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New Creamy Scat Pants with MissAnja  [MPEG-4]

I’m naked and desperation to shit. I could not hide away my already poop baked asshole. It’s leaking out by itself. I show my skinny body front and back doing some desperation dance because seriously need to poo and it should be kinda creamy diarrhea style of. I tell you how I feel myself and show up a black bowl this will be my help to catch all nasty shit. Or do you wanna help me by chance? My nasty poopy hole arouse you so badly and just let’s see what’s coming up after shit. I also tease you by show off long legs and barefoot. All my body parts makes you horny but these two are your real weakness. I grab the bowl and standing ass facing to camera release all this diarrhea style of nasty shit and pissing a lot as well. Part of landing in the bowl the rest on the floor. No matter I have all shit what I need for. I hold up and show the bowl of poo and dip my each barefoot firstly in this chocolate mousse then the other make them shitty and start to smear some of on both of feet. This is my new lotion do you wanna try and smell it so badly right? I bet you’re so jealous that I have the best lotion ever and you wanna help to apply all up on my legs. I make first knee socks style by shit, talking sexy and dirty, and just continuously smearing on my thigh as well. Nice and slow motions obviously make you super boner and you just wish to being here and help out me. Stinky, a bit lumpy, creamy and thick shit lotion. I care of my skin and would care of your dick as well. Would you? I just smear it both of my thigh and up to my ass, ass cheeks, playing with my hands all over. Just keep smearing as much thick shit I can and make the perfect scat pants for you. Tight, stinky and nice brown color. I encourage you to jerk your cock while making this sexy pants then sit on the floor and fantasy about a messy feet or handjob on your hard dick. I spread my legs wide apart and rubbing scat feet against each other time to time. I wanna see you stroking your dick…. I dip my feet once again the messy shit bowl and just tempting view close up. Xtremely dirty scat feet bring you to cum right? So much thick poo covering my lower body from toes waist and this shitty view makes your dick super excited so don’t hesitate to cum on these dirty girl
Mommy licks poop off your dick with VibeWithMolly  [MPEG-4]

Mmm Mommy’s been a bad mommy… too much to drink and my husband passed out! I catch you jerking off and decide to help you with that. Then I confess that I have a kink that I’ve never been able to try with your dad. I pee into my wine glass and make you drink it. You agree to let me poop on your dick! Then I lick it off.. oh boy… this is our secret! You can never tell your father!
taste dirty poop feet after anal fisting with LizzyDirt  [MPEG-4]

I was 3 days no longer poop and my ass is about to explode. So that my shit does not jump out, I press my foot against it and plug my dirty hole. But finally, the camera runs and I let it out. Ooh my God, I’ve probably never pooped so much and new pieces keep slipping out of my bulging ass. But the fun must not be over yet, so I push my hand in my ass and fist myself until my hole is big enough to stuff the shit back in my ass. Anal fucking with my fucking hand, how good it feels. But that’s not enough for me, I’m still way too clean and my feet also want to be spoiled-dirty. I lubricate them with pleasure and lick the caviar between my toes. The brown sauce is smeared on my tits and then I rub my pussy with the shit. At this moment I piss myself full and goddamn, there’s more shit coming! Mmmh, I have to look at that up close and try it with my tongue and finger my pussy before I fist myself again really deep in my ass to finish.
Best friends Sara and Scarlett play with Sarathonson  [MPEG-4]

Best friends Sara and Scarlett play with poop after a long day of school. They start off by taking off each other’s clothes and fuck themselves with their dildo to get the pee flowing. Scarlett stands over Sara and pees all over her. Scarlett returns the favor and pees in Sara’s face and mouth. They then feel the urge to poop and start fucking their ass. Sara then stands over Scarlett and poops on her chest. Then she smears poop on Scarlett while having a passionate poop-filled kiss. Sara then shows a close up of her eating poop and sucking on Scarlett’s toes. While Scarlett fucks her ass Sara cleans her poop covered dildo with her mouth. Scarlett in then poops on Sara and they finish off by fucking their ass. Happy viewing.
The famous shitting stripper scene 2 with VibeWithMolly [MPEG-4]

Yes! The amazing shitting stripper is back and her tummy hurts… a lot. She can’t even hold it in when letting her customer stick his cock in her ass! She goes everywhere! Shit gets alll over your cock. We both agree that we’re into this. Enjoy!
Come eat Mommy’s shit! with VibeWithMolly  [MPEG-4]

Mommy’s back! And she’s dirtier and kinkier than ever… I shit into the sink and make you eat my dirty shit and clean my asshole like the good boy that you are!
Stripper takes a fat shit with VibeWithMolly  [MPEG-4]

These stripper heels make me want to do super naughty things… I tease you and take a fat shit. Then I make you clean my dirty asshole before I ride your cock and have you cum in my ass!
Smearing and smells. I love it with LucyBelle  [MPEG-4]

I definitely love to smear myself with shit and talk a lot about it when I do! Here I talk about how my shit smells, and about lubrication. Listen to my sweet accent. I buy standing up and there’s a lot of that shit. It’s perfect for lubrication so I take it and lubricate my body. You can see my full face all the time in the movie. I love this!
Dirty anal fuck and fist with CherryPie  [MPEG-4]

In this video im naked on sideways fucking my asshole with dildo, making poo at the same time, then i fist my asshole so hot. You can look my feet too
Poop over my feet with CherryPie  [MPEG-4]

Enjoy watching me as my hot poop falls on my feet and the soles covered in poop.
Squat dirty anal with Valentynexx  [MPEG-4]

In this video I was squatting doing very dirty anal, a lot of soft poo comes out.
Beautiful girl doing shit showing face with LucyBelle  [MPEG-4]

The movie shows my beautiful face all the time, this movie is one of my favorites because I look beautiful here… And my poop is perfect, see for yourself!
Filthy, Pink Enema Shorts with MissAnja [MPEG-4]

I love enema and you? It’s pushing my limits every single time and it makes me so happy to get in some challenge. I love when infuse the liquid, I love when able to release in pants or a sexy bottoms, I love that naughty noises, farts by and the mess after all. All in all I love everything about. So I would not like you to miss this dirty shitty therapy of mine. Are you into? Let’s start began… I wear a wore and damaged tiny pink bottom on which is my fave even if had wore million times. My target today to clean out this poopy ass of mine and make such a huge stinky mess in my bathroom. Until this sounds great huh? I tease you at beginning, present my butt underneath the shorts and stick my finger then a glass toy into asshole. Such a pleasure. I was hanging up a 2 liter big enema bag inside mixed pure water and sodium chloride for strong effects in cleans out. I pour first a mini enema bulb then let’s flow the first 1/3 enema liquid before release some shit in pink bottoms. After the first round feel bad as get pain and cramps in stomach and the feeling is I shit myself right now doesn’t goes away just after release it in shorts. Nasty, noisy first round. I fart noisily and lot of shitty liquid out. Keep going on I don’t stop, fingering then insert the tube in doggy to filling up my ass again make me suffering. I stand up backward standing in the shower place and mess spreading all over. I keep pushing out lot of farts as I feel gassy and asking you what do you think of this sweet stinky smells? I’m ready for the next round but before I find some food pieces in my shit and I’m not shy to show you. Get in doggy and insert the tube again to let the enema flow in ass focus on feet and legs this time. Stand up quickly bending my left knees soles up backward and pushing the enema in my pink bottoms. I pull down half way the shorts and ass squirting out more and more dirty liquid. I fart a lot and so loud all of them. Juicy stinky wet farts for your nose. I also do release wet bubble farts in my pants show off close up to you. The last round has came…. In doggy pose as before and present my big stomach and tell you I’m also full of air what’s makes me gassy more than ever. Let me release the last round expel all the shitty enema, farting even more and seduce you with that mess in my bathroom
Voyeur Xtremely Messy Enema Therapy #19 with MissAnja [MPEG-4]

I’m walking into the bathroom and looking for an extremely dirty fun today. I call enema therapy and pretty sure will make me so happy after it. Firstly washing my hands naked then pissing a lot and start with open up few of small enema bulbs into my ass in doggy and also use an rubber enema bulb filled with sodium chloride fusion and water mixed. It makes me gassy and give a push to desperate so badly. After all this mix filled to butt suffering and moaning and sit lightening fast to toilet and with loud noises and strong stream my ass squirting out lot of shitty liquids over on the camera. I don’t pay attention it just keep having fun and cleaning my ass. In voyeur style I don’t pay attention to nobody just doing my dirty job. I get back on knees in doggy and let’s continue with an big 2 liter enema bag in this also mixed water and sodium chloride for better results. I was hoping to take the half bag at one time but I could take the 1/3 firstly and it was brought so much suffering. Pain, abdominal cramps and moaning. I try to hold it as long as I can but after few seconds should sit back and expel all the dirty shitty water out. What a huge mess already behind my back. Farting a lot and just keep pushing out the enema. Ok, so let’s get back in doggy and take the second round the other half of the rest. I also use the smaller rubber enema bulb to infuse the rest of and lot of air which leads me in deep abdominal cramps so after awhile I return and sit back to release even more shit and liquid. My ass is doing a good job to squirting out lot of dirty stuff. My asshole is read of strong push and hemorrhoids also appear out of. It’s hurt but I am ready for the last round and take the rest of enema. Again in doggy pose all the liquid in my ass add more of air by fingering and blue bulb and sit back to expel even more dirty water. WOW. I didn’t expect for this huge mess to the end but happy have done it. Before show you off that lot of shit piece behind my back get on my knees once again infuse more air to make myself gassy and farting a lot for you in doggy also on the toilet. What a great fun and therapy. I flush the shit inside the bowl but left a lot over on the flange. Was I a good girl?
 Shitty Panty with MissAnja [MPEG-4]

Today I’ll make you so very happy. Do you know why? Because you dirty boy and me will have lot of fun. I had forgot to place a new menstrual pad in my panty that means it just got red from my pussy. How much you’re hungry for a nasty filthy pair of cute panties of mine? Don’t say anything I feel your crave so badly. So let me surprise you my boy. I tease you to show off front and back my cute nude colored bikini pants and realized that red spot on the gusset. All my sexy act and dirty talk encourage you to grab your dick and masturbating. I just reassure you to do that. I get on my knees front of you and spread both of my holes. Pussy is a bit of bloody, shit reveal out of my asshole. I blow some fanny farts straight to your face. You love it so much don’t you? I keep gaping holes and still talking sexy n dirty to you all over. Naughty girl turns to filthy one and I just lick my red bloody spot on the gusset but I certain you wanna copy me. I’d give my pants for you but I need it dirty boy, maybe later you can get them. You will get All In 1 dirty pants from me today. Red, shitty and piss soaked your fave combo. I complete it and your dreams come true by. I stick a glass toy in asshole while on my forth and then shitting a huge one to my cute panty for you. Shit and piss make it even more filthy. How badly you wanna touch my shit? Warm creamy chocolate filled dream pants. I start smear scat out on my pants make it such a dirty one and keep talking to you about jerking off your dick. It’s easy. Everything has given to have fun. After I filled with that messy turd my panty remove a bit and my ass totally covered by poo. I grab that glass toy and fucking my butt all over. Sniff this pants, and cum for me. Me and you exactly know what means big mess right? I give you cum countdown and say goodbye with a cute loud farts in my pants.
Shiny Cocktail Dress Shit And Anal with MissAnja [MPEG-4]

I love tight and sexy cocktail dresses to wear. This time I had matched with a same colored open toes fluffy high heels on. I feel so sexy and you are getting horny right at that moment when you see my outfit. Ohh…did I mentioned that I don’t wear underneath nothing else? I walk to you sexy and seduce you with this irresistible view to this pretty juicy ass standing. I keep teasing you front and back flashing pussy and butt hole several times. I talk seductive of my ass to you and ask you what if I show my dirty side for you?… You know what is that mean? I’m so naughty and a bit shy as well but I’ll turn to be filthy girl just for your pleasure. I sit on a black chair legs up and reveal my pussy under my dress and heels up to tease you even more. I need to shit but it would not really come out so please help me now….Just insert one of your finger and feel what I feel….creamy soft shit hidden inside. I spread wide apart my legs while sit on the chair and slowly penetrate the dildo pretending that’s your dick. I repeatedly tell you I’m so tight… A bit hurt at the beginning but getting stretched by time. I shit for you soon but legs still up, great sight to high heels and swollen butt hole. Sticky, stinky shit no doubt. After awhile I get back to filthy anal masturbating and ask that you fuck my pretty shit hole. Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it…no way you wont’ cum in or for me. The view speaks to itself. I stand up and keep stretching shitty ass and request you to cum…. Fuck me and cum on my beautiful dress or at least on my stinky ass… I help you with a huge, loud n wet farts to do that.
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