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2 Close-up with MilanaSmelly  [MPEG-4]

2 Close-up! The first was Amina – in her shit there were a lot of seeds from grapes, which crunched loudly in my mouth. Amina did not visit the toilet for 4 days and for me it was very difficult! I really wanted this, but when Amina started feeding I realized that it was terribly nasty and difficult! When Amina left I felt relieved, but Christina entered the room and I was waiting for a new smelly test!
Free toilet for girls in the forest with MilanaSmelly  [MPEG-4]

Free toilet for girls in the forest. Any girl walking in the woods can use this living toilet – he will eat everything! Amina and Christina are walking in the woods in the morning and they really want to shit! They were happy when they saw the toilet for the girls, because now they can drop the load and continue the walk.
Kiss our asses and eat our shit with MilanaSmelly  [MPEG-4]

Kiss our asses and eat our shit. He kisses what he loves – ass girls! They smell sweet and tasty, if the girls want to shit.
Painting With Enema And Shit with evamarie88  [MPEG-4]

Watch me painting and i tell you i just cant find the right shade of brown, i ponder and then it clicks its scatshop right but im going to need to try it on your first just to see its right. I spray my arse juice in your direction and push shit out my arse. Perfect! Now watch me spray my arsejuice at the painting, making all the paint run. I then do it again in your direction giving you a cum countdown and dirty talking to you wwhile i spray out my arse
When You Eat My Shit Drives Me Crazy with evamarie88  [MPEG-4]

So i was just going to bed then i got that grumble my arsehole twitched and i logged online and chose you to eat my raw shit. I show you the container and tell you how i love a guy eating my scat so bad and how it makes my pussy drip. I run my fingers over my pussy so you see how sticky it is before bending over and pushing out my raw shit into a containor that im going to mail to you… I then go on to tell you what i want to see you do with it how to let it melt inside your mouth how to chew it how to swallow. Eating my the foods thats gone straight through me and then going straight into you is the most amazing thing any man can do for me
Hot stiptease pooping and masturbation in toilet with nastygirl  [MPEG-4]

i show striptease and poop in my toilet. after it i show very dirty ass and mastrubate
Pooping and smearing poo with nastygirl  [MPEG-4]

i poop, show sexy body and dirty ass and smera shit on my leggs with poo
Some casual poops with LittleMissKinky  [MPEG-4]

4 poops in a row
Panties And Pussy Stuffed With Shit with evamarie88  [MPEG-4]

Watch me in white leggings and panties pee and fill them up with shit… I scoop my hand down the back and grab a handful of shit and stuff down the front of my knickers. I then grind my pussy into them before peeling off my soiled pants and smearing it all over my pussy and body. I push my shit into my pink little hole and push it out a few times before stuffing my hole back up and getting back dressed for the night… Going to sleep knowing my pussy is filled with my shit is so naughty yet so taboo i love it
Bloody poo and playing with dildo with nastygirl [MPEG-4]

i poo and play with dildo during menstruation and show dirty and bloody ass and pussy
Bloody poo and sitting down in it with nastygirl  [MPEG-4]

i poop, smear my soft shit on my body, show bloody and dirty ass and sitting down direct in my shit and smear poo with it and after it show extra dirty ass again
Full Toilet Eat My Shit with scatdesire  [MPEG-4]

I’m just using man like toilet paper. I have so much shit to pour into the mouth of my toilet slave. But not only shit, but also piss and spits! And he swallows absolutely everything.
Filling the Mouth with scatdesire  [MPEG-4]

I punished and humiliate toilet slave again. Today I’m going to shit directly into his mouth and will use him like a live toilet. He will moan for me to stop. But I have eaten good today and will shit a lot!
Flow of Smelly Diarrhea with scatdesire  [MPEG-4]

My slave lay on the floor and wanted only one thing so I filled his mouth with my shit. But he did not even realize how cruel I am and he’ll have to swallow all my shit without a trace. His desire to serve me as a toilet exceeded all his expectations and he denied, but I shoved the shit into his mouth with a dick and spit there. Now he is a full toilet and is ready to serve the company of several girls. This is his cherished desire
A Panty Poop I Want You To See with evamarie88  [MPEG-4]

This was an unplanned panty poo, i was so desperate to go.. But as youve all followed each and everyone of my shits i didnt want you to miss this one…
I bend over and show you my slightly soiled knickers from where ive been holding it in and then pee my pink knickers before staying quiet so you can hear my poo crackle and fill my pink panties..

I rub my bulge telling you how warm it is and amazing it feels before showing you the inside of my underwear filled with my shit
Stare At My Shit And Cum Loser with evamarie88  [MPEG-4]

You think im a goddess huh? Well i am. You’ve paid me for my poo well you don’t deserve to eat my shit like the others because your a pathetic loser… Instead you can wank your pathetic dick and stare at my shit while you cum…

Now watch my raw shit come up… You see how big it is.. Well you only get a sample as you dont deserve a big load.
While all the other guys get love from me and my delicious shit sliding down there throat you get to stare at my shit not even smell it and just wank knowing how much of a loser you really are
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