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The Best Kind of Relief with Clevexci  [MPEG-4]

 I had been holding this in since yesterday…
I love holding in my poop. It’s like a game, how long will I last? hehe. This one was tough though. I really really had to go but it just wouldn’t let me! They tend to get harder the longer you hold them.. turns out touching myself was just what I needed.
Watch my asshole slowly get dirtier and dirtier and wink at you as I’m pushing as hard as I can to let this load out.
Hope you enjoy as much as I did!
Pink nails with kinkycat  [MPEG-4]

Good morning, My name is KinkyScat and I’ll be your waiter for today

On today’s suggestion menu...

– Pickled pee
– Soft poop

All organic
Shit by the thong and fucked by (3/3) with Clevexci  [MPEG-4]

here the hairy milf shits through the thong she wears and does not pull it off during sex. Who wants the dirty panties? Have fun watching
Shitting on the Guest Room Floor with Clevexci  [MPEG-4]

alright disclaimer: my sunburn is in the last stages of peeling so that’s what’s going on with my thighs anyway, i just got home from work and rushed to set up and catch you this clip of me taking a smooth, hot shit on the bedroom floor!