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KinkGodess – Dildo & Scat [MPEG-4]

FilthJapaneseGirl – Dirty Doggy! [MPEG-4]

LinaScat [MPEG-4]

FilthJapaneseGirl – Did Someone Order Maid Service! [MPEG-4]

DIRTY BITCH (PUKE - F MACHINE) - im becoming a REAL shit whore [MPEG-4]

OMFG! These pancakes, taste like me! with DirtyBetty  [MPEG-4]

You are lucky you came on time! Hurry, sit down at the table while I quickly cook something for breakfast! Maybe stuffed pancakes? Sounds great, no? This is "SBP" you know! Just look at my huge ass, spread it, and lay out my fluffy dirty ring, now I will start squeezing out a huge thick, and viscous shit, I will do this while you catch my juicy and fragrant fart ... see how much I put in the fresh and warm stuffing, I'll take just a tiny bite of yours, to satisfy my arousal and desire to try this incredible treat from my horny and swollen ass. PS: as a sign of gratitude to the customers of our cafe, I left a small compliment for you in the form of my fragrant autograph. Try printing it out, sticking it on the fridge, and then coming up with amazing stories about how a hot waitress left you a chocolate autograph while you ate stuffed pancakes in a plant-growing tent.
Blondie's Balcony Buffet with ArtOfScat  [MPEG-4]

The super-hot, ultra-fit QS is soaking up some rays on a rooftop terrace when things get wild! She starts by working those glutes as she pushes out a massive poop, followed by a goopy flow of lady juice that gets mixed up with the stinker. Then, she takes things to the next level by slathering her face with the messy mixture before digging into it with her teeth and savoring each bite like it's filet mignon. After getting a good chow down, she works her way back up to O Town with a buzzer that has her quivering with pleasure. Once she's satisfied, she spreads the leftovers all over her privates and plays with her whopper clit until she's coated from head to toe in foul funk. This chick knows how to party!
Dilator in the ass cone relaxed the ass and shit, smeared  with p00girl [MPEG-4]

Dilator in the ass cone relaxed the ass and shit, smeared
(Tulip's Turd Tunnel) Tulip - Breakfast at Tulip's [MPEG-4]

Here is the opening scene from Tulip: Poo-vert, you are here this morning for breakfast at Tulip’s. And you know what breakfast at Tulip’s means to you. Poo-vert, your breakfast is going to be served, compliments of Tulip’s terrific, tender tush. After all, this is a “Tulip’s Turd Tunnel” production. Oh, it’s a production, alright. It’s a production of shit. From Tulip’s turd-tunnel. So, anyone who is not expecting shit from this production, is in the wrong place. But Poo-vert, you are in the right place. Because you know what to expect from a “Tulip’s Turd Tunnel” production. You know what breakfast at Tulip’s means. That’s right, you get to eat Tulip’s terrific shit. Compliments of Tulip’s terrific, tender tush. Compliments of Tulip’s turd-tunnel. Are you hungry for breakfast? Good. Open your mouth for my naked, stinky, smelly, shit-filled ass. Eat my shit. Eat Tulip’s terrific shit.

DP, fisting, shit in the pussy with p00girl [MPEG-4]

Body ramp, double penetration, fisting, shit in the pussy, cream in the ass pour
Ultimate Ass Dominance Double Scat with Miss Medea Mortelle [MPEG-4]

Yara and I fixated our slave in bondage foil onto the bed. Today there is no escape from our scat for him. Right at the beginning, we tell him what we expect from him: He has to hold the shit of both of us in his mouth today. I sit on his face with my latex butt and tease him with facesitting. Next our slave has to stimulate Yara's butt hole extensively with his tongue. Then, Yara cuts a hole into the bondage foil at the level of his cock. While she jerks him, Cosmo now also has to lick my asshole. We sit down alternately on his face with our sexy butts and make him lick our buttholes. Then it's time. Yara pushes her shit into his mouth first. I watch and make sure that the whole load of scat ends up in our toilet. With a teasing on his cock, he manages to keep the turd in his mouth. Then I squat over his face and donate him the second flavor of shit. While I jerk Cosmo, Yara sits down on his shit-filled mouth. Using her dirty ass, she pushes the shit further and further into his mouth, until he is unable to breathe anymore. This is how we want him to cum: Breathless & unable to escape the taste of both of our shit.
Smell your dinner before you eat it  with AliceTop [MPEG-4]

Are you waiting for your meal? I'll feed you my warm poo. But first, smell my asshole, which has been farting all day. This time you'll taste the cream from my pussy
Double Shit Eater with Miss Medea Mortelle, Mistress Gaia [MPEG-4]

(Tulip's Turd Tunnel) Tulip - Fucked up [MPEG-4]

Here is the opening scene: Hey Poo-vert, you know that many people think it’s fucked up that you like to eat the produce of girl-ass. After all, naked, stinky girl-ass does exactly the same disgusting thing that man-ass does. That’s right, girl-crap is no better than man-crap. You know that girl-shit is just as stinky, just as smelly, just as filthy, just as nasty, just as disgusting as man-shit is. And do you know why? Because it’s shit. That’s why. But for some reason, you still love to eat girl-shit. I am talking about stinky, smelly, filthy, nasty, disgusting girl-crap. But you still love to eat girl-shit. Because you are a Poo-vert. So, Poo-vert, are you ready for my shit-filled ass to unload a stinky, smelly dump of caca doo doo?
(Tulip's Turd Tunnel) Tulip - Girls Shit [MPEG-4]

This is how the clip starts out: Poo-vert, do these floral-panties look too pretty to be covering up a fat shit? I agree. These flowers look too pretty to be covering up something that does not smell like flowers. But, how about without the flowers? Now, does my bare-ass look too good to shit? I know. After all, I have such a beautiful, bare bum. Poo-vert, you know how Tulip’s tush feels. So, does my bare-ass feel too good to shit? Of course. After all, this is Tulip’s terrific, tender tush. No wonder why, so many guys say, “Girls Don’t Shit”. After all, glorious girl-ass looks too good to shit and feels too good to shit. But, Poo-vert, does my bare-ass smell too good to shit? I know. I have such a naked, stinky ass. Actually, there is a lot more stink waiting to come out of my naked, stinky ass. A lot more stink. And that’s because girls shit. That’s right, Tulip craps from this fleshy, feminine fecal-factory. My pretty, pink poop-pipe is changing colour from pink to brown. And that’s because girls poop. That’s right, Tulip shits from a shapely, shameless shit-maker.