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Desperation Shit JOI with evamarie88  [MPEG-4]

Watch me struggling to hold my 3 day load inside while giving you a joi i lay down cramping up and show you my arsehole… i push open my arsehole and close it sending shivers all over. I decide to put a buttplug inside to keep that load firmly in, i stimulate my arsehole by pushing it in before pushing the buttplug out followed by a big sloppy shit… I moan as it comes out and tell you to cum to my shitty ass
Human toilet paper with Mistress Gaia [MPEG-4]

This human toilet being needs to continue his training. After filling his bowl with my divine piss and letting him lick a little ‘, I will shit inside, creating a special cocktail of urine and shit. He will have to continue to drink and lick, while I, sitting comfortably, ignore him chatting and talking on a cell phone.
Smoking While Deep Asslicking And One Big Shit Into The Mouth By Two Top Babes [MPEG-4]

Do you love see sexy girls smoking sexy? Do you like deep long asslicking beteewn two amazing babes? Do you like to see one beatiful babe shit a big load direct in one other beautiful girls mouth? And this all together in one movie? Then you have to watch this one here. Its an amazing scat movie with fantastic girls and they realy make a god jib. This movie is about smoking during asslicking and during shit into the mouth. Lovely played, no domination. The young 18 Years old girl take all big shit into her little sweet mouth. I love her eyes how she look when have all the shit in her mouth. Also i love this sexy babe who shit a big amount and smoke so fucking sexy during the whole movie.
Feeds her slave with Mistress Gaia [AVI]

A video truly unique: without any fiction stage, I feed my slave with my warm shit. All true, authentic! And, finally, the slave will have to lick even the plate. For scenes of authentic coprophilia, the video is only recommended to lovers of the genre.
My shitty breakfast with ScatLina  [MPEG-4]

Does your morning start with oatmeal? And mine with a plate of freshly shit. What a pleasure to shit in a plate, then sniff and taste, slowly eat it with a teaspoon. Then get up and shove a piece of shit in my pussy and get him out of there with a spoon and eat. What a pleasure to savor every piece of such sticky and warm shit. Chew, swallow and feel it in your stomach. My weekend morning is divine thanks to this breakfast
Miyuki - ODV-426 Housewife Miyuki: Not Even My Husband Knows About My Sick, Scat-Smeared, Masturbation Sessions [mp4]

Kim Koettbullar - Solo Scat Piles 01 [avi]

Chubby - ODV-425 Scat Big Shit Masturbation [mp4]

Yuko - GCD-754 A Yoga Instructer Lays A Big Thick Shit Yuko, A Married Woman Everything She Shits Is Thick 5 First Time Natural Shits [mp4]

DianaSpark - Shit- feet fetish with DianaSpark [mov]

BDSMangel - Instructional Vid; Learn to eat your SHIT [mp4]

EllaGilbert - Dirty ass for a dirty teacher [mp4]

VRXS-010 - Crushed Shit 2 [wmv]

Kasumi Adachi - [OPUD-243] College student Kasumi Adachi with acrobatic body first defecation sex [mp4]

VRXS-052 - Facesitting Shit 25 [mkv]

TinaAmazon - Bodysuit tease then shit [mp4]

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