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Description: I CAUGHT YOU HIDING IN MY SNEAKERS…: Fantastic 22′ 53″ video where I’m doing some sport at home. I go to the room tired and when I take off my shoes I take you out glued to my foot. So I step on you and laugh at you while I get horny and ride you through my pussy. So, I put a condom on my Nora with you inside and I masturbate really well. Then I go to another area where I had pooped, I get on all fours to put you inside my anus like the microbe you are. Then I stomp on you next to my poo while I laugh.
Hungry Girlfriend Shits White Leggings with Sophia_Sprinkle [MPEG-4]

Scat session with Kirascatt [MPEG-4]

Noisy Leather Fart Scats - Pregnancy Cosplay Farts & Shits in Leggings with cleopatra [MPEG-4]

Noisy Leather Fart Scats

Description: I’m wearing black leather leggings and release loads of heavy aggressive farts in leather and releasing loads of extreme turds in my leather ass. I’m a super nasty and noisy girl, I have a lots of gooey fart scat noises. Loads of scat in my leather ass, huge shit. Noisy fart scats.

Pregnancy Cosplay Farts & Shits in Leggings

Description: I fart and mess my gray leggings during pregnancy and wear white socks over the gray leggings
Bastienne's Butt Butter - Poo Revenge on Pervy Boss - Picky Eater Punishment [MPEG-4]

Work from home SUCKS now that my pervert boss decided to record everyone during work hours. He also insisted that we install cams UNDER our desks because he's a total scum bag. He insisted that we dress professionally and stick to a regular 9-5 work schedule. Speaking of 'rEgUlaR', i actually take a big, stinky DUMP every morning. That used to be private but ... hey! Why not share it, right? If he wants to watch every-fucking-thing I do all day, he'll see EVERY fucking moment. Be careful who you perv on I guess!

Nothing annoys me more than a picky eater and I REFUSE to let you become one! If you're going to turn your nose up at EVERYTHING that your Step-Mommy makes for you then I have no choice but to punish you accordingly. You want something that tastes bad? I'll give you something that tastes AWFUL and it'll be your only meal option until you get your attitude in check!
Dirty ass dirty dick and farts for you with BarbaraGinger [MPEG-4]

Bastienne's Butt Butter [MPEG-4]

This is an update to the earlier Bastienne's Butt Butter post, with more scat, efro, and dirty talk. She has a slave in a couple of videos, too.
Custom Scat Video with Kaitlyn Katsaros [MPEG-4]

Kaitlyn's custom scat video where she poops, pukes, uses a dildo on her ass, does enema, and more...
Kirascatt scat session [MPEG-4]

Farting and poo work zoom call with evamarie88 [MPEG-4]

Footy farts and shit with evamarie88 [MPEG-4]

Moments are long awaite with Alicetop [MPEG-4]

Boyfriend shit in my mouth with Kirascatt [MPEG-4]

Eat wifes shit loser with evamarie88 [MPEG-4]

unreal 1,5 lb panty poop - what would you like on your pizza - white pant shit panties [MPEG-4]

Foot game with sara [MPEG-4]