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Ass to Mouth Shit Feeding with marcos579  [MPEG-4]

It’s extreme ass-to-mouth panic and shit-feeding of the slave’s stomach. I press his toilet face to my ass and make him to lick my anus. He breathes my ass, suffocates, but he still does not know what awaits him. By blasting my shit through his toilet mouth seal on my anus….I can bypass his gag reflex and deliver my shit right into his stomach. Well, as long as he doesn’t panic. All slaves panic when I feed them with my shit. If you like being mercilessly used as a toilet slave, then this video is what you’ve been looking for.
Twerk, dance and poo with AinaraX  [MPEG-4]

vertical video In this video I am completely naked, only with high black wedge shoes. I dance to the Nicki Minaj song-good form, moving my whole body and shaking my ass. At the end, while shaking my ass…zaaasss!! brown spurts come out of my hole. I really have to confess that I had a hard time recording the video because the poo couldn’t wait to come out… it was quite urgent and my ass already hurt… I had to make a lot of effort to try to hold it back as much as possible I also include the same fragment when the shit comes out but in slow motion so you can savor it and enjoy it for longer slowly. In the end you will see on the ground all the soft, creamy shit without consistency.
Nurse can’t wait any longer with AinaraX  [MPEG-4]

In this video I’m wearing a hot and sexy nurse outfit: with a fishnet and lace mini dress, white thigh-high fishnet stockings, bare-fingered gloves and a headband. I was really making a great effort from a long time ago to be able to retain within me all the load that was coming… it was a great liberation… Wow! Watching the video I have realized the beautiful and perfect milestones that came sinuously out of my hole. Like a work of art… a perfect chain. Soft, smooth, like a firm caress passing from the deepest part of me, from the inside out. The truth is that I would like to feel this sensation for a longer time… I’m not lying. I wish I had many infinite cairns inside… This load could cure a sick person maybe… or revive a dead person. oops! If I were your private nurse we could do intensive personal care sessions… I would tie you to the bed so you couldn’t move and prevent you from resisting, climb on top of the table and maybe rub my ass in your face full of chocolate cake hot… delicious mmmm leave your face as if you had applied a nourishing chocolate mask
Shitting in the Mouth Outdoor with scatdesire  [MPEG-4]

I am enjoying the sunshine outside, when I suddenly feel the urge to take a shit. Well it is time to also use the toilet outdoors, so I call him over. He is allowed to worship my ass and I have him lay down on the ground. I really don’t care if anyone sees us. He is the one looking foolish anyway. So I start peeing in his mouth, and it is really a lot of poo. I tell him to keep the shit in his mouth, and not swallow, at least not until I tell him to. I push a nice piece of shit in his mouth, and tell him that he can touch my pussy, while enjoying his meal!
I WANT YOUR ASS with DirtyBetty  [MPEG-4]

Your dark queen wants to fuck you in your dirty ass, don’t worry you won’t need your lube, instead, mommy will smear her hot cock with her stinky shit so you can feel her warmth from the inside! Get ready to catch hot streams of urine and sperm with your mouth, mom will not leave you hungry and thirsty so that you continue to wander around this strange house in an attempt to find a way out! But keep in mind this dirty and fragrant beauty will always be somewhere nearby… and she will always have something to treat you and a way to feed you!
Filling up Dirty Toilet Holes with Princess Nikki (GS & Scat) with MissMortelle  [MPEG-4]

Princess Nikki and I are filling up some human toilets today outside of the house! It was so amazing to shit & piss together with Princess Nikki. I am sure you can see how much fun we are having to use those dirty toilet holes. Enjoy!
Underground Dirty Playground with DirtyBetty  [MPEG-4]

What could be better than having dirty anal sex with a huge stretchy dildo in a dark dirty abandoned room where it’s just me and my fragrant shit? Tasting fresh warm shit with deeptrough dildo sucking was amazing idea. My ass vibes drive me crazy, my mouth is full of shit and my ass never stops throbbing after a tight fuck with a scented toy!
Under My Toilet with annalise [MPEG-4]

One day I just went to the bathroom to wash up. But under my feet turned out the toilet slave. It was so fine and I wanted to shit in his mouth. He lay down on the floor and was right under my toilet. I shit a long time and with great pleasure. I try not to notice the toilet slave and accept it as my personal toilet. I wipe my ass with toilet paper and put it on his face. I’ll be watching how he would eat my shit.
mess inside leather pants with scarlethot  [MPEG-4]

scarlett has some sexy pants so she starts to fuck her mouth doing a deep throat until she vomits in her container, then she gets in a dog position and i shit on them i vomit inside them and remove all the bottoms and show a close-up of the great mess inside I upload it and put my hand to masturbate my pussy and reach orgasm enjoy the video
scat house kitchen 1 (hot dog) with Versauteschnukkis  [MPEG-4]

in this film of the dirty Schnukkis, the milf shows off her cooking skills unfortunately her monthly ketchup was empty. Have fun watching and cooking unfortunately the milf forgot the mask and in the last 3 seconds her face had to be censored sorry
Making Chocolate Frosting(Long) – LOTs of Straining/Prolapsing! with LenaMaek  [MPEG-4]

Mmm, chocolate! I made you a special treat, babe. <3 I made you a super tasty double chocolate cookie sandwich with some extra special “chocolate frosting.” Then I get it packed up and ready to discreetly ship to you. I hope you enjoy every last crumb! But I actually had a really, REALLY hard time getting anything to come out. I knew it was in there, but it just was not moving! I strain and strain and push so hard that I prolapse over and over for several minutes until I can FINALLY get the “frosting” to come out. It was quite hard, so I must have been much more constipated than I realized when I started to film. But I get the hard frosting nice and smooth and creamy for you when it is on the cookies. Please note: there is also a “getting down-to-business version” of the video where I cut out most of the prolapsing/struggling if you prefer just the food making part.
Panty pee poop smear with TinaAmazon  [MPEG-4]

Wearing white tank top and panties first I soak my panties with pee then take a firm shit in them. I reach into my panties with my hand and pull out my turd and take a big bite out of it covering my teeth in my own shit. Then I spit it out and smear all my shit all over my panties and ass until its covered in thick dark shit. After I pull down my filthy panties and finish covering my ass in shit and stick my finger in my dirty asshole and lick my finger. My shit looks so good cover all my sexy ass and stuck in my teeth.I'm so dirty don't you just want to cum all over me.
Chastity Shit Sucker: Femdom Scat Porn with MissMortelle  [MPEG-4]

I lock my slave's cock in a chastity cage and tell him that I will only let him out again when he has eaten all of my shit. I wear the keys to his penis cage around my neck while I tease my imprisoned slave with my ass. I make him worship my butt cheeks with kisses. Then he also has to lick my boots while I keep reminding him of his slave duties: If he wishes to regain freedom, he has to suck the scat out of my ass and eat all of it. Next I tease my chastity slave with facesitting & finally rimming. I ride his tongue with my naked asshole until I'm in the mood to shit directly into his mouth!

These are the rules of this dirty Femdom Scat Game: My slave´s mission is to suck the shit out of my asshole. If he manages to suck it out, he also has to swallow my poop completely. Only then, am I willing to unlock his dick from the chastity cage. Do you think that my slave will be able to take in all of my scat? Swallowing scat without any sexual stimulation can be hard. Will I reward my chastity slave with an orgasm or will he fail at his toilet duties? See for yourself if my shit-sucker wins or fails at this dirty challenge.
3 HUGE Shits in 1 Sitting with Sophia Sprinkle [MPEG-4]

After eating an excess of salad the day before, the tension in her bowels has built up to the point of extreme desperation! Sophia finds herself wearing white panties and thigh-high socks in the shower when the infamous "urge" hits! Moments later, naughty Sophia fills up her panties with super stinky mushy poop—and when we say "fill up", that isn't an exaggeration. Once she pulls her panties down, the urge once again hits and she dumps out more soft shit from her divine asshole. Unbelievably, she *still* wasn't fully emptied and continues to unleash farts, sharts and subsequent sweet turds into the toilet until finished.
Healing through caviar with MissDecadoria [MPEG-4]

It is early in the morning and the nurse pressed the light switch, light fades your eyes.It's time for the first meal of the day. It seems you've finally made some wrong, because in the opinion of Nurse Decadoria you deserve special food.
Enema Explotion in Diapers/Leggings with cleopatra [MPEG-4]

I'm use three enemas to mess a diaper, my gray leggings and black leather leggings. Enjoy!
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