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The most messy panty with LittleMissKinky  [MPEG-4]

This time i mess up my panty in a way i never had..but first i play with a really big buttplug . this plug is destined for one of my slaves who will wear it whenever i order it.. but back to my panty….after rubbing it all over my pussy, i slowly fill my shithole with it and manage to put it all in… the feeling is insane and i have to come…
after i came, i slwoly pull it out…oh my god, so full of shit! its delicious soft poop and still my butt is full…i poop everything out and a this lucky slave get my panty and plug mailed immediately.
eat my poop and lick my fingers with LittleMissKinky [MPEG-4]

I am very wet and want u to feed all i got. I start with my pussyjuice and continue with my tasty butthole. why u lick me, it opens up and I poop in your mouth. I tell u how to rub my shit over your cock and how much i want that u lick my dirty fingers clean
Kinky in Malaysia with LittleMissKinky  [MPEG-4]

Beeing on vacation in Malaysia I got horny one day and decided to fill my ass with my own pee and enjoy the feeling. It worked out that my ass was full of shit and that made me so hot that I pooped everything out and started to fist my dirty butt. My pissy poop tasted amazing! Next to me was a huge window and construction workers were just opposite the road, that gave me an extra kick
Human Toilet - many poops with LittleMissKinky [MPEG-4]

I know that you are a naughty boy and today your dreams come true. You are allowed to drink huge amounts of my pee. I wont use the toilet becuase you are here to get it all. Drink and dont waste a single drop

i recorded myself on numerous occasions just pooping. Hope u enjoy it, same like i alaways enjoy to empty my butt
A kinky girl and her Vegetable with LittleMissKinky [MPEG-4]

Bored at home and horny through the urge to poo. I grab the big cucumber that I bought with a smile at the the market, knowing it will serve me well and start to fuck my pussy with it. I am wet and dripping and cant wait any longer. My butt explodes. I get super excited and push the cucmber deep in my ass and back in my mouth and so on.. Just my orgasm could stop me. So good ! Clip is in english!