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ScatLina - I Eat And Swallow 3 Big Loads Of My Shit By Top with Babe Lina [MPEG-4]

I shit from three holes with 8 loads part 1 - ScatLina [MPEG-4]

Delicious shit from my shoes with ScatLina [MPEG-4]

Blood and shit part 2 with ScatLina [MPEG-4]

Blood and shit part 1 with ScatLina [MPEG-4]

Scat Swallow Dental Floss By Top Scat Babe Lina with ScatLina [MPEG-4]

I eat again from pussy with ScatLina [MPEG-4]

In the woods fetish  with ScatLina [MPEG-4]

The day of shitty secretary. Lunch.(Part 2) with ScatLina  [MPEG-4]

Secretary at work. Its time for lunch. A dirty secretary pulls out a lunch box containing a portion of her favorite shit. She puts it on a plate, but it’s too little for dinner, and she adds fresh shit there. She eats her lunch with urine and fucks herself. Dinner was over, and the secretary was glad to be back at work.
Masturbation on the with balcony with ScatLina [MPEG-4]

Christmas dinner with ScatLina [MPEG-4]

The day of shitty secretary. Breakfast. (part1) with ScatLina [MPEG-4]

Secretary is going to work. She decides to have breakfast. She was thrilled because she really wanted shit, so she decided to eat all her shit for breakfast. She was so carried away by her dirty breakfast that she was almost late for work. She quickly put on a white shirt and skirt and went to work.
I eat shitty womit (part 2) with ScatLina  [MPEG-4]

In the second part of the video I made a shitty vomit. I love this extreme game with shit! I drank all the vomit and fucked myself in my dirty mouth with a dildo again. I have such a stinky vomit, and I love shit from my mouth so much that I want to do it again and again. I smeared part of the vomit in my face, enjoying it and eating the rest of the vomit. Hmm, this is bliss
I eat shitty womit (part 1) with ScatLina [MPEG-4]

In the first part of the video, I prepared 2 downloads for myself. I froze shit in the refrigerator and warmed it before shooting. At first I ate two servings of thawed shit, but it is too small for me and prepared fresh shit. Fresh shit I ate with great pleasure. Then I wanted to vomit
I plant a flower and fertilize it with ScatLina [MPEG-4]

I eat again from pussy with ScatLina [MPEG-4]

Hey, are you ready to play with me? In this video, I will put a huge portion of shit on the floor then I will take this shit and stick it in my pussy… I will eat shit from my pussy with my own hands until it ends and I get an orgasm
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