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Your Ex-Girlfriend Dominates You: Your Ex Dominates You With Her Dirty Body, Her Piss And Her Shit! [MPEG-4]

Day: Your Wife Offers You An Ultra Hard Scat with Valentine [MPEG-4]

Toilet Femdom : I Dominate You Outdoors By Making You Eat My Shit And Much More [MPEG-4]

Dirty Halloween : I Shit And Piss In A Pumpkin For Halloween Before Playing With The Contents And Fucking My Ass [MPEG-4]

In this video with a creepy atmosphere, I’m going to mix terror and sexy by being dirty with my shit and my piss! This video contains video effects (keeping the original authenticity and image quality (4K video) and sounds on the Halloween theme. First of all, I’m going to scare you with my clown costume and show you the hollowed-out pumpkin that I’m going to pee into and make a big turd. I’m going to piss and shit in it, then I’m going to close it with the top of the pumpkin and shake to mix, finishing kneading with my hand before starting to cover myself in piss shit (body and mask) Once covered, and still in this Halloween atmosphere, I will start to fuck my ass with my realistic dildo while plunging my hand into the pumpkin full of shit to spread it again. I will pour the disgusting contents of the pumpkin on my body before resuming anal. I’m going to continue with my other black XXL dildo in different positions, each more exciting than the last! I will pee a second time! I won’t forget to dildo my big hairy pussy either, before ending up masturbating and giving myself a devilish orgasm!
Scat Pov : I Meet A Man Outside, I Piss And Shit On Him And He Fucks Me Full Of Shit! [MPEG-4]

I meet a man on my way, he is lost and asks me how to find his way! I agree to help him, on one condition; that he lets me piss and shit on him and that he fucks me full of shit, all in the middle of nature! I’m going to start by grinding his already stiff cock with my slobbering slutty mouth, before coming to piss on his body and letting him penetrate my hairy pussy in different exciting positions. He will then impale his big cock in my anus full of shit, but it won’t last long before I release the huge turd I have in my ass on him! He will continue to fuck my dirty anus before I piss on him again. I will then come and suck his cock as well as my big turd, alternating between the two. Cock, shit, cock, shit… What a beautiful slut I am at that moment and it excites him enormously! I will then cover myself in shit (face and body) before filling my mouth with shit and sucking it again. During the whole other half of the video, in different angles and different points of view, he is going to fuck my big slutty ass and my hairy pussy, while being totally covered in shit! My ass is going to take a lot, and my mouth will be filled with shit while he fucks me to intensify the pleasure and make me feel like a good big shit-loving slut! With my mouth full of shit, I’m going to finish by sucking his good shitty cock, and I’ll count from 10 to 0 so that he comes to cum in my mouth which serves as my cum hole!
Scat Sushi (Puke): I Eat Shitty Sushi And Bust My Ass While Pissing 3 Times [MPEG-4]

I prepare my rice to make my shitty sushi and during this time I show you my body and my pussy to start to excite you, before coming to lay a huge turd! I will then create my sushi (I will make 2 beautiful ones) by mixing shit with rice. I’ll come and lick it a and let you taste it first! Before eating it, I’m going to cover myself in shit (body, face, hair) and suck a bit of my shitty sushi before tasting! I’m going to eat several big mouthfuls and swallow them in turn (without cutting during editing) and show you the inside of my mouth after eating! I’m then going to smear my vomit all over my face, before releasing a big pee in front of the camera and smearing shit on myself again. I will then play with 3 dildos in my asshole with shit in my mouth; I will use a realistic dildo and 2 XXL dildos (a huge multi-colored one and my prolapsed dildo). I’m going to alternate between my 3 dildos and in several positions, each more exciting than the other… I’ll pee 2 more times in the video! I will finish by sucking and putting my huge dildos in my mouth, much too big for the latter…!
Hard And Dirty : You Like It When It’S Hard with Very Dirty [MPEG-4]

To start, I’m going to make you sniff my dirty, stinky socks, before making you sniff and lick my feet right after I take my socks off! I will then oil them to make them shine, massage them and continue to make you lick them.

My pussy is disgusting, with cheese and bits of toilet paper stuck to it, I didnt wash it and it smells really bad! Thats good, you love it when it smells good.

Then, I’m going to lay a huge, very hard turd, you’ll see my pussy still so dirty while I squeeze it out of my ass.

I will then slide my big turd between my breasts as if it were your cock (titjob), before coming to lick and suck my turd languorously.

I will cover my face and tits with shit, while continuing to suck it. I will then come fill my mouth with shit and chew!

I will cover my feet in shit to make you lick them again in this state that you love.

Then I will shit through my pussy twice by inserting my shit inside, and I will also shit my turd a second time through my ass. At this point I will pee almost right into the camera!

I’m going to finish covering myself completely in shit, and then start to open my ass with my dildo and my hand, I’ll fist myself properly, before inaugurating my new XXL toy: a prolapse-shaped dildo!

It will succeed in entering my ass WELL, and will widen it like never before! I will also give you some prolapses while I play with them.

I will then come and fuck my anus in different positions (7 positions in total), often with a large piece of shit in my mouth, and I will come from time to time to lick this prolapsed dildo which is so exciting after having passed it into my ass!
Constiped In Princess Panties with Thefartbabes [MPEG-4]

A Dog Scat Christmas Special with Maria Anjel [MPEG-4]

Camping : I Play With My Shit In The Showers Of The Campsite And I Get Caught! with Ninounini [MPEG-4]

My Pussy Is Wet with This Shit [MPEG-4]

A Halloween Prank with Nicole, Alana And Janaina [MPEG-4]

Filthy Bathtub Fun with Sweet Bella [MPEG-4]

I Shoved А Tv Remote Up My Dirty Ass [MPEG-4]

Dirty Ass Fuck #2 with Ivy Lopez [MPEG-4]

Coal Dominates Kaitlyn with Kaitlyn Katsaros, Alex Coa-Alex [MPEG-4]

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