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Best panty destroyed with Pee/Poo/Period with VeganLinda  [MPEG-4]

Watch me, in my sweet Unicorn-Pyjama, peeing in a Glass my morning-Pee. preparing myself for what is coming next. Changing my clothes into a really hot white Body you see me posing with my perfect Ass in front of you.

I show you the perfect Panty, worn 4 days without showering during Camping in Italy. its perfect. But you will not get a perfect Panty, you will get a destroyed one. with my Spit, my Pee, my Shit and for topping my Menstruation Blood..
Bread for Friends, Chocolate for Pigs with VeganLinda  [MPEG-4]

Yep. that's how I do it.
I bake some Brads and Cake for my Friends, in a super hot Outfit and with High Heels.
I show you all the good food and I tell you, that this is something you will NEVER get.
I mean, okay, kind of you get it, as you can eat this good Food after it went through my whole body.
So I show you how this looks like, your real Food, the Chocolate from my Ass directly into your mouth.
Cumming, Shitting and Pissing in white Leggings with VeganLinda  [MPEG-4]

See me outdoors, in a super hot Outfit, Designer Bikini, white Leggings and Nike Frees. I'm fukcing myself and just start peeing in my white Leggings.. I cum several times, Doggy and standing, and at the end.. I show you my whole Dirtiness. I just shit into my while leggings.
Canary Islands Big Shits only (10 Videos) with VeganLinda  [MPEG-4]

As I got so many nice reviews for my Canary Islands best of Crazy shits I did something different for you.. this Shits are not that crazy, as mainly at my AirBnb home, BUT, with a lot of Poop! 10 Videos, 9 of them are Shit, 2 of them Outdoor, 1 with Fartig as I ate some crap the day before, and big amounts of shit. I found a new Organic Store here on the Island and ate a lot of stuff
Little loser pay for my Chocolate with VeganLinda  [MPEG-4]

I allow you to watch my wonderful body in my Bikini, enjoying the sun in Spain, in my holidays, walking around trough the Mango and Organges trees I have to shit. A lot! I'm telling you, that you will never ever be allowed to touch my beautiful body, my bombastic ass, but I have something else for you.. something really suitable for a Piggy like you. big vegan choc, directly out of my ass. into your mouth! I'm shitting on a plate, showing you my middle finger and then feeding you with a full spoon of my Godness-Shit! Enjoy
4 days unwashed Pussy Shit with VeganLinda  [MPEG-4]

Take a look at my dirty, 4 day unwashed Pussy, with cream, toilet paper and some dirt of my crazy fuck from last night on it. And, of course, a hard, vegan Shit
My Shit for Breakfast after I cum with VeganLinda  [MPEG-4]

First: noooo, I'm not eating my Shit, of course not, I'm a Lady. ! *but* YOU should have my Shit for breakfast! Can you eat it all? After seeing me how I cum, I'm sure, you will!

Traveling around in Spain I live in several nice AirBnb Houses.. since yesterday I'm in a new house here on El Hierro and I felt to welcome myself there a bit. so.. I just woke up, ready for my breakfast, making some Tea and. masturbate on the kitchen. Fingering my Pussy doggy and sitting on the AirBnb kitchen I cum to a intensive orgasm. Followed by a highly erotic Shit. first I shit only a bit sitting in front of you, then changing to doggy, showing you my feet and big Ass and shitting my healthy vegan shit on the kitchen. I take a fork and serve you my Shit. listen to my words: "open your mouth – breakfast is ready". Enjoy my newest Vid
Best of CRAZY Poo & Pee Canaryislands with VeganLinda  [MPEG-4]

My first week here on Teneriffe, Canary Island is over and I made quite a lot crazy Poo & Pee Vids for you.. 15 Videos! . mainly Outdoor. just next to the street. once on my Rental Car. down from our AirBnb Roof Top. in neighbors garden. on hiking paths.. one Vid I make my Panty dirty for a Customer.crazy – sexy – and of course. Big Shit as usual! Enjoy my first Part of my travel on Canary Islands. Next Stop: 2 weeks El Hierro! I will Shit there as well and there will be a Part II for sure
Big Shit on my Rental Car in Spain with VeganLinda  [MPEG-4]

 I'm shitting on my white VW Polo Rental Car in Spain and *YOU* are just right under me, the perspective is like I would Shit and Pee directly in your mouth.. Enjoy the view and imagine how it would be to eat all of my delicious vegan chocolate! There comes a lot of Shit & Pee directly down on you, Pussycream as well.. as always when I shit.. Enjoy it!

This is one of my "best of" Videos of my first week Pee & Shit on Canary Island, Spain in the new year 2020 – in total I will film my best Pee&Shit during 3,5 weeks until the 24th of January.. so check out my profile to be continued if you are interested in that kind of stuff
Too big shit for the Plate... Pantycleaning! with VeganLinda [MPEG-4]

Sharedgarden - Poo - Squirt - Pee - Pussy Cream Explosion with VeganLinda  [MPEG-4]

Even more dirty than my first time in the shared garden. this time Cum - Shit - Squirt at THE SAME time PLUS a huge load of Pussy Cream coming out of my Pussy while Shitting. Highly erotic!
Big Shit on Hotel floor in Thailand with VeganLinda [MPEG-4]

This is only one out of my 52 PEE and SHIT Videos from Thailand / Indonesia. I made a Toilet Flat where I filmed for 7 days every single Pee and Shit I did. and as a Vegan I shit and pee a lot. If you like this Video and would like to get the Whole week, I will upload a Video where is shown my Dropboxlink to the Week in Indonesia/Thailand, so you can order it here and whatch it on my Dropbox then.