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Dirty Play and BDSM with dirtygardengirl [MPEG-4]

Start with some piss hole play, then DP, then triple ass/puss/pisshole insertion, some poop falls out of prolapsed ass, some poop re-inserted into ass for toy fist , huge DP. Tied tits, clamps on nipples, clamps on pussy, some smacking , Puking on self, inflatible plug and huge pump and then grinding in my mess.
Morning Piss Shit and Smoke with dirtygardengirl [MPEG-4]

This is how I like to start my day:) A cigarette. Piss into a glass and drink it, Shit (miss the glass lol) then gather shit up and stick in pussy and play , then push shit into prolapse and play. Horny dirty girl in the morning.
Preparing Dirty Panties for a Filthy Slave with dirtygardengirl [MPEG-4]

I make some white cotton panties very dirty first by peeing in them, then pushing out my shit and shitty prolapse in them, rubbing it around, taking off panties and then clipping a couple of toe nails into the pile of shit panties.
Eating Drinking Shit Piss Puke with dirtygardengirl [MPEG-4]

Wet Farts Prolapse with dirtygardengirl [MPEG-4]

Up close & Personal 2 with dirtygardengirl [MPEG-4]

In extreme close up I treat my shit slave mary (roleplay) to my plump pumped up ass lips expelling an enema, as the water gets dirtier i collect it in a bowl. I smear shit on my bound tities, my lips, my tongue and eat my shit, knowing shortly i will wash it down with a glass of shitty enema water.
Enema Cocktail part 1-2 with dirtygardengirl  [MPEG-4]

dirtygardengirl - Dirty Devil [MPEG-4]

Panties Stuffed in Dirty Ass with dirtygardengirl [MPEG-4]

I soiled my panties a with some anal leakage :0 and its all good because i want them dirty. To make them dirtier i stuff them into my ass a couple times and tell Igor to suck them and clean my shitty anus. My prolapse.
I Poop From Pussyand Ass with dirtygardengirl [MPEG-4]

Dirty over You with dirtygardengirl  [MPEG-4]

This vid has it all, Farting, shit, puke, piss, prolapse, big toys. All over the camera(covered with a bowl:) POV and you are the bowl! A very naughty babysitter to an innocent boy.
Enema Cocktail part 2 with dirtygardengirl  [MPEG-4]

With a banana up my ass and pumping ass ring plumper I tease my scat slave from above. Remove pump and shoot banana out (roleplay) into her mouth, Then push the banana back into my ass and shit it and more dirty enema water out into the bowl. I show my slave how I want her to eat the ass banana. Then wash down with some dirty enema water, I eat the remaining piece of banana and some shit and then drink up all the dirty water from the bowl. I take the bits of shit left in bowl and smear on my lips and tongue, then smear the shit and banana slime on my fat ass lips and prolapse pushing out the remaining filth from my ass. this was too large a vid to post as one without loosing quality, See part 1 to see how this begins
Dirty Playdate Custom with dirtygardengirl [MPEG-4]

Such dirty fun we will have. I will drink your hot piss, puke on your cock, and clean any bit of shit off your dick after youve fucked me up the ass, and of course you must fist my ass too!
Huge Shitty Play and Puke with dirtygardengirl [MPEG-4]

My tits tied, I pump my ass ring, I fuck my piss hole, I use the fist toy and dirty it with shit, I clamp my nipples and ride a huge toy with my shitty ass, I deepthroat and gag on myself and to puke on shitty dildo. Then I take the shit from the floor and fist it back into my ass, use huge pump on huge shitty prolapse, use the doggy inflatable in prolapse, then pump up knot super big for a grand stretch of my asshole, then massage shitty big prolapse.
Shitty Corn Dildo with dirtygardengirl [MPEG-4]

Mega Shit & Smear with Dirtygardengirl [MPEG-4]

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