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Punishing you with Scat with MissMortelle [MPEG-4]

Why are there cum stains in my bed? Aren't you ashamed of jerking off in the bed of your own step-***? If you don't want me to tell on you, then you will have to endure my punishment. First get on your knees and tell me if the sheets smelled just like my ass? I know that my cute school girl outfit turns you on & I will use it against you. To begin with, I will press my butt right into your face and make you to lick my asshole. But that's not enough. You need a real punishment for your perverted wanking. Do not even try to resist, or I'll tell everyone. So open your mouth, because I really need to take a shit. You'll be my filthy toilet as a punishment. I'll make you eat my poop. And don't forget: You are the pervert here, not me!
Pushed to eat Two Loads of Shit with MissMortelle  [MPEG-4]

oday my slave will be used as a toilet by two dominatrixes. In our last competition between two toilet slaves, he was the best shit swallower. As a reward he will get even more shit! Mistress Gaia and I are determined to make him eat all of our shit. After using his tongue for rimming, I shit into our toilet mouth first. He gets a huge load of creamy brown poop. Now he has to swallow all of it under our guidance. Then Mistress Gaia pushes out her darker colored turd of shit. Our slave got two huge piles of poop from us and we expect him to consume both of them! You can see our slave chewing our shit & struggling with it in close-up. Whenever he swallows, I reward him with a handjob, whenever he is not appreciating our shit, I hit his genitals. This kind of slave training seems to be very effective for a toilet. Also, we like to use our piss, to flush his mouth. We are only satisfied once he finished this double portion of shit. Our slave will lie on the floor until his swallowing duty is finished. Isn´t he lucky to be pushed to eat scat from two gorgeous mistresses?Clip language is English.
Two hefty flavors (Double Scat) with MissMortelle  [MPEG-4]

Today Miss Madison and I are training a scat toilet together today. Right from the start we make him understand who is in charge here: We, the young, pretty mistresses of course! I make our toilet even more submissive by jerking his cock and hitting his balls. Meanwhile, Miss Madison is already preparing to use his mouth as a filthy shit hole. Our slave has to hold the toilet paper, then Miss Madison pushes out a chocolate treat first, and then her whole huge load of shit right into his mouth. Now he has to eat her shit! Under our guidance, he manages to swallow at least a few mouthfuls. Then I decide it's time to give our toilet a second hefty flavor of shit. Whether he likes it or not, now he gets my big scat portion into his mouth! I shove my shit firmly into his mouth and make sure that he doesn't spit it out again. While Miss Madison jerks our toilet slave, I smear her onto his chest. Then he gets kicked in the balls because he didn't swallow enough. This is what he deserves and nothing else.
Step******* used as Full Toilet (Scat & Piss) with MissMortelle  [MPEG-4]

I really have to use the toilet so hard, but my step-******* is using it. In the end I can´t hold it anymore and go into the bathroom. There I see him jerking off, while sniffing my panties and watching porn! How could he steal the panties of his own step-******? I fight for his phone and then I see what porn he was watching: Women shitting on men! How disgusting can my own family be? Then I realize that I have something against him now and might have a bit of fun at least. I tell him that I really need to use the toilet, but that he is blocking it. I start undressing and push my ass into his face. I know that he is enjoying it, even though it is humiliating that his own step-****** is doing this to him. Then I make him lie down into the bathtub and piss right into his mouth, looking closely that he is drinking it all up like a good toilet. Then I stand over him and tell him to open his mouth. He will taste the shit of his step-****** and swallow it all! One of my slaves was holding the camera and I am not satisfied with his work! Hopefully you can still enjoy this clip! If you like incest fantasy, let me know and I will film a similar video! It definitely is my personal fetish
Used as Double Toilet without Escape with MissMortelle [MPEG-4]

We look like two girls from next door, but we have already prepared our victim helplessly. Wrapped in mummification foil, our slave won't be able to escape us. He will have to serve Miss Madison and me as a dirty full toilet today. But first, our slave has to lick the soles of our shoes. You can see close-ups of our shoe soles and of his slave tongue licking them. We spit into his mouth and onto his cock. We also jerk our victim a bit, both with our hands and the sole of our shoe. Then Miss Madison makes the slave understand that she really has to use the toilet. He will now first receive her delicious pee and then open his mouth for her shit sausage. Miss Madison poops a big portion of scat directly into his mouth. Today will be tough for him and he feels that already.. Our slave chokes, but Miss Madison pushes her shit firmly into his mouth. I also give my piss first. Our toilet also swallows some shit pieces from Miss Madison, while drinking the pee. Now it's time for my scat donation. I spread my ass cheeks over his face and squeeze out a long, sexy turd. I proudly place it on the face of our slave. His face is now decorated with a huge mountain of shit. He can hardly breathe under all this poop. Miss Madison and I leave him covered in shit and leave the room.
Shit Sauce through a Mouth Gag  with MissMortelle  [MPEG-4]

Eat it All: 2 Ladies feed 1 Toilet with MissMortelle [MPEG-4]

Our toilet slave for today is a real shit addict. He really thinks he can take the shit of two dominatrixes! Lady Romina aka Whipping Polly and I will put that to the test today. First, my human toilet is presented to the new lady and I explain to Romina what can be done to this shit hole. We make fun of him and let him know that he will soon get his mouth stuffed with our piss and shit! I put a mouth gag on my slave, by which he becomes a human urinal. Through this device, my slave must swallow every drop of pee, or he will suffocate.

As a first challenge, our toilet gets my stringent morning urine, which I had collected for him in a measuring cup. Taking turns, Lady Romina and I pour the dark yellow juice down our draining pipe. By the way, I bought the great toilet mouth gag from a gay store in Amsterdam. However women can also urinate in it very well. I will prove that right away. So I spread my legs and stand over my human urinal. In this sexy position I just let my juices flow and piss directly into my slave's mouth. This lucky toilet has to swallow quickly now and you can already him coughing and gagging. Lady Romina and I are laughing our asses off. He must swallow my piss until the last drop! Then Lady Romina also has to take a piss so desperately! She pisses a real monsoon of golden shower. Half a liter more for our toilet. In a small coffee break (in which my slave serves me as a couch table), Lady Romina and I discuss what's next. You can probably already guess it: We have a lot of nastier things in our minds! As soon as the coffee starts to take effect, I stand with my naked ass over our slave. Slowly I tease him and the camera and then hover with my divine butt hole directly above his mouth. Now it´s time to train our slave to become the shit toilet of 2 ladies. Let's see if he can take the first portion of scat! He will have to eat everything that comes out of me! Watch my huge sexy shit sausage plopping out of my asshole and how Lady Romina helps me putting it in my toilet hole. My scat stinks so terribly today that Romina even becomes nauseous, but I remain determined. My slave must swallow everything! After this first filling Romina makes herself comfortable on the toilet in the bathroom. Since her scat is still waiting to get out, you will get intimate insights into the authentic conversations between two dominatrixes. I show Mistress Romina my vaginal ring and explain to her what she can do if she can't shit right away, but still wants to bring her slave toilet to its knees. In the next scene, the next feeding awaits! Lady Romina crapped on a plate and brings it on the balcony, where I am already waiting with our toilet slave. Our bitch will be humiliated once again! First I pour piss into his face, then we stuff his mouth with Lady Romina´s shit. We are only satisfied if he swallows every single bit of this disgusting scat! Our slave is indeed a good shit-eater, but that´s about everything he is good for. 37 minutes of sexy & mean toilet training!
Latex Goddess shits in her Slave´s mouth with MissMortelle [MPEG-4]

In this English Scat Training, I first make my slave worship my rubber ass. He is so lucky that I allow him to kiss my latex-wrapped butt. While he is worshipping my ass with his kisses, I tell him how he has to eat my shit very soon. It gets even better for my slave. I am lifting my dress and make him lick my butthole as a litte warm-up before I take a shit. The shitting scene is just delicious in this clip. You will see my butthole from behind, as I take a shit standing just above my slave´s mouth. Watch my dirty chocolate mountain pile up on my slave´s face. Now I am giving my slave a handjob as he has his face fully covered and messed up with poop. I know that it is possible to be trained towards liking shit more and more. I encourage him to chew and eat my scat. Every time he swallos a bit, I reward him by jerking him even more. Another sexy, dirty clip you can´t miss!
Two Goddesses piss on each other with MissMortelle  [MPEG-4]

Princess Nikki and I really need to pee. but instead of wasting our golden shower, we decided to sprinkle each other with our divine piss. We went outside of the house and decided to get our juices flowing right here. I am spreading my pussy above Princess Nikki´s boobs and my golden shower is starting to flow on her body. Next I am pushing my round ass into the camera and Nikki stand right above my butthole and pussy, ready to pee on it. Are you ready to see two Goddesses pee on each other´s boobs and booties? Don´t miss this sexy fetish clip. For me it was even a personal exploration of my fetish. I realized that I do not only like peeing on other people, I also enjoy receiving another women´s urine on my body. It was such a sunny day outside, that the pee dried on our skin superfast! Good that I licked my finger as long as it was wet with delicious pee
Scat Virgin used as Full Toilet with MissMortelle  [MPEG-4]

One of the slaves at the Femdom Gala begged me to use him as a toilet. I agreed, since I always have to pee a lot! However I did not know at that moment, that he never had been a shit toilet before. He was a scat virgin. until he met me! I take my human toilet out into the garden and tell him to lie on the grass. First I tease him with my latex ass, then I pee directly into my slave´s mouth. You will see how my golden shower flows out of my divine pussy. I make my slave drink every single drop of my piss! Suddenly I notice that I also have to take a shit. I decide to use my slave´s mouth as a poop hole as well. do I know he is still a shit virgin. He does not complain, because he wants to be a perfect toilet for me! After I took a dump in his mouth, I tell him he has to eat & swallow my poop also. My scat is a delicious gift to be cherished by a dirty toilet like him! He follows my instructions and loses his scat virginity on camera. I was meeting with many other dominatrixes at their villa in Athens. This is a solo video that was filmed during this get-together.
Used as Dirty Toilets by 2 Mistresses (Scat & GS) with MissMortelle  [MPEG-4]

Did you know that Princess Nikki is not only a legendary Scat Queen, but can also speak a German?

In this clip, Princess Nikki and I train two human toilets in German to become our swallowing pee and shit toilets.

First we fill one slave mouth with our huge load of golden shower, then the other slave has to fulfill his toilet duties. We enjoy peeing in our toilet holes alternately so they can taste both of our sacred juices.
Then we command our slaves to lick our assholes. It's a lot of fun to perform a toilet education with a like-minded pervert like Princess Nikki.
Finally the time has come. By wetting our assholes, our slaves have intensified our urge to poop. Together Princess Nikki and I press out our turds into the trembling mouths of our shit holes. I decide that the slave who swallows the fastest will be rewarded with a second load of dirty shit! Princess Nikki and I enjoy sharing toilets. This is how our shit gets mixed up in the mouths of the slaves and they have to carry both of us in them! Our toilets were damn lucky to get shit in their mouths from two goddesses at the same time! They will surely remember this awesome experience for a long time. Watch as we deposit our entire load of scat and golden shower in our slaves and train them to become good toilets.

Clip language is German.

In diesem Clip erziehen Princess Nikki und ich zwei menschliche Toiletten zu unseren schluckfreudigen NS- und KV-Toiletten.

Zuerst füllen wir einen Sklaven mit Pisse ab, dann den anderen. Wir vergnügen uns daran, die Klomäuler abwechselnd mit unseren verschiedenen Uringeschmäckern zu befüllen.
Dann befehlen wir unseren Sklaven, dass sie unsere Arschlöcher mit ihrer Zunge verwöhnen müssen. Es macht sehr viel Spaß eine solch perverse Kloerziehung mit einer Gleichgesinnten wie Princess Nikki durchzuführen.
Endlich ist es soweit. Durch das Anfeuchten unserer Arschlöcher, wurde der Kackdrang beschleunigt. Gemeinsam pressen Princess Nikki und ich eine Kackwurst in die zitternden Mäuler unserer Klos. Ich beschließe, dass der Sklave, der am schnellsten schluckt belohnt wird: Mit einer zweiten Portion dreckiger Scheiße! Princess Nikki und ich erfreuen uns daran, die Klos zu wechseln. So vermischt sich unsere Scheiße in den Mäulern der Sklaven und sie müssen uns beide in sich tragen! Sie zu, wie wir unsere ganze Ladung KV und NS in unseren Sklaven deponieren und die beiden zu guten Klos ausbilden. Unsere Sklaven hatten verdammt viel Glück von zwei Göttinnen gleichzeitig ins Maul geschissen zu bekommen. Sie werden sich sicherlich noch lange an dieses geile Erlebnis erinnern.
Filling up Dirty Toilet Holes with Princess Nikki (GS & Scat) with MissMortelle  [MPEG-4]

Princess Nikki and I are filling up some human toilets today outside of the house! It was so amazing to shit & piss together with Princess Nikki. I am sure you can see how much fun we are having to use those dirty toilet holes. Enjoy!
Naked Scat & Body Worship with MissMortelle  [MPEG-4]

Enjoy mesmerizing close-ups from my naked, divine body. First, you will worship by bare feet, my young boobs and my delicious ass & butthole.
After this first solo worship, I am calling my slave in. To get him excited for his toilet duties, I allow him to worship my naked body. He happily kisses my feet and my legs as I tell him to! I tease him with my ass and my pussy, but for now I deny him the pleasure to adorn those parts of my body with kisses. Instead I make him lick my sweaty armpits. While my sub is worshipping my body, I spit at him and tell him what a dirty, worthless pig he is! And each time he does something wrong, I am slapping his face. Next, my slave has to lick the dirt of my feet. I am only satisfied once my foot cleaner has removed every single bit of dust.

Now that he has performed the body worship to my liking, I will make him my human toilet.

I open his mouth with a spider gag, through which I will pour strong, intense morning piss that I collected for my recycling slave. He has to swallow it all, before we move on to the next step.

Now I sit with my naked ass on my slave´s face. He has to take my weight and sniff my asshole. Then I command him to stick his tongue out and use his mouth for rimming just the way I like it!

I tease my slave with my beautiful ass, making him look at it. Then it is time for me to take a huge shit! I am standing over my toilet mouth and push a huge, creamy turd right into his mouth. My shit portion is so pig that it piles up on my slave´s entire face! It is such a delicious sight indeed to see my shit on my slave´s face. I even adorn the shit pile with a piece of toilet paper, before I train my slave to chew and swallow the shit I gifted him. He is able to eat a big load, but then gives up. I use the rest of the shit, to massage his chest and make him into a real shit surface. You will be able to see nice closeups of my poop and the left-over meal parts on his skin.
Toilet Breakfast out of the Blender with MissMortelle  [MPEG-4]

My slave can consider himself lucky that I have once again invited him to a perverted breakfast.
As a basis for his divine smoothie, I will piss into the blender. Then I turn around so that you can watch how my sexy shit plops out of my asshole and lands in the collected piss. Last but not least, I wipe my ass and throw the toilet paper into the mixer too.
Time to mix the whole thing! By the way, eating a mixture of shit an pee is way more difficult than eating shit alone. This is due to the higher volume of shit liquid and because every single sip of it will have the same, strong shitty taste!
I pour my human toilet a portion of the liquid pee and shit mixture into a glass and demand that he drinks it! While my dirty pig struggles with drinking my shit under the table, I enjoy my delicious breakfast. When he has drunk the first glass, I start to pour the shit directly into his mouth. Then a disaster happens. See for yourself how this perverted toilet education continues!

Clip Language is German.

Mein Sklave kann sich glücklich schätzen, dass ich ihn wieder einmal zu einem perversen Frühstück eingeladen habe.
Als Basis für seinen göttliche Smoothie, pisse ich in den Mixer. Dann drehe mich um und verrichte mein großes Geschäft so dass ihr zusehen könnt wie die geile Scheiße aus meinem Arschloch ploppt und in der gesammelten Pisse im Mixer landet. Zu guter letzt wische ich mir noch den Arsch ab und schmeiße das Klopapier hinterher.
Zeit das Ganze durchzumixen! Wusstest du, dass es viel schwieriger einen Mix aus Kaviar und Natursekt zu schlucken, als Scheiße alleine?. Das liegt daran, dass das Volumen viel größer ist und doch jeder einzelne Schluck von dem starken Kackegeschmack durchzogen ist!
Ich gieße meiner Klosau eine Portion der flüssigen Scheißesuppe in ein Glas und befehle ihm, leerzutrinken! Während mein Sklave sich unter dem Tisch mit meinem Drink abmüht, genieße ich mein leckeres Frühstück am Tisch. Als er das erste Glas leergetrunken hat, beginne ich ihm die Schokomilch direkt in den Mund zu kippen. Dann passiert ein Unglück. Sieh dir selber an, wie diese perverse Kloerziehung weitergeht!
Chastity Shit Sucker: Femdom Scat Porn with MissMortelle  [MPEG-4]

I lock my slave's cock in a chastity cage and tell him that I will only let him out again when he has eaten all of my shit. I wear the keys to his penis cage around my neck while I tease my imprisoned slave with my ass. I make him worship my butt cheeks with kisses. Then he also has to lick my boots while I keep reminding him of his slave duties: If he wishes to regain freedom, he has to suck the scat out of my ass and eat all of it. Next I tease my chastity slave with facesitting & finally rimming. I ride his tongue with my naked asshole until I'm in the mood to shit directly into his mouth!

These are the rules of this dirty Femdom Scat Game: My slave´s mission is to suck the shit out of my asshole. If he manages to suck it out, he also has to swallow my poop completely. Only then, am I willing to unlock his dick from the chastity cage. Do you think that my slave will be able to take in all of my scat? Swallowing scat without any sexual stimulation can be hard. Will I reward my chastity slave with an orgasm or will he fail at his toilet duties? See for yourself if my shit-sucker wins or fails at this dirty challenge.
Become my Shiteater: Toilet Training in 2 Languages with MissMortelle  [MPEG-4]

You have asked me so often, to translate my videos in 2 languages!

In this video I am finally training you to eat my shit in both German & English. Finally you will get to know the meaning of the dirtiest German insults.
While I am teasing you in open crotch latex panties, I am humiliating you and telling you what a nasty shitting toilet you are for me. The view of my naked butt, pussy and soles will make you go crazy. You are already brainwashed to become my shiteater, before I even started. Take in every single insult. Next to my beauty, you are but a piece of dirt. That's why I will make you my disgusting scat slave! Watch me push out a gorgeous load of poop onto the glass table, & jerk your cock to it. When I pee onto the glass table, you will have to imagine drinking it for me. We have to prepare you to become my toilet in real life one day.
You are only allowed to cum, when I tell you to.
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