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2 poops – Jean shorts and close up with TinaAmazon [MPEG-4]

I’ve put 2 short clips together in a video. First clip in jeans shorts I pull them down then take a shit positioned backwards over a toilet. In the second clip I take a huge shit on the floor in a close up angle from behind.
Counter poop close up with farts with TinaAmazon [MPEG-4]

Short clip of me showing off my perfect ass. Then I squeeze out a few naked farts. Then I take a big messy poop on the counter. See my creamy shit up close.
Sexy dress creamy shit on a plate with TinaAmazon [MPEG-4]

I’m wearing a sexy tight dress. I tease you a bit with my ass then take a big creamy shit on a plate for you to eat.
I Eat My Shit With A Smile! with LoveRachelle2  [MPEG-4]

I filmed a really hot shit in my latest video, “Ignoring You, My Toilet, While Pooping BIG” and after filming was so enticed by my delicious looking load, I just had to enjoy it! I turned my camera back on to show it off, smell and describe it–taste it, and then eat lots of lovely chunks of my shit over and over again–and yes, with a smile
Green shorts super hard turd close up with TinaAmazon [MPEG-4]

Teasing in short little shorts with lots of dirty talk. Come eat the shit out of my ass. Close up view of me pushing out a super hard turd out of my swollen asshole.