, finally Faith meet Dirtywife!
They started playing in the kitchen and Dirtywife started sucking his cock right after lunch. Then she used him as her personal toilet and filled his thirsty mouth with hot pee, Faith having nothing to do and swallowing everything. Then they made love on the floor, in the kitchen, in front of her horny husband who filmed the whole scene. The most bizarre part followed, namely the scat feeding scenes. After making him worship her anus and lick her pussy and ass, Dirtywife told him to wait for the food from her ass because she already wants to poop. She gave him some turds and told him that he was very good and that he should swallow her kaviar if he loved her. Faith complied and ate her precious shit to stay with her. She kissed him on his dirty tongue and then they started to smear shit all over her small tits and obliged him to lick and clean her shitty breasts. Another EPIC movie with the 2 lovers.
Big Piece Today with mikadoshop  [MPEG-4]

Today Princess Nikki makes a real big piece of shit…what a lucky day for the piece of shit down under her!
Poop anal plug and dildo fuck with VibeWithMolly  [MPEG-4]

 Watch me take a huge shit, then invite you to the bedroom to watch me use an anal plug in my dirty asshole. I ask you to lick all my shit smear off my asshole. Then I fuck my poop filled ass with my dildo and it gets a messy! I finish off with a shower head enema in the bathtub. This is a fun one!
Poo in public bathroom with Valentynexx [MPEG-4]

 This video I did when I was studying at the university some time ago, there were people out there while I was doing it, it was exciting.
Red thongs with Valentynexx  [MPEG-4]

In this video I was wearing a sexy red panty and I had a lot of poo, I wanted to get it out and then I played with my horse shaped toy.
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