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Eat my shit - Small cars in shit with miss_Di [MPEG-4]

Makes you eat shit - Masturbation in shit with miss_Di [MPEG-4]

Sexual shit - Shirt design in shit with miss_Di [MPEG-4]

Pizza from shit with miss_Di [MPEG-4]

Foot fetish with poop - satisfaction with shit with miss_Di [MPEG-4]

Poop from ass - smear your hair with shit with miss_Di [MPEG-4]

Nice Poop - Paradise Rain with miss_Di [MPEG-4]

Shit hair mask - shit wrap - The slave writes with miss_Di [MPEG-4]

Look at the shit - Poop and chat with miss_Di [MPEG-4]

Enema pressure into the vessel - leggings in shit nice squat with miss_Di [MPEG-4]

Hungry in shit - Poop in a new position with miss_Di [MPEG-4]

A cold shower of urine - air and body mask is shitty with miss_Di [MPEG-4]

Dirty Anal Sex, Sexo Sujo with LatinaScatWife [MPEG-4]

LatinaScatWife - Dirty Anal Sex, Sexo Sujo
LatinaScatWife - Dirty Anal Sex 2 Angle 1
LatinaScatWife - Dirty Blowjob
LatinaScatWife - Giving it straight to the slave's mouth
LatinaScatWife - Dirty blowjob 3 angle 2
decorate jeans  with miss_Di [MPEG-4]

decorate jeans with shit. I am in beautiful white jeans, a bright striped shirt and unrealistically beautiful. Kakala close-up on the camera. Then I put my jeans back on and sat on my shit.This was not enough for me and I decided to completely smear my jeans, thereby I became even more beautiful. This video is perfect from start to finish. Enjoy your viewing.
smear your hair with shit with miss_Di [MPEG-4]

smear your hair with shit.Again, I decided to do a procedure for my long black hair from shit. As usual, I took a shit and smeared my hair with shit.A weekly treatment that gives my hair growth and it looks amazing
Shit hair mask with miss_Di [MPEG-4]

I'm in a nice bodysuit and shoes. Shat a good poop. I decided to make myself a nourishing hair mask from shit before the shower . I smeared my long hair with my shit. First I ran it over the top of my head and then I spread the shit out along the length. This is not all during the process, I was slightly hungry and decided to eat the remains of my shit on my fingers. I was licking my fingers in the shit. But then I decided that I need to moisturize not only my hair but also my face.
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