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Blue Panty Poop Thefartbabes [MPEG-4]

Full Length Scat Game with Maria Anjel [MPEG-4]

Love and worship what my body produces! (SCAT, PUKE, URO, ANAL, ASS TO MOUTH) [MPEG-4]

Playing With Daddy After School with GingerCris [MPEG-4]

Shitting out of my prolapsed anus with subgirl [MPEG-4]

Outdoor scat blowjob with Daddysaysgo [MPEG-4]

FilthySkye [MPEG-4]

I’ll put that tail in ur mouth with DirtyBetty [MPEG-4]

“so big, so elastic, and at the same time fragile dessert. Still a warm, it can easily fit in the mouth, where it will begin to melt like caramel. Delicate creamy coffee-nut taste is intertwined with the aroma of musk creating a unique combination of bitter taste and deep aftertaste… ”
– Are you saying this is a description of the shit out of her dirty ass?
– Well, I think it’s a poetic and describes what is happening well…
-You are entirely crazy comparing a fresh pile of shit from a huge juicy ass that is slow … well, I already wanted to see it
– This time, yes… I have never seen such a beautiful poop.
-It’s not just poop, it’s like a tail that you need to wrap your lips around and gently…
Damn, can you not comment on everything you see?
-Did I say that out loud?
Human Waste Disposal Piss & Shit with Sammiecee [MPEG-4]

Milk Enema Scat Smearing with KinkGodess [MPEG-4]

Thong twister with Amethyst [MPEG-4]

Lickety stick with Amethyst  [MPEG-4]

Double dipping with Amethyst [MPEG-4]

School girl s retaliation [MPEG-4]

Spoons ful of shit with Mikadoshop [MPEG-4]

First you get my piss out of a glass. Then I lie down on a table on my stomach and shit up while my slaves stand around me and take the shit out of my ass with a spoon. One idiot is so in seventh heaven that he can eat my shit, I have to laugh so much… A lot of delicious poop today nikki
2 in 1 Brown Snake & Murky Jeans with DirtyBetty [MPEG-4]

I still can’t answer the question of why I’m doing two whole cool clips in one video.
I just do not see the point in this, but my hands are reaching out to feed your poop-fetish desire!
I just want you to watch these videos!
The thought that you dream of putting your face under my huge warm fresh and incredibly fragrant load just drives me crazy …
I also hope that you want to see and feel how I put just an indecent pile of shit in my tight jeans, see how I crush this shit with my transparent panties, or maybe even want them to be on your face?
Or do you dream of cleaning my thighs from a thick layer of my feces with your tongue? These two brand-new clips in one video will give you some of my fragrant and warm moods!
Take care of yourself!
And have a great day, friend!
PS: BE in the DARK, and use headphones while watching, it will help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of my “home” and enjoy the fantastic bubbling and chomping sounds of my fresh shit!
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