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Triple loads and Pee after sushi with Marinayam19 [MPEG-4]

My client paid for sushi, and asked to film the process so I did just that! And for the next 3 days, I collected the shit to be sent, I wonder if my shit tastes like Sushi? As always, my shit is so big they can hardly be contained in the plastic!
Yet another shippable packed with Marinayam19 [MPEG-4]

I shit in a container, and just when I thought oh today’s shit isn’t too big, the second urge of the day hits and I shit some more! It’s huge
Shitty coffee with Marinayam19 [MPEG-4]

Since I love that people consume my shit, but I am not brave enough to eat the whole thing, I cane up with this idea! I shit in a cup and I was going to pour coffee and drink it, but I underestimated the size of my shit what was I thinking!? My shit is always huge! so I didn’t have room for coffee. I mean look at it, my shit filled the cup! So I transferred it to a larger container, I poured coffee over, I tried to drink with a straw but my shit kept clogging the straw so I just drank it straight from the container! Since my shit has some bitterness, it complimented my shit really well!
ScatLina – LinaScat [MPEG-4]

Youtuber Documents 3 shits after squidink dinner with Marinayam19 [MPEG-4]

Hi! I am Mari ! Welcome back to my popular YouTube channel again! This was one of my subscribers’ request! I was asked to eat squid ink and document my shit till it is clear of the ink. The footage includes of me talking about the process, eating deliciously cooked squid ink pasta, and 3 shit sessions to show you the detailed colors of them! I hope you liked this video! Don’t forget to give thumbs up, subscribe , download! And I hope to see you in my next video!
Maid cleans, cums, shits and cleans again with Marinayam19 [MPEG-4]

I get horny at work so I decided to put this broom in my vagina to masturbate. Then I shit on the freshly cleaned cabinet. whoops! But don’t you worry! I clean right after again!
Red lips / heels/ lingerie/ blood with Marinayam19 [MPEG-4]

Happy belated Valentine’s day! Let’s go all red all the way!
Red lips
Red lingerie
Red pumps
Red blood!
Packed nice lunch for you with Marinayam19 [MPEG-4]

I made a nice Italian Sandwich for you to bring to work for lunch. Well…. I was hungry I ended up eating over half of your lunch… but… don’t worry! I added more than what I consumed! I peed, put period blood and one of the biggest loads in my scat history! I hope you enjoy this lunch! Bon Appétit!
Naked cooking Orange Chicken and shitting with Marinayam19 [MPEG-4]

Per request… I naked cooked chicken meat ball with light tomato sauce, with a side of bean sprouts and roasted orange skin. So it is my version of Orange Chicken with a twist! As a finishing touch, of course I peed and shit on it, so your meal is even more enjoyable!
Shake that ass and shit (front view) with Marinayam19 [MPEG-4]

I start off with my panties and take them off, show off the gusset stained with my ovulation cream! I shake my ass while shitting, my shit goes from left to right it’s so pretty!
SUPER Close up of Poop coming out with Marinayam19 [MPEG-4]

Pooped on the floor, I placed a piece of paper for an easy cleanup but I missed it so half is on the paper, half is on the floor. You can clearly see the corn bits from my yesterday’s meal! This one includes super closeup of the poop coming out, it is glorious!
Took 4 min shitting from start to finish with Marinayam19 [MPEG-4]

You guys really seem to like the videos that I took my sweet as time. Well that one I took 2 min and I thought that was pushing for me but I challenged myself even more and Now I took 4 min from the start to finish. It Looks like I shit bigger than usual and maybe the holding hd something to do with it? What do you think? Anyhow big shits are always satisfactory, I love feeling and seeing them!
I put shit in a condom back and poop pussy and booty in my mouth - I poop and put shit in the condom and form a dildo with p00girl [MPEG-4]

I poop and put shit in the condom and form a dildo.in the next video I will fuck myself with this frozen shit in the form of a sex toy

YOU’RE HUNGRY AND THIRSTY: Video of 6 ’57 “where your Goddess comes from work and knows that you are hungry and thirsty. I pull down my pants and thong to the knee and put you under me, you will have that shot seen from below so that you open your mouth wide and quench your thirst with a good piss, there will also come out some balls of kaviar with flow
Railway track piss & shit - Pissbattle on the platform with apple birth from the cunt with Devil Sophie [MPEG-4]

Dildo fuck in bathroom while shitting with Liz_103 [MPEG-4]