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Scat Deep Hand And Real Swallow - Xtra Enormous Scat By Barbara Ferraz [MPEG-4]

Extra Pervers New Scat Movie. Very Big Scat Come Out Of The Ass From Barbara Ferraz And Go Direct In The Throat Of Her Slave. The Slave Real Swallow The Scat And Domina Put Her Whole Hand In Her Mouth. Extra Pervers Dirty Scat Movie!
Betty and Frankys Cowshit Adventure. Part 2 of 3 [MPEG-4]

Shitting violently on the phone at the football stadium - whether the groundskeeper has seen with Devil Sophie [MPEG-4]

Fully shit in the hair - my best hair treatment with Devil Sophie [MPEG-4]

Pooping wiith sexy high heels with CherryPie [MPEG-4]

if you like to see me naked and using high heels making long big poo on squat over you this video is for you.
leggings squat workout panty poop with TinaAmazon  [MPEG-4]

Watch me workout in my tight grey leggings. Squatting in multiple angles showing off my perfect ass. After I pull my pants down and take a poop in my light blue satin panties.
Eating shit – black panties part 1-2 with TinaAmazon  [MPEG-4]

Teasing in nothing but black thong and tank top I walk around in my sexy heels showing off my perfect ass. Then I lay down on the floor on my back with legs in the air and push out a big thick shit. I stay in that position with my legs wide open as I take pieces of my warm shit and chew and swallow it. Watch me eat my stinky shit then put a big piece in my mouth and tease you with my pussy and ass.
burgundy dress ass poop worship with TinaAmazon  [MPEG-4]

Worship my perfect ass in a short tight dress. Kiss and lick my stinky ass while you beg me to shit in your mouth. After I shit on the floor for you I let you worship my thick creamy turd. Then I have you worship my dirty asshole some more. Lick me clean.
black boots standing shit over you with TinaAmazon  [MPEG-4]

Wearing my sexy black shiny thigh high boots I want you to worship your perfect mistress. Be a good slave and eat all my shit. I take a huge shit over your face
Crotchless panties with TinaAmazon  [MPEG-4]

Wearing a short tight black dress with pink lace crotchless panties. These panties always make so horny. listen to how wet my pussy is. After I tease you with my ass I spread my cheeks and push out a huge creamy load.
Light blue jeans tease and shit with TinaAmazon  [MPEG-4]

Wearing tight light blue jeans showing off my perfect ass.getting your cock nice and hard. Slowly I pull my jeans down and expose my sexy panties that look so good on my big round ass. Once I have you all hot and bothered I take a big shit for you. This is a custom video I made for Phil so his name is in it.
Panty pee poop smear with TinaAmazon  [MPEG-4]

Wearing white tank top and panties first I soak my panties with pee then take a firm shit in them. I reach into my panties with my hand and pull out my turd and take a big bite out of it covering my teeth in my own shit. Then I spit it out and smear all my shit all over my panties and ass until its covered in thick dark shit. After I pull down my filthy panties and finish covering my ass in shit and stick my finger in my dirty asshole and lick my finger. My shit looks so good cover all my sexy ass and stuck in my teeth.I'm so dirty don't you just want to cum all over me.
Black skirt creamy shit with TinaAmazon  [MPEG-4]

Wearing a tiny skirt with my ass hanging out.I love getting you hard. I know all you can think about is the thick shit in my ass and how much you want to slide you cock inside my tight asshole so you can get your cock all shitty. I tease you then take a big creamy shit.
worship my ass and feet with TinaAmazon  [MPEG-4]

Wearing a short skirt I show off my ass and feet. I'm such a goddess and I want you to worship me. I take a big thick shit laying on my back with bare feet in the air. Eat all my shit up.
floral dress no panties with TinaAmazon  [MPEG-4]

I'm horny and wearing no panties. I would love to take a big shit on your face. Teasing you with my ass then pushing out a big thick creamy load.
Big mess in my leggings with TinaAmazon  [MPEG-4]

Wearing tight grey leggings. teasing.squatting. I take a big warm shit in them and show off the mess. My warm shit feels so good against my ass.
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