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9 Girl Scat Orgy with Kaitlyn Katsaros [MPEG-4]

Featuring 9 different women, this orgy has it all. Scat, Puke, Strap On Sex, Dildo Puking, Dildo Facefucking, Simulated POV Blowjobs and even punching.
Teen girl shits on the floor - very hot, young, skinny brunette [MPEG-4]

Here's a self-shot video of a skinny, brunette "teen" taking a shit on a public bathroom floor. She lays down some paper, strips to bottomless, shits, wipes her ass, shows off the shit, dresses and leaves. I found the video on a streaming site but there is no watermark or somesuch.
Mouth Filled Toilet with Mistress Emily [MPEG-4]

You’re a fucking pervert, hiring me and not even wanting sex with me – you want something so much tasty than pussy could ever give you. I tease you for your desire for not even wanting my ass, just what it give you. Stay down and open your mouth, and eat my giant firm SHIT… A proper toilet can take whatever I give it. But it looks like I don’t even have to demand, you’re gobbling up all my poop as soon as it leaves my ass afterall! I know all about your desires you fucking bitch! Lick my ass clen after the toilet