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Filling a Diaper for My Baby Toilet with littlefuckslut  [Windows Media]

I have a special treat for my little baby toilet. I'm going to take a nice shit in this cute diaper and smear it around with my ass so it's nice and messy. Then you're going to sit in it and feel my filthy mess all over your dick and ass. I want you cuddled up nice and cozy in my shit while you suckle from my yummy nectar bottle that I've prepared for you. Such a pathetic little baby. You don't know any better do you? Just do what mommy tells you to. Suck your dirty little paci clean baby toilet and be a good boy.
Shit My Pants For 2nd Time Part 2 with evamarie88  [MPEG-4]

Watch me with the same pink soiled pants on still filled with scat, still wet with pee and wet with shit. I wear pink leggings and pee into them before before pulling them down and showing you the shit from yesturday inside i move all the shit to the front to make room for today warm fresh load… I bend over and fill my pants and rub my bulge before smearing my arse and pushing out some more shit i then show you my two loads of scat inside my pink pants… You know where this is going to go right? Right back on im going to keep my arse smeared with scat and my soiled panties on then await part 3 where i get even more kinky
Feels Good Releasing This Textured Shit with littlefuckslut  [Windows Media]

Mmm I'm so excited to finally release this for you. You can see exactly what I was eating. Corn and seeds, there's so many yummies in this load. I love the way it feels to finally push everything out. My pussy is always so creamy when I do. I show you how wet I get and finger myself, massaging my asshole with my thumb from inside my pussy. I love it so much. Seeing my food come back out my ass is always a favorite of mine
Women’s shit is the best business lunch with MilanaSmelly  [MPEG-4]

Women's shit is the best business lunch. Today I had a tiring work day in the office. I had to do a lot of work since morning. I was exhausted. And suddenly, closer to dinner, I received a call from Christina: "Come to us, we will feed you". My mood rose sharply. I usually had lunch at a cafe, which is nearby the office. I was very glad that I will see Mistresses. And I was looking forward to a lunch break. The girls were waiting for me. When I arrived, they initially had been teasing me with the smell of "food", having done facesitting. Then they cooked for me the "dinner" - they gave the shit into one bowl, and then fed me with their shit. I was pleased with my business lunch. And I returned to the office in a good mood. And until the evening I was remembering how I ate shit from the beautiful girls.
Shitty, Pissy, Moaning Mess with littlefuckslut  [Windows Media]

I have to go so bad! It's been trying to peep out of my asshole. Watch me sit with my ass towards you and unleash everything I've been holding in. My bladder and my asshole needs to be emptied. The combination of releasing my shit and fucking my pussy with my dildo is so fucking good! I can't handle it & I'm a shaky moaning mess. I finish my load with a closeup and milk my tits on top, yum!
Messy Alabama 2 [MPEG-4]

Big tit blonde girl does a shit on the floor, then spreads the shit all over herself, she then masturbates for a long time.
Messy Alabama [MPEG-4]

Hot big tit blond girl gets messy in this video. Starts with a frontal view of her shitting on the floor, then spreads her shit on her legs, pussy and face, also eats her shit. A lot of talking.
Be My Shit Covered Pervert with littlefuckslut  [MPEG-4]

Chew it, swallow it, shove it up your ass. I want you to be my shit and piss covered pervert with me today. Cover your hard cock in my shit and jerk it for me. Cum to my filthy mess.