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Mistress Mia Feeding Her Slave with ElenaToilet [MPEG-4]

Mistress Mia with perfect round ass is feeding her slave with hot shit. He is licking his asshole until she becomes to shit in his mouth witouth warning! He has to open his mouth wider and take the nasty shit. She makes him eat it for breakfast by putting his face in the shit.
Chew and Swallow My Thick Shit with annalise [MPEG-4]

You’re under my big asshole where you belong with your stupid mouth open, waiting for my heavenly turd to fall into your toilet gullet. I wink my asshole, filled to the brim with poop over and over again as I remark on how good it feels preparing to feed you. I birth my load right down over you and it lands in your mouth. I get over you and give you nasty, filthy toilet-eating instructions that will satisfy and please your BBW Goddess. I demean you over and over again for sucking and chewing my thick Goddess shit… I used my toilet slave, and fed thick shit right out of my hands. It was nice watching him suck and swallow my stinky shit, choke and swallow again. See, enjoy how he eating my shit!
Get Ready to Swallow My Diarrhea with scatdesire [MPEG-4]

I feel a hard stomach… I sit on the toilet blackboard and press and talk but woooowwww full face of shit and soft oneee! Slave satisfies my diarrhea and suffocates! Kisses enjoyed you too
Shit Eater in the Toilet with marcos579 [MPEG-4]

I have a toilet slave and he is very hungry. And I use him whenever i want to shit. When I came in my toilet room, I told him to open his mouth and swallow all shit which comes out from my ass. It will be your breakfast today. Are you happy now, my toilet?
Open Mouth to Swallow my Diarrhea with marcos579  [MPEG-4]

Open your mouth, bitch! I will piss and shit in your dirty mouth. Eat and swallow my diarrhea!
Scathunter - Behind The Scenes - Over 53 Minutes Of Never Before Seen Footage! [MPEG-4]

Pay Your Bills or with Chris and Leslie [MPEG-4]

Chris was already waiting for punishment, she did not pay the bills again, Leslie can not take it anymore, Chris is using water and light from leslie's home and does not help pay the bills at the end of the month, Chris complained to the lack of food Leslie lost patience and decided to serve up a feast for her, with a lot scat, shitting in her mouth and starting to shit all over the body of Chris, who can do nothing, humiliated!
Shit in the Moth Near the River with annalise [MPEG-4]

I didn’t go to the toilet in the morning and long hoard up the shit inside. I was walking along the river and felt that I could not suffer anymore and I urgently needed a toilet … This stupid pig goes everywhere with me for any event. I use his mouth instead of my toilet. Open your mouth and swallow my delicious shit! You’re a toilet and don’t be embarrassed by this.
Holiday Dirty Greetings From My Toilet Sluts with Natalia Kapretti [MPEG-4]

Holidays are over, but their fairy tale, spirit and the strength that they give us remain for the whole year. Both my girls and I tried to do our part in these festive days, please and give a happiness.1. I and Kat wish Everyone merry ChristmasMy sweet slave girl Kat and I heartily wish Everyone merry Christmas. Today my new toilet girl for the first time ate piece of shit and did not wince. I’m so happy, she’s getting more and more into playing with shit, being in shit and eat, tasting my shit. I took a shit today length of 32 centimeters and diameter of 6 centimeters. A embarrassed, my slave girl Kat asked me try my shit, licked and ate it. I let her masturbate in my shit. In the new year, she will continue her training and become my full toilet 2. Toilet slut eats shit, wishes happy holidaysOn the eve of the holidays, my dear fans, my toilet sluts prepared congratulations for You. Today, my shit-eater Maya first congratulate You. She shits in the plate and eats her shit with pleasure. Her appetites are growing, before when she was not around me, she had enough eat her own shit and she had enough, she was satisfied. Now she always wants more, it’s not enough for her, she becomes a real insatiable shit-eater
Get Smelly Shit Themselves Out Of Ass with Natalia Kapretti [MPEG-4]

I train all my slave girls to get smelly food for themselves, shit out of asses. I like to watch their confusion and surprise when their hand goes into dirty ass full of shit. I like to watch them break into smile when the shit covers their hand with its warm pulp and they are happy to start kneading it inside. They take out their hand covered in shit, smear face and body shit and taste it, lick their fingers, hand. They all like it the first time, because they are my shit-eaters, they love dirty games, they love shit and of course sperm with shit. My new slave girl, Maya, is no exception. She is happy tries shit out of ass, sucks dirty dick in shit and swallows cum with shit. She’s mine, my dirty slut
Scat Milf VS Top Blondie The Second Revenge [MPEG-4]

Hitting Stripper Part 6 with Vibewithmolly [MPEG-4]

Watch the famous shitting stripper do what she does best… she twerks and shits all over you in the private room! Lick her dirty slut asshole clean after she sprays all her shit out! I love grinding on you with a dirty butthole… I want you to cum super fucking hard in my ass!
Shit In Soggy Style with Vibewithmolly [MPEG-4]

Watch me take a huge shit in doggy style! Then I masturbate and make you each my asshole on the edge of the toilet like a good toilet slave! Keep cleaning until my hole is squeaky clean!
How Long Can I Hold This In? with Vibewithmolly [MPEG-4]

Watch me try snd hold in my shit! I squeeze my ass cheeks together and try not to explode! Once I finally get in the tub on all fours I let my shit pour out of me! I do tons of dirty talk and have you suck my mommy tits! This is incredibly messy!
Angelika’s Toilet Serving with scatdesire [MPEG-4]

Toilet slave had contacted me and wanted to receive and swallow my delights. So I met with him in the hotel! There I pooped him a mega fat and big shit sausage in a plate. I was not shit extra 3 days in advance! After the plate had full of my shit, I poked his face on a plate and told him to swallow my shit. This is a great honor for him, isn’t it? Do you deserve my shit too?
Shit on The Toilet Cover, Back View with Marinayam19 [MPEG-4]

This is the third sequel of my shitting on the toilet cover series.This is the biggest shit of all three.I had to stop and change the position once since it was so long I was so sure it was going to drop on the ground.It’s so beautiful!
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