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Long smooth thick morning poop & bonus horny poop with DirtyPrincess  [MPEG-4]

Watch me as I take my morning poops! Both full frontal. The first one is looong and smooth, and has the worst strong smell of any poop I’ve ever done, it was stinging my nose so badly. In the second clip, you can see as I unintentionally turn red from being turned on by my own shit and by the feeling of my hole stretching to let it all out… watch as my pussy turns red… I can’t help it. The feeling is just so nice!
big log of shit in mouth and body with p00girl  [MPEG-4]

I poop in the bath, I lick and chew shit in the mask, I smear it on the body with a thick layer, on the ass with cancer, thick, fresh, hot and sweet look closely and you will see pieces of seeds and food, guess what I ate
I pooped onto a plate and eat-I chew with a fork and smearing with p00girl [MPEG-4]

I pooped onto a plate and eat-I chew with a fork, I pooped a big beautiful portion of shit, put red lipstick on my lips and chewed everything, and smeared it on my chest, ass, and pussy