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red high top sneakers and shit with Marinayam19  [MPEG-4]

I start off barefoot. Put on my high top sneakers. And shit on the floor! Do I look cute or am I cute?
Leaning towards the bed and shitting with Marinayam19  [MPEG-4]

I start off by showing off my body, Then I lean against the bed and shit so it drops to the ground!
Shit side ways on the toilet seat with Marinayam19  [MPEG-4]

This is my new place to shit on. The surface is so smooth it goes on so seamlessly and beautifully. It glides on so easily and it really shows how long my shit is. See this clip to see the smooth shitting experience!
Slutty Schoolgirl Poopy Panty Flashing Anal Stuffing with MissAnja [MPEG-4]

Watch me wearing a slutty schoolgirl outfit under my skirt tiny thong. I flash panty underneath and tease you just showing off bit at beginning. My purpose is that make it poopy like a good girl does so stick one of my finger in ass through on material and playing with. I stuff deep inside the bottom of the thong and make it poo stains over and over in different positions like standing, bending over, in doggy, on my side, crawl on the floor etc. Such a fun to rub my tiny thong into my dirty butt. I talk dirty while playing such a things like how nasty slut I am, and smell my poopy hole, or even tongue it to taste me.
Shit in suitcase, dragged around town! with Marinayam19  [MPEG-4]

I shit in my suitcase and dragged it to a few places, see if the turds are intact at the end or got deconstructed!
Red lips/ heels/ lingerie/ blood with Marinayam19  [MPEG-4]

Happy belated Valentine’s day! Let’s go all red all the way! Red lips. Red lingerie. Red pumps. Red blood!
Happy Valentine’s day, in red lingerie with Marinayam19 [MPEG-4]

Red lingerie and let’s shit together?
I shit my pants with Marinayam19 [MPEG-4]

Again, my stupid roommate is in shower when I need to shit! I hear his whistling so happily and it makes me so agitated! I shit my pants, now I have to hide this shit till I can flash it in the toilet. I think I did a great job hiding it, what do you think? Don’t tell my roommate, Okay? Watch the whole video to see where I hid it!
Poop covered girl with CutieSyren [MPEG-4]

I take a nice piles poop before deliciously covering my body in it