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Scat fuck 25 (69er no male scat) with Versauteschnukkis  [MPEG-4]

In this video of the dirty Schnukkis, the milf is first fucked to orgasm and then both go into the 69 position where the milf shits directly into his mouth and blows him deeply so that she almost throws up and swallows the wanks at the end. Have fun watching
Shitting near the Window with scatdesire [MPEG-4]

I was basking by the window in the afternoon. I needed to shit, but I wasn’t about to walk all the way to the restroom. I rub my horny pussy a bit. I had been eating breakfast so I had to shit really bad. It comes in small shits. The build up right before my ass makes me hornier. I moan as I shit for you. I release smelly stinky poo that feel amazing. My ass are pleased!
nice big hole shit  with p00girl  [MPEG-4]

pooped up close-up, and peed, you can see the pussy hole, the shit is soft and pleasant and smelled like fried pies and looks like a cupcake