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Classy & Gassy Scat JOI with gassy [MPEG-4]

Punishing you with Scat with MissMortelle [MPEG-4]

Why are there cum stains in my bed? Aren't you ashamed of jerking off in the bed of your own step-***? If you don't want me to tell on you, then you will have to endure my punishment. First get on your knees and tell me if the sheets smelled just like my ass? I know that my cute school girl outfit turns you on & I will use it against you. To begin with, I will press my butt right into your face and make you to lick my asshole. But that's not enough. You need a real punishment for your perverted wanking. Do not even try to resist, or I'll tell everyone. So open your mouth, because I really need to take a shit. You'll be my filthy toilet as a punishment. I'll make you eat my poop. And don't forget: You are the pervert here, not me!
Madam Director Lola - Slave John and Lola with Omakase [MPEG-4]

Gassy uses BFs tongue as TP with gassy [MPEG-4]

POV That food we had made my stomach bloated af. I'm so freaking gassy as we are getting ready for bed i keep ripping ass. You don't mind and I'm glad cause boy do i stink and i don't think i can stop. I really am going to need the toilet but you are sitting on it. I tell you get up but you insist i just use you instead.