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Mushy Leather Legging Explosion + Smear with Sophia_Sprinkle [MPEG-4]

It’s been two days since Sophia’s last shit and her dinner from the night before is giving her a run for her money! Watch as she fills her tight and shiny black leggings with the noisiest symphony of poop we’ve ever heard! After she shows you her creation, she decides to smear some of the mess on her pleather pants. Peeyeuww! What a beautiful mess this was! Featuring over five minutes of HQ/HD content
Shitting Naked over Edge of the Tub [MPEG-4]

Cassie Eats Sophia's Poop [MPEG-4]

Two videos features CassieScat and SophiaSprinkle. They poop, play with their poop and Cassie eats Sophia's poop. Enema also present in one of the videos. Hottest scene ever.
TheHealthyWhores - Pee and toying my asshole with some shit left inside [MPEG-4]

My girlfriend is filming me peeing inside my leggings and is fucking my asshole that still had shit left inside.He shoves it deep into my anus as the shit comes out.
MILFY25 – Scat Anal Sucking Puking Pussy Fisting Stretching [MPEG-4]

blonde milf starts off by pissing for the cam, then pushes out some shit. She grabs a dildo and smears her shit all over it. She takes the shitty dildo and starts fucking herself in the ass and eventually starts to fuck herself in the pussy when she's had too much. After fucking herself in a few different positions she fists her pussy a few different ways. She then takes the dildo and gags herself til she pukes a , rubs her dildo in the mess, then fucks herself again. The video ends with her putting on some different clothes, smearing some of the mess she makes, and one final puke before the end.
Shitting on Hands and Knees [MPEG-4]

Shitting over Toilet with Messy Ass [MPEG-4]

XshayXshayX - A Date with John [MPEG-4]

I love John. He’s cool, always available and doesn’t mind if I use him for naughty pleasures. I’m talking about my toilet, of course! This video starts with some shots of my dank basement bathroom… it is in a state of disrepair and sets the mood for my perverted fantasy. I’ve attached a suction cup dildo to the inside bowl. I get on the toilet seat, squatting, and piss all over it. Then, I cover that dildo in soft shit. It’s not over… the tampon I have in is saturated in menstrual blood and I drip red fluid onto the dildo. I pull out my tampon and squeeze out more shit. No wipe or flush just yet. The dildo is standing erect, covered in my beautiful mess. It’s time to clean up! My mouth glides up and down, all the flavours are swirling on my tongue. The dildo gets a hot blow job while my asshole is waiting for it’s treat. Once the mess is sufficiently cleaned I transfer the dildo to the opposite side of the bowl. I’m gonna fuck the John!


I reverse cowgirl the toilet. The slippery tip of the dildo pokes my dirty bum hole and enters my rectum with ease. It is so good. I rock back and forth and bounce up and down, rubbing my clit and moaning. This is all from behind POV. You see my ass shake and twitch, the natural light showing my natural beauty. I’m gonna cum and I tell you loudly! I orgasm and then relax. I’m spent but the action isn’t over! I climb off the toilet and get back on my knees. The tip of the dildo has a shit cherry on top and I happily lick it off. I hungrily suck it, cleaning up my shitty orgasm mess. Now it’s time for the finale. I hold the camera above my head and deep throat the dildo. With a clear view of my shitty, bloody, piss soaked mess you watch me flush it all away while holding the deep throat. Wow! That was great and I sign off with a kiss!
Delicatessen with Veronica Passi [MPEG-4]

An 'exotic' Italian chick, could pass for hispanic/latina, blows a dildo, rides it in her pussy and ass, shits on the dildo, rides the dildo in her ass again, blows it again (while covered with shit), while smearing shit on her face and hair, smears shit on her tits and pussy, strokes the dildo (your cock), sucks more shit off the dildo, deepthroats her shit covered dildo, tastes a few pieces of her shit (and swallows!) and showers off at the end.
Teen girl shits on the floor - very hot, young, skinny brunette [MPEG-4]

Here's a self-shot video of a skinny, brunette "teen" taking a shit on a public bathroom floor. She lays down some paper, strips to bottomless, shits, wipes her ass, shows off the shit, dresses and leaves. I found the video on a streaming site but there is no watermark or somesuch.
Wet masturbation and scat with KinkGodess  [MPEG-4]

Started out making fotos of my new panties. Got horny and felt i could shit. Wet masturbation with my new toy and showing you a nice soft shit turd. Squishing my shit with my hand at end of clip
Latex Shit Smear with KinkGodess  [MPEG-4]

Lets take it to the next level my naughty boys. See your godess teasing you while showing you her teen godess pussy and playing. Then pushing out a nice fat shit turd and smearing it onto my latex tights
Scat Virgin used as Full Toilet with MissMortelle  [MPEG-4]

One of the slaves at the Femdom Gala begged me to use him as a toilet. I agreed, since I always have to pee a lot! However I did not know at that moment, that he never had been a shit toilet before. He was a scat virgin… until he met me! I take my human toilet out into the garden and tell him to lie on the grass. First I tease him with my latex ass, then I pee directly into my slave´s mouth. You will see how my golden shower flows out of my divine pussy. I make my slave drink every single drop of my piss! Suddenly I notice that I also have to take a shit. I decide to use my slave´s mouth as a poop hole as well. do I know he is still a shit virgin. He does not complain, because he wants to be a perfect toilet for me! After I took a dump in his mouth, I tell him he has to eat & swallow my poop also. My scat is a delicious gift to be cherished by a dirty toilet like him! He follows my instructions and loses his scat virginity on camera. I was meeting with many other dominatrixes at their villa in Athens. This is a solo video that was filmed during this get-together.
Shitting near the Window with scatdesire [MPEG-4]

I was basking by the window in the afternoon. I needed to shit, but I wasn’t about to walk all the way to the restroom. I rub my horny pussy a bit. I had been eating breakfast so I had to shit really bad. It comes in small shits. The build up right before my ass makes me hornier. I moan as I shit for you. I release smelly stinky poo that feel amazing. My ass are pleased!
nice big hole shit  with p00girl  [MPEG-4]

pooped up close-up, and peed, you can see the pussy hole, the shit is soft and pleasant and smelled like fried pies and looks like a cupcake
vomit and shit on the face with p00girl  [MPEG-4]

poop and pee on a plate, puke shit in my mouth and smear my face
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