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Red thongs with Valentynexx  [MPEG-4]

In this video I was wearing a sexy red panty and I had a lot of poo, I wanted to get it out and then I played with my horse shaped toy.
Molly Shits on my Feet! with TrixieSquirts  [MPEG-4]

Omg babe! You know how I've been wanting my girlfriend Molly to shit on me for some time now. well, I finally got up the courage to ask her. and she said yes! We didn't exactly know when we would do it.. so we kinda let it go. Until, that is, all the family came over and overcrowded the house. We were in the backyard sunbathing, escaping the annoying adults inside.. when Molly realized she needed to take a shit.. there was no way to go inside that 1 tiny bathroom and stink up the whole place with all those judge mental family members around! Nope. she started thinking. then I popped the question, "will you shit on my feet now?" I was so nervous to ask! What if she were to say no? But alas! She smiled wide and said Yes! She dropped her shorts and turned her ass towards me. Excited, I gave her my foot and placed it below her spread pussy and asshole. So hot! I wait, anticipation building as the second roll by, then I feel the most delightful warm sensation on my leg streaming down my feet all the way to my toes! How how wonderful! Molly is Peeing on me! Omg it's so warm and refreshing! I switch legs, ohhhh yessss this is the best! She soaks my feet and I splash a bit before seeing the tip of her shit start to crown in her asshole! Oh boy, what I've been craving for soooo long now. since I first met her. finally Molly is going to shit on my feet! Can you believe it?! Is this really happening? Oh boy, more is slowly being pushed out, oh what a delicious log that is! Uh oh, I tried to aim it to land on my foot but I missed! Damn, I really wanna feel how warm her shit is. Oh well, guess I have to step in it now! I lift my foot and excitedly squish my pink painted toes right in her fresh shit log! Yesss! Oh my god this is what I've been craving for months! YES! I squish and squish, then switch feet, then both are stomping and squishing all up in her piss and shit! Oh wow it smells soooo good! I wanna get a better sniff. I twist my leg and bring my foot up to my face and get a good whiff, yes her shit smells sooo good! I almost wanna taste it. I wonder what her shit would taste like? After play time, I get to clean up! Whohoo! I love being a shit slut with my bestie Molly!
Xtremely Long Brown Snake/Sweaty/POV with MissAnja  [MPEG-4]

I wear only light pink thong on and my tummy woke me up. I already suffering to not release it and puckering asshole to keep it in. Hear me desperation also expressions written on my face. I get sweaty from suffering too and moaning. I tease you close up pulling over my thong. All over I left the panty on didn't remove it. I provide you nice close up (POV) camera angle all over in the video. After few minutes hard desperation I can't hold it and with legs up pushing out my extremely big snake. Nice cracking noise leaves my ass when pooping. First part of is hard and dark, the second part is lighter and creamier. You able to see some seeds too. Oh wow what an amazing feeling to not holding anymore. I grab my glass toy and just keep stretching my already red and swollen asshole. At the end I show off you my sweaty upper body, armpits, tits and face. It was a hard job. Have fun and enjoy my massively nice poo.
my hottest smearing with CutieSyren  [MPEG-4]

Listen to moans as I smear my poop all over my ass and around my pussy. I even get some shitty grool!
Lick my shitty feet [MPEG-4]

Penelope knows what she wants for today, she just wanna have fun and will do that humiliating her slave Cleopatra, there is no reason, just because she is a slave and need to treat like that, as a garbage. Penelope goes to outside barefeet, she knows that is dirty and Cleopatra supposed to clean it, but she had no time. Cleopatra start smoking and rubbing the feet on dirty floor until gets the soles in black. Now, it's time to have fun, she goes inside and call to Cleopatra, order to go on knees and look to her beautiful feet, they are white but no this time, take a look at my soles she said. Do you want my feet in your mouth???? Cleopatra answers: yes my queen, I want to serve you. So Penelope start cleaning the dirty soles over her mouth and face, until she gets the feet cleaned again. But something is not good, Penelope doesnt like of Cleopatra's face while she is licking her dirty soles. "any problems "she asked and with a ugly face, Cleopatra said, no my queen. But Penelope know it's not good and decided to show to Cleopatra that it can be harder, she did a big scat on her body, spread the feet on it and order to the salve clean. "Now you want to clean all shit from my feet" said the queen. Poor cleopatra, she will use her tongue to clean it. without complain.