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Next Gen Girls Masturbation with DirtyBetty  [MPEG-4]

And what do you do THIS every time?
-Yes, I just can’t resist the desire to smear myself in my own fresh, warm and fragrant shit!
-But you must be spending a lot of time in the shower?
-Just watch me flood the neighbors with my own squirt, smearing the shit DIRECTLY out of my ass while sitting on the toilet. Do you really think this kind of activity is “wasting” your time? Coming into the shower, you have only one thought in your head…
– How the hell did you end up here? This dirty and dark surreal place, this is my world! If you don’t get out of here, you will be doomed to be here forever in the form of a ghost and watch my wet pussy, huge fragrant ass and listen to this scary ambient in the background.
-What embie… aAaAa!
-I told you son heheh!
You will see: Hot Pervert Sexy Solo Scat Girl Dirty Masturbation Smearing Shit Sucking and Tasting Big Piles of Fresh Warm Stinky Women Shit Wet Pussy Poop Masturbating Squirting Pissing on a Floor Amateur Homemade Toilet Scat Play
Some years ago 5 with Valentynexx  [MPEG-4]

This is one of my first dirty videos, among a few more.
Poo beet some years ago with Valentynexx  [MPEG-4]

In this video I get a lot of poo but I had eaten beets and my poo comes out purple and red, it is very different besides I do anal of course!
Licking a lot of poo and fisting with Valentynexx  [MPEG-4]

In this video I get a lot of poo and I put my toy and then lick it, to then do anal.
What’s going on here? with DirtyBetty  [MPEG-4]

A crazy girl with a huge ass who shits like a mammoth and constantly sits in her semi-dark creepy bathroom had an irresistible desire to play with her toys soiled with fresh, thick, warm, and smelly streams of shit straight from a delicious hole !! She likes to suck dildos soiled with shit, and swallowing two appendages of alien origin is even more fun, today I will be fragrant not only on the skin but also inside. You will see: Crazy Scary Hot Badass Solo Dirty Big Ass Toilet Scat Bitch Pooping Massive Stinky Pile Play With Huge Dildo Covering in Fresh Women Shit Dirty Scat Blowjob Checking Poop Taste Shitty Saliva Play With Own Shit in Mouth Licking and Sucking Copro Surreal Amateur Caviar Homemade Clip
Ruining My Stuffed Toy with MakeKatPurrrr  [MPEG-4]

Humping her favorite stuffed animal toy Kat gets extra kinky and starts to pee all over it. The warm sensation all over her pussy feels so good so she keeps humping and keeps peeing. Feeling like she has to go poop Kat decides to not leave her humping toy and to shit all over her favorite stuffed animal. Rubbing the poop all into the stuffed toy and all over her ass Kat just can’t get enough. Showing off her freshly dirty asshole nice and close Kat fingers her yummy dirty ass for you and letting out one last turd right in your face.
Cursed Amateur Backroom Scat with DirtyBetty  [MPEG-4]

New awesome homemade “private” video… Dark, dirty and terribly atmospheric clip full of shit, cum and piss! Before you real “dirty” sex, are you ready to plunge into the heart of surreal underground, together with Betty and Mr. Annonymous? Unshaved and excited wet pussy and cock throbbing with tension awaits you, as well as strange ambient and a thousand frictions that give rise to a wild rhythm in a strange and dark room from which there is no way out… You will see: Homemade Amateur Couple Scat Play Private Home Video Dirty Sex Smearing Shit Sucking and Licking Piece of Poop Dried Shit on Tits Big Ass Shit Fucking Dirty Pussy Close Up Pissing and Squirting Crazy Housewife Creepy Room Strange Noise Toilet Fetish Surreal Art Clip Avangard Porn Stinky Poop Masturbation Epic Huge Cum Load
Cumming Next to my Piss & Shit with MakeKatPurrrr  [MPEG-4]

Running her fingers down her body teasing you ever so slightly Kat lays back and shake her ass with her feet up in the air. Playing and teasing you Kat pushes out a huge load with her feet up in the air. Then squats over the huge mess to piss all over it. Rolling over to sniff and smell it in doggy Kat gets really turned on. Laying back next to her piss and shit she grabs her favorite vibrator and plays with her floppy pussy next to her big load of shit until she cums.
Double The Shit Double The Cum with MakeKatPurrrr  [MPEG-4]

Holding in her load and teasing you with her pretty feet Kat sucks on her tiny toes. Then playfully playing and fingering with herself she gets really turned on. Kat takes it to the next level by grabbing her vibrator and teasing her sweet pussy that way. Holding in her load while she plays Kat can’t take it anymore and pees and shits while she cums. Playing with herself a more after she lets out her load Kat cums AGAIN right next to her poop
Oiled Twerk with a Shitty Ending with MakeKatPurrrr  [MPEG-4]

Twerking that big juicy ass of hers all for you! Kat works it and twerks it while she oils up her big juicy ass. Getting down on her knees twerking and then squatting and twerking she let’s out a big shit and then continues to twerk all on top of you giving you a nice show!
Yana eats shit collected in a week with ModelNatalya94  [MPEG-4]

In this video, Yana poops and pees in a deep glass salad bowl for 6 days, and on day 6 Yana completely eats her own shit and drinks the urine collected during these days. Well, let’s talk about everything in more detail. Day one: Yana enters the room, Yana holds a deep glass bowl, showing an empty bowl, Yana puts it on the floor and fills it with shit and urine. Then Yana takes a salad bowl and shows you shit and urine. Day two: Yana also shows the salad bowl, which already contains shit and urine, after the demonstration, Yana also puts the salad on the floor and again poops and pees into the salad bowl. Day three: Yana again shows the salad bowl, which already has shit and urine, and again Yana puts the salad on the floor and fills it with shit and urine again. After Yana once again took a shit and urinated into a salad bowl, Yana again shows a salad with shit and urine. Day four: Yana again shows a glass salad bowl, which already contains shit and urine, after the demonstration, Yana again puts the salad on the floor and starts to shit and pee in the salad bowl. After Yana has once again filled the salad bowl with shit and urine, Yana takes the salad bowl and shows you a salad with shit and urine for four days. Day five: Yana first shows a salad with shit and urine, then puts it on the floor and shits again and pees in the salad bowl. Once again lit up in a salad bowl, Yana again picks it up and shows a large amount of shit and urine over the past 5 days. So, day 6 comes: on this day, Yana first shows a salad bowl filled with shit and urine, then puts the salad on the floor and shits and pisses in the salad bowl. After Yana has relieved herself in a glass bowl, Yana takes a spoon and starts eating shit along with urine from the bowl. Yana takes a spoonful of shit from a salad bowl and puts it in her mouth. For 6 days, Yana poops and pees in a glass bowl, and then on day 6, Yana completely eats and drinks urine from a bowl. Yana eats her own shit with urine, at the end of the video Yana almost vomited back into the salad bowl. But she restrained herself and swallowed all the shit that she collected for 6 days and drank all the urine that already had a strong smell. You should see this!
Voyager Shit with MakeKatPurrrr  [MPEG-4]

Walking by your neighbor’s house and you hear someone in deep desperation. So you sneak a peek through the bushes only to find some really hot girl struggling so bad to try and not pee. She holds it and holds it but she just can’t take it anymore! She just goes! And wow does she go. You couldn’t believe it, right there? That’s pretty weird you’re thinking but wait, just as you were gonna walk away in confusion as to why she didn’t just go to the bathroom she starts pooping! Why is this turning you on? She just looks so hot sitting there in her room looking all desperate and vulnerable. You take a nice look at her huge shit and walk away to continue to think about the girl next door.
Really Dirty Shit Worship with MakeKatPurrrr  [MPEG-4]

I’m your teacher and I caught you staring at my ass… so here you are in detention. You dozed off to sleep and wake up to find that your naked, laying down with your arms tied above your head. I’m gonna teach you a lesson on how to worship my ass. I oil up my ass and spread it wide for you. I tell you how to deep clean my sexy asshole. But the main lesson I want to teach you is how to use my shit to make you cum… I see you get hard from that, I can’t believe my student is into this! I shit all over your cock and teach you how to use my shit to get you on the edge. I show you how to use my ass cream to play with your cock. Twerking my shitty ass all over your cock builds you up so much. When you’re about to cum, I want you to cum directly into my warm shit as I spread my dirty ass in your face. I tell you to never tell anyone about this as long as you want to have another detention with me…
Blackmailing The Roommate with MakeKatPurrrr  [MPEG-4]

You’ve got to be the WORST roommate. You don’t pay rent on time or clean up, and you always expect me to do it. It was your turn to clean the bathroom but you didn’t. So you now have two choices, eat my shit or you’re out on the street with nowhere to go. You disagree and say that you’ll clean it up but it’s too late and since your such a shitty roommate you have to eat my shit. Very repulsed at first, you keep denying it. But you have no choice. You have nowhere else to go, and this place is a really nice one. You get to see a hot lady walk around basically in nothing most of the time. You know you’ve got it made so you cave in. Laying down as I tell you to do so I make you worship my thick juicy ass. Pulling my panties off you get a nice big sniff and you’re not ready for this. I make you open your mouth wide up and piss straight down your throat. Choking and spitting you don’t know if you can handle what’s to come next but there it goes! All warm and chunky in your mouth.. At least your not gonna be out on the streets, right?
Street and Panty Kaviar #12 [MPEG-4]

Today Your Dinner - Shit, Pig Snout, Toilet with Natalia Kapretti [MPEG-4]

Today you have a happy day, today you have pasta with shit for dinner. See how lucky you are, Two Mistresses feed you their shit, make sure you don’t hungry. We shited for you lot of shit, a lot of it, eat it, eat it all, you’re not leaving the table until you’ve eaten all our shit. Open your mouth, pig’s snout, chew, swallow, it’s the only food you’ll get today. Yes, don’t be embarrassed, now we will often feed you shit together with my friend, Mistress Lana.1.Eat this biggest shit you pig’s snout, toiletI knew that sooner or later I would find you and bring you back. You can hide, but you can’t run away from who you really are. You are my living toilet bowl, toilet slave to the core, and you will come back to me again and again.And since you’re back with me, I’ll have a fun with you, show you your place. Sit on the floor, I’ll shaved you. Add more foam, i smear your face and get started. The razor is very good at cutting hair at the root. And as a warning to you, I will shave off your eyebrows. Don’t move, get your hands off. This will be a lesson to you. Without your eyebrows, you can’t go out on the street, run away from me again. It will be your shame. What, scared! Know that I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, and you won’t even know it.And I want to finally feed you shit, but not alone, I called my girl friend. We’ll have a good time with her. She smiles, looks at you like a cat at runaway cream, anticipates. Since my shit eater hasn’t eaten shit in a long time, he needs to have a dinner party. Oh, how much I want to shit, my ass is bursting. Here’s a plate of pasta, put it under my ass, and i we’ll shit in it and feed you. A huge, thick, 12-inch-long shit is coming out of my ass. Why are you looking so scared? Are you dissatisfied with something? This is your lunch, open your mouth. You know that until you eat everything, you won’t leave the table. Here’s a glass to wash down your smelly treat. Lana and I are going to piss in it for you. Open your mouth, start eating. Here is so spoon for spoon, swallow, for mother, for father. Don’t puke up. If you puke up, I’ll feed you back all the vomit with shit. Be good toilet bowl, eat all shit. We’ll plug your nose with shit so you can swallow better. Now you look like a real shitty pig. We like feeding you shit.2.Feeding, pushing down shit in the pig’s throatWell, toilet schmuck, you have now not a face, but a pig’s snout with a nose filled with shit. Eat shit with macaroni, you have to eat everything. Now Mrs.Lana will give you a refill, and she’ll shit a second pile of shit. How liquid it is, smelly, real shitty gravy or sauce. Now your dish has become much richer taste and warm shit will warm it up. Mix everything thoroughly. Open your mouth. You see how the Mistresses take care of you and feed with their hands and with a spoon. Eat shit, you ungrateful pig! Today you are our latrine, garbage, spittoon, toilet bowl! We’ll smoke and flick ash into your mouth, spit into your mouth, and feed you shit at the same time. You’re in heaven today, shit-eater. Need speed up the process of absorbing shit. Open your mouth, I’ll fill it with shit and shove it down your throat. Yes, deeper, open your throat and let the shit in. I like it, it’s like I’m using a vantus to clean a clogged toilet. Swallow, bitch, you’re going to eat everything today!3.Pig snout, swallow shit, you not finish yetGive me your piggy bowl, I’ll shitting in it some fresh shit, and take a piss. That you look at me with calves eyes, dont opening your mouth and not yapping. You eat all that shit on your plate, drink urine mixed with shit. I plugged your nose with shit, but you’re running snot. Go ahead, lick the snot, swallow it. I’m going to stimulate you: wax on tits, on a member of, spanking, to ass has become red and finally my favorite-strap-on lot more and directly in your ass. What are you whining? Mistress gives you double pleasure, fucks you with thick member on stick and feeds the shit. Are you dissatisfied with something again? Open your mouth! I’ll stuff the rest of it down your throat. Swallow, don’t choke! Ok, puking, I’ll help you. You’re going to vomit and I’m going to make you eat that vomit shit again, you pig. Here’s a shit mask and a hat, now you look like a real boar. Get up and turn around, I’ll whip you for disobeying me. Stand still, take your hands off why are you twitching. Oh, what a red ass, I like it. And finally, Lana and I will smoke, and you will be our ashtray and spittoon. Don’t cough, chew and swallow cigarette-butts! We’ll extinguish our cigarettes on your filthy tongue. You’re a real schmuck and loser! Get out of here. Go home like this, in shit, you’re disgusting pig
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