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Toes Sucking and Big Shitting with MissAnja [MPEG-4]

I start with teasing you and show off many times my cute barefoot. My tiny colored toes and slender soles. You can take a look of my pussy as well. I have to poo as I didn’t poo 2 days ago so I expect a big and long turd. I’m laying on my back licking and sucking toes couple of times before pooping. You get great view to asshole too. After few minutes of show off feet I start to poop but during poop I lift up one of my leg and put my toe into my mouth. They’re delecious. I push out a big,long and compact turd for you. I push it more and more and peeing a lot as well. You get few more nice view to my barefoot and at the end show the big poop on the floor then hold it in my hands so admire this big and brown turd.
Oily Shitty Anal In Tiny Black Socks with MissAnja  [MPEG-4]

I wear a black see through bra panty set and an tiny black socks on. At the beginning you can wonder my long lean legs in socks on then I walk close to you to ensure a lot more of sexy feet view. I bet you can’t turn your head away just hungry for more of this cute socks feet. I’m curling my toes in them and keep teasing you. You love my ass and love my socks and it’s certain you want me so badly. Are you hungry to get more of my stinky dirty ass by chance? I show off my tits pull away my bra and there’s a good news about I need to poo. So when I’m talking about I need to shit and talking how dirty and smelly going to be my perfect ass it’s a huge turn on. You’re getting hard of thoughts that your naughty girl going to poo for you right? Good.
I pull down my panty sit on heels and pucker my asshole, spank it then get on my side. Sexy socks and round juicy ass sight keep encourage you to don’t stop stroking your dick to me. Just keep playing as it should it be. I pour lot of oil on my ass and smear it all over and stick my fingers into my dirty ass. Feel so good and don’t need to mention how fast get poopy them. I’m just talking about my oily ass and shitty finger, talking sexy to you and can’t wait to release my big creamy poo. Still on my side but knee up I push out what you’ve been waiting for, such a creamy dream. I get back to anal fingering this time more faster and deeper to dig out more of my shit and look at that I’ve found even more of this nasty poo hiding inside. Are you jealous by chance? For why? Because you’re not here next to me who can fingering my shitty ass deeply? I’m certain you’re about to cum for me so badly to my tiny socks feet and oily dirty messy ass and during I finger myself faster and faster it’s your turn to cum for me. Before the end I show you close my poo which is full of seeds and veggies. Nice shit right? Enjoy it
I Will Shit On Your Dick/Messy Handjob with MissAnja  [MPEG-4]

I wear a fishnets crop top and mesh panty on with a cute and soft high knee socks on. I start with just show off a bit my outfit and then start out conversations. Well what a great day you’re looking forward. I wanna talk about with you. I wanna talk of your dream what I have just heard about from somebody. It’s a very dirty fantasy of yours and I should could listen from someone else like you. Don’t be shy I want you to share it with me. You want me so badly to pushing out a nasty shit on your hard dick. Sounds such a filthy fun. I know my ass and my personality drive you crazy and you can’t hide away your secrets from me. I help you to relax. Don’t do anything just relax . I tell you to don’t touch yourself just enjoy the view to my ass then I start stick a pink plug into. My ass is shitty deeply. I wanna have fun with you all over. Stick your nose to my asshole and I encourage you to sniff. But still don’t touch your dick. I just wanna see how it’s getting hard from this dirty ass view without provide any touching.
All right, go on. I play with the plug and it’s time to turn around into squat and get ready your dick to my delicious shit. I release a massive creamy shit on you and I bet you wanna cum immediately. You can’t do that just enjoy my warm shit. I going to give you a messy handjobs and let you cum all over on my hands while I talk to you dirty. We had so much fun and look at that mess what’ve made once again. Next time I want to hear from you your nasty fantasies
Wide Pussy Spread And Swollen Shitty Asshole Tease with MissAnja [MPEG-4]

As always this time also really need to poo. The proof is my gaping asshole. But gaping by my poo inside. I knee in doggy pose so close to your face and telling you to sniff my pussy and smell my fanny farts but don’t resist my gaping asshole as well. I start with long teasing in doggy and I bet drive you crazy with this view. Is your hand on your dick right now? Good… I keep teasing you and playing with asshole but only try to not release poo just suck it back by hole. Stinky smells in the air can you smell it? After tempting you in doggy lay on back and spread pussy nice and wide, gaping as well while puckering butt hole for your eyes. What a magical view to both of my holes. Once I can’t hold it but still spread that pussy widely I push out massive poo close up. First thought would be hard as I pushed it hard but I would say hard-medium soft one. Peeing a lot while spread pussy as well. Then on my side I teasing you by dildo asshole make it more swollen and stretching by. I have no doubt don’t need to ask you to cum. That’s guarantee.
Extreme Close Monster Shitting on My Period with MissAnja [MPEG-4]

Currently I’m on my period in this video. And I didn’t poo in the last few days. I’m serious. Feeling about a big big shit inside me. In this video I don’t really talk, and showing my un-shaved bloody pussy and tight asshole extreme close up to camera. Spreading my lovely bloody pussy for you. Would you like to taste it? Actually I can’t really hold it right now, really wanna running out of my asshole. Try to puckering couple of times and pushing back the big turd but I release it and push out as slowly as I can. Omg what a monster poo coming out of me. So long and compact. Beautiful long brown shit. I push more and more and peeing a lot too. You can admire my adorable bloody hairy pussy and swollen asshole. Show you the monster poo, It’s looks like a chocolate tower isn’t it? I was waiting for this massive and compact shit for awhile and happy I could poop like this in the video
Chocolate Tower In Clear Glass with MissAnja [MPEG-4]

I was on holiday and before travel back home felt have to poo so bad. I no have much object where I can poop into so take 2 clear glasses this will be my help. I don’t wear underwear and you able to see tiny piece of poo ran out of my ass before release the big and long one. Show you backward my round butt, puckering asshole and don’t release my shit immediately. But I can’t hold it so take the glass and standing position backward to you filling with delicious shit my clear glass. You can see opening my butt hole close up. I bet you wanna taste me
Extreme Up Close Period Shitting with MissAnja [MPEG-4]

I’m on my period in this video. And was filming extreme close up to my beautiful asshole. Really had to poo and when I’m playing and puckering my bum hole you could see tiny piece of poop came out. But I don’t release them yet at the beginning. Keep puckering till I can hold it. My pussy is bloody as I’m on my period this time. So red it looks yummy isn’t it? Well I was filming extreme close for great spectacle. During pooping peeing too. After I feel cannot hold my shit I just release them and coming out big and yummy long turd. So long. Feel so good. Now I’m much more better ? My wet and bloody pussy and poo covered asshole such a great view in this up close video with crystal clear details. At the end I show how big poo I’ve made in the video from different angles.
Xtremely Long Brown Snake/Sweaty/POV with MissAnja  [MPEG-4]

I wear only light pink thong on and my tummy woke me up. I already suffering to not release it and puckering asshole to keep it in. Hear me desperation also expressions written on my face. I get sweaty from suffering too and moaning. I tease you close up pulling over my thong. All over I left the panty on didn’t remove it. I provide you nice close up (POV) camera angle all over in the video. After few minutes hard desperation I can’t hold it and with legs up pushing out my extremely big snake. Nice cracking noise leaves my ass when pooping. First part of is hard and dark, the second part is lighter and creamier. You able to see some seeds too. Oh wow what an amazing feeling to not holding anymore. I grab my glass toy and just keep stretching my already red and swollen asshole. At the end I show off you my sweaty upper body, armpits, tits and face. It was a hard job. Have fun and enjoy my massively nice poo.
Wide Shitty Gaping/Asshole Teasing/Huge Turd - Open Your Mouth Like A Good Boy with MissAnja [MPEG-4]

Are you hungry again? Here’s something for your hungry mouth. Your fave Goddess here again. You’ll get reward from me but I wanna get something for return. I wear only a glitter VS bikini top no undies at all. Spread my legs flashing and touching my lovely pussy so very close to your face. First part of the video filmed in POV. You wanna swallow something from me right? Something what’s I have only.
You’re here just because of me. Do you wanna taste my pretty holes like a good SLAVE? Lick my pussy right now!!! Stick your tongue and lick my kitty. It’s just so tasty good for appetizer. I slap my pussy and you lick like a fcking good slave. Your Goddess drive you crazy.
Afterwards I stick one of my finger to my asshole to prepare for a glass toy later. Are you hard just because of thinking of my stinky shit?
Do you want me shitting on you? Shitting on your face right now? Then you take it all like a very good boy. Stick your tongue and I’ll feed you. You’re always hungry just like now. Your purpose is getting all of my nasty poo right? I penetrate a glass toy into my tight asshole, playing anal and make it so very dirty while talking even more dirty to you. I instruct you to open your mouth because your meal is coming. This part isn’t filmed in POV. I squat close to cam and pushing out a sticky stinky shit for you. And you just like a patience good SLAVE take it all. I gave you my yellow as well. I get back to play with glass toy and make it even more swollen my ass for you. I direct you to clean off my shitty hole. Clean off all my chocolate around my hole. That’s your job. So do it for me! I’ll know when it’s time to feed you next time no worries. Just open your mouth to your fave ass. Have fun

Description: I’m fully naked. My plan and purpose today to show you my gaping asshole as much as I can. You will not resisting this dirty hole. You can’t resist at all. I seduce you by showing naked petite body touching my tits and pussy then turn to doggy to reveal my pretty ass. Touching my asshole spit on it then take my dildo to start stretching nice and slow. View is just perfect and crystal clear to gaping bum hole. Sight is close up all over in the video. I penetrate the dildo pretty slow and my ass gaping by itself. It’s a big cave with lot’s of shit inside. Dark and magical. My pussy juicy and creamy I bet you wanna taste while I gape my butt. Every time I push the dildo deep inside I feel my big shit inside that I push it even more down. I’m moaning because several times felt could shit myself right away but I was focusing on gaping and slow teasing. Dildo hits big shit and I can’t wait to release them all. I gape it in doggy through in the vid and help by my hands to pull ass cheeks nice and wide. After long seduce I just place all my forth to right position and very close up view pushing out amazingly big and almost compact hard turd for you. Lot’s of shit coming out of my ass with some noises. I also do prolapse and pushing hard as much as I Can. I could help on myself by hands and also spread creamy pussy for your eyes. I do prolapse several times and get back to dildo play but this time gaping my shitty hole and doing more prolapse. At the end I show off that huge poo on the floor. This video is all about very close up gaping inside shit, asshole teasing, anal fucking, prolapse and huge shit. Have fun
POV Quickie Shit with MissAnja [MPEG-4]

I’m in hurry and just left a time to shit myself before go. I can’t go out without releasing this poo. Feels uncomfortable inside. I flash my tits under top then pull down my brief and show off pussy and asshole behind. Winking my shit hole close up and reveal poo inside. Start to feel desperation and can’t wait to push it out. Once I feel can’t hold it squat over with one legs and bring the camera so close to my pretty asshole and pushing out long stinky shit into the bowl and peeing as well. Push it until I can then wipe my ass and show the shit in the toilet what I flush it away at the end.
Sticky Shit/Anal Fun In Burgundy Knee Socks with MissAnja  [MPEG-4]

For some reason I couldn’t attach gif to this uploading unfortunately so added some photos as preview!!

I wear only my new soft knee socks on. Such a delightful pair and so soft. I start with show off you you my toned abs and slim body topless, turn to doggy and reveal my ass as well. I provide lot of sexy ass and asshole view to make you horny and also teasing you by my socks feet. I bet you wanna touch how soft they are right? Nicely wraping around your dick with them and jerk. You can’t touch me only me so keep dreaming. I have a glass toy which I suck it gently and sexy, playing on it with my tongue. I lift my legs in doggy such an explicit view you will get. Spank my ass and keep teasing and talking about my new socks. I get back on my forth and start fingering my asshole, talking dirty and arousing you by the view. I gape asshole by fingers first then with glass toy. My shit slowly reveal out of my ass. I ask you to smell me, lick me and be my dirty boy who fuck her dirty girl. I want you so badly feeling deep inside my. At closer view I show asshole and pussy also doing loud fanny farts and some shy farts. It’s time to make dirty this glass toy so just gets shitty pretty quick. Nasty sticky dark shit covering it. I turn to my side and keep focusing on my lovely socks and poopy asshole. Fucking myself until push out some dark brown shit and peeing a lot. Keep the socks view up and masturbating anal over and over. Also asking you to keep fucking and cum deep inside in my stinky ass. Before the end I stand up and bend over, penetrate the toy again and gaping myself, before say goodbye I give you a loud juicy fart to your face. Let’s have some dirty fun with me.
Slutty Schoolgirl Poopy Panty Flashing Anal Stuffing with MissAnja [MPEG-4]

Watch me wearing a slutty schoolgirl outfit under my skirt tiny thong. I flash panty underneath and tease you just showing off bit at beginning. My purpose is that make it poopy like a good girl does so stick one of my finger in ass through on material and playing with. I stuff deep inside the bottom of the thong and make it poo stains over and over in different positions like standing, bending over, in doggy, on my side, crawl on the floor etc. Such a fun to rub my tiny thong into my dirty butt. I talk dirty while playing such a things like how nasty slut I am, and smell my poopy hole, or even tongue it to taste me.
Eat Shit, Sniff Farts Straight From My Ass  with MissAnja [MPEG-4]

I Make My Pants Super Dirty For Daddy with MissAnja [MPEG-4]

Tease, Dirty Talk, Messy Anal Playing, Licking Shitty Finger with MissAnja [MPEG-4]

My New Scat Leggings Fitting Perfectly with MissAnja  [MPEG-4]

Watch me being naked standing at the shower. Suffering so so badly because I didn’t make any poo in the last 3 days but I had such a nice meals like pork, lot of veggies, keto coconut cakes and so on. List is endless and I’m waiting for this huge magic between my legs. You admire my toned petite body while desperation and trust me my suffer is real. I could cry of that big shit inside me. I seriously can’t hold it so long like an express train. Ok so I was holding my asshole by hands to not pooping myself but it’s time to release it then I lift my legs up like a good flexible girl and this view to die for. I release without pushing hard creamy and huge chocolate mousse straight into my hand. More then handful and it’s heavy. IT’S A WOW SHIT. No words how big it is and came out from my petite body. Let’s get dirty with me. I hold my shit and making brand new dark leggings by. Smearing all over on my ass down there around pussy, my lean tights and calves. Made it super sexy and tight. Stinky shit covering my perfect legs and ass which definitely drive you crazy. I talk dirty and teasing you over and over. I’m such a dirty girl who you can’t resist at all. And my bubble butt is your destiny. This shit is just perfect to make my new leggings pants on I realized several times and telling you. Do you love it? I keep teasing you before I go so once again you could able to love my brand new scat leggings on. Stinky and so filthy but fitting on me perfectly.
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