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Cleaning and poo in pants with evamarie88 [MPEG-4]

Eat it all from 2 Ladies (Scat & Piss) with Miss Medea Mortelle,Mistress Gaia  [MPEG-4]

Pushed to Ingest Two Big Loads of Shit with Miss Medea Mortelle [MPEG-4]

BIRTHDAY CAKE (PUKE): I eat a shitty cupcake! with Ninounini [MPEG-4]

I will introduce you to the ingredients briefly, then start working on my shitty cupcake recipe. In the meantime, I will lay my huge turd, which I will suck languidly, and which I will use to make a shit mask on my face and hair which will remain until the end of the video. Don't worry, there will be plenty left for our cupcakes! The naughty that I am will not be able to help flouring my ass, face and spilling milk everywhere... For your greatest happiness.The 4 large cupcakes are in the moulds, ready to be baked! I put them in the oven and during the cooking time I will play a with my big ass. I cover it with shit to come and shove my big dildo in my ass, I even fist myself at one point! I light the candles and I'm going to put them out by pissing on them! They will thus have a taste of piss when I taste them. So I do a huge and very long pee that will allow me to successfully extinguish all my birthday candles! I unmold them and then begin the tasting. I will eat 1 big shitty cupcake, and show you that inside, there is indeed good shit and by proving to you that I swallowed everything. I puke powerfully right after the tasting, I spread my puke on my head, then while sitting on the ground (with a view of my whole body, I will puke again on my body (a mixture of cupcake, shit and pasta eaten a few hours before? I get high to finish my ass and pussy in different positions. It was a wonderful birthday day!
Miss Medea Mortelle - Filled with Shit Upside Down [MPEG-4]

Yara and I attached Cosmo upside down to a pulley. He also gets his hands tied on the back, so that we have full control! Now he must first lick my high heels. Then we tie his balls and attach them tightly to the pulley. Only then he gets a first reward. He gets to feel our asses on his face. After extensive facesitting and rimming, he is then connected to the Venus. With this milking machine we make him hornier and hornier, but we don’t let him cum yet. Now Yara squats over his face and pushes her shit into his mouth. With the help of the milking machine and some stimulation on his balls we make him swallow it all. Now he still gets a second course of scat from me! Only when he also swallowed my shit completely, we allow him to build up his orgasm with the milking machine. Shortly before he comes, I take off the milking machine and jerk his cock so that he comes all over himself. Of course, we now feed him with his own sperm. Cosmo then pukes up all the shit again and I smear the brown puke back into his mouth.
Sheer Panties Bulge with Thefartbabes [MPEG-4]

Spoons ful of shit with Mikadoshop [MPEG-4]

First you get my piss out of a glass. Then I lie down on a table on my stomach and shit up while my slaves stand around me and take the shit out of my ass with a spoon. One idiot is so in seventh heaven that he can eat my shit, I have to laugh so much… A lot of delicious poop today nikki
Holly Well Fed [MPEG-4]

Xiomara Fox Fetish Queen – Training you to be my full toilet [MPEG-4]

You dream about being my toilet so now you get your first training. I’m gonna piss on a jar so you will have to drink it all and then shit for you on a plate and show it for you to smell and taste it as a first step into toilet slavery. My sexy ass and amazing voice will make you want to serve me endlessly
Sarathonson  [MPEG-4]

Big portion of poop with Misty_Phoenix [MPEG-4]

Black diarrhea fisting and smearing in nylon with p00girl [MPEG-4]

Uni”Ella outside poop smear with UniQueen21 [MPEG-4]

Went outside to pee and poop my white one piece smear it over myself then take a hot dirty shower
Big shit, stick in pussy, hide shit in pussy with p00girl [MPEG-4]

Big shit, stick in pussy, hide shit in pussy, masturbate, smear neighborhoods, squirt, feet and legs in shit thick layer on the groin
Shit in panties with Lily [MPEG-4]

Special Panty Poop and Smearing for you with Knkykttn97 [MPEG-4]

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