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Girl Next Door P00 in White Panties with Scat Ella [MPEG-4]

Scat Ella takes her white panties half off and spreads her ass to show her gaping asshole, which is full of nasty shit. Then she puts the panties back on and poops in them. The white fabric of the panties soon become stained with the dirty shit as she rubs it with her hands. She shows the mashed up stinky shit after taking the panties off and smells the poopy panties.
Eating drinking Scat, Pee and Vomit with Scat Ella [MPEG-4]

Scat Ella pees into a glass; close-up, front facing/on side poops on a plate; eats the scat on the plate; shows her brown tongue and brown saliva; she swallows scat then sucks dirty fingers; she makes scat and pee smoothie in blender; then she pukes it back up; again drinks the scat + pee + vomit smoothie; smears shit over her boobs + licks the plate; shows more vomit of poop and pee coming out of her mouth.