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AngelDirty [MPEG-4]

Girls Night with KinkGodess  [MPEG-4]

Turd tail or what? with DirtyBetty [MPEG-4]

– Hey, don’t grab my tail…
– Uh, tail?
– Yes, he will grow up soon and we will start making love.
– Ahem, but I don’t see any tail, are you some werewolf or what?
– Hey, what’s that smell? What? Wait, wait, your tights won’t last…
– *indistinct mumbling*
– Fiuu, finally I got rid of this huge fresh, fragrant pile of warm creamy but thick shit…
– Hey, what is this swarming in my pants, is someone stuck under my tail again?
– Damn, that’s right… a careless spectator…
– I told you not to touch my delicate tail!
SHITTY ENEMA #2 with Ivy Lopez [MPEG-4]

PrincessKazer (9 Vids) [MPEG-4]

kinky hypnotizing brat princess who doms her real dad eat my kazer kandy! lick me clean! In these clips you'll see princesskazer taking a shit in various places like outdoors, in a glass bowl, in a jazuzzi. She also features her slave a bit in the clips but the always angle it such that you cant really see the slave getting any shit on him.
DIRTY ASSFUCK with Ivy Lopez [MPEG-4]

Bodysuit Blast with GingerCris [MPEG-4]

SMEARED SHIT with Ivy Lopez [MPEG-4]

ArtOfScat with Poop Voyage [MPEG-4]

First Nazryana shits and pees into QS's wide open vagina then QS pushes the partly dissolved shit from her pussy into Nazryana's mouth. Then both of them cums several times, finally Nazryana smears the shit over her body and cums again. 100% real shit as usual, not fake and not mixed with anything (when we use additives we always state it in the description but we never use fake shit on this site).
Pooping on your face and smearing new slave maneke with p00girl [MPEG-4]

Megapack with Amethyst  [MPEG-4]

All the videos are solo scat content featuring Amethyst. Majorty of the acts are stuffing food/toys into her ass and then shitting them out, followed by smearing and tasting scat.
XO Bunny - Dildo in the ass before realising the monster [MPEG-4]

XO Bunny - Poopy panties
XO Bunny - There's a shit in the water
XO Bunny - Hairy pussy
XO Bunny - Morning poop
XO Bunny - Dance, fart, shit, squish it
XO Bunny - Dirty panties
XO Bunny - Dildo in the ass before realising the monster
XO Bunny - Bigger than you thought
Scat with AngelDirty [MPEG-4]

Be My Human Toilet with Chronic Goddess  [MPEG-4]

Scat Training with Female Sub with Miss Medea Mortelle [MPEG-4]

Today, the sensual Yara helps me to train our scat toilet. Yara is sucking our slave´s cock, while I sit on his face. I finger Yara and make her hornier and hornier. She will ride the slave´s cock, while I poop into his mouth. Of course, Yara will only continue to ride him & reward him with sex, if he obediently swallows my shit. Despite the sexual stimulation, our toilet bitch has difficulty swallowing. I keep stuffing my poop into his mouth and remind him that he may only have an orgasm if he swallows enough shit. Yara licks his cock to help him swallow. When I am satisfied with the progress that our toilet slave made, I allow Yara to fuck him again. Now he will be rewarded for his efforts. Yara puts his cock into her ass and rides him until he comes inside of her. I have the glorious idea that Yara now has to poop the cum out of her ass onto his face. A brownish-white mess leaves her asshole with a fart and lands on our dirty toilet…
freckledRED  with Pooping Compilation [MPEG-4]

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