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Gorgeous Clear Panty Poop Making Stwinkies! with GoddessAndreea  [MPEG-4]

We are so very pleased to announce that Miz Sprinkle has taken the first step to selling edible goodies in the form of Stwinkies! In this monumentally hot vid, Sophia unleashes her bowels into clear pants and neon fishnets, weighs the load, and later mixes up her poop with the filling to make her Stwinkies. We cored the Twinkies and carefully piped in our own filling. Stwinkie details and cost are located in Sophia’s Shippable and Edible tab. First come, first serve (these are going to sell FAST so make sure you get that order in ASAP!). Shot in 4K; featuring over 11 minutes of exclusive amateur content. First 7:00 pooping, last 4:00 are making of Stwinkie
Massive Panty Poop with Sophia_Sprinkle  [MPEG-4]

Holy shit! How does Sophia keep wowing us with her gigantic dumps? While doing her morning stretches, it is her asshole that seems to benefit most from the movement. As always, she stuns as she fills—no, overflows! her panties with glee, disbelief, and satisfaction. She leaves the panties in a state of absolute filth with a pound of shit in them to be enjoyed by a lucky “consumer”. If you’re into panty poops, this one is for you! A note to those gratuitously pirating Sophia’s intellectual property: it is illegal and you are on the radar. Continuing to redistribute content to tube sites without permission will result in prices inflating and…there will be nothing left to pirate. Don’t ruin this for everyone
Stinky Sweet Heart-Shaped Shit with Sophia_Sprinkle [MPEG-4]

Sophia is back to feeling herself again, very appropriately squeezing out her hugest shit yet–it comes out shaped as a heart! And my, it’s as pretty as it is calamitous to her poor hole. Featuring extreme and extended HD close-ups of her stinky love-pile.