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Voyeur comp with BabyDollNaughty [MPEG-4]

This is a little different and I was asked to create this for a special friend. There is no talking like I normally do and is a bit different! 3 shots and 3 different area’s that I take a shit in 2 different angles. For those who like to spy on girls shitting in places they really shouldn’t
Shitting my pants with BabyDollNaughty [MPEG-4]

Isnt it obvious? I shit mah pants
Push it out with BabyDollNaughty [MPEG-4]

Short clip of me pushing everything out!
(Tampon included)
Piss Enema with BabyDollNaughty [MPEG-4]

Using my own Piss as a refreshing Enema!
Tit smearing with BabyDollNaughty [MPEG-4]

What a lovely shit… I think I will spread it all over my lovely tits!
Close Encounters of the messy kind  with BabyDollNaughty [MPEG-4]

You will have a close encounter…of the messy kind!
Rainbow Fishnets with BabyDollNaughty [MPEG-4]

Rainbow Fishnets turn me on! So does pooping while using my wand and then mushing it with my bum.
Wand painting with BabyDollNaughty  [MPEG-4]

I put on these jeans JUST for this! I poop my jeans and then follow it up with using my wand. I take off my pants and use the wand to smear my poop alll over my pussy it is so much fun!
Just a quick one with BabyDollNaughty [MPEG-4]

I am JUST starting to heal up after dealing with having the flu so this one was pretty simple and low key, nothing fancy. However, after being sick for quite a while and FINALLY feeling up to masturbating. I could not help but film the results! I hump my exercise ball while using a pink dildo anally till I cum then shit a decent sized load and hump some more. if you want a simple real clip without all the theatrics of a good o’l fashioned girl taking a shit then this is the clip for you.
Smooze with BabyDollNaughty [MPEG-4]

Spur of the moment desperation! I had to go soo bad I could barely hold it long enough to turn the camera on! And when it comes it comes spurting out of my bum like an eruption! Dirty talk runny, smearing BIG mess!
Shitty diapers and open smearing with BabyDollNaughty  [MPEG-4]

I love you Mr. teddy, I saved this dirty mess just for you and me
Shitty Jeans and dirty dildo pussy fuck with BabyDollNaughty  [MPEG-4]

Makin my jeans deliciously messy then fucking my dirty pussy
Open diaper pooping with BabyDollNaughty [MPEG-4]

I am wearing a cute pink princess Rearz diaper and decide to open it up and make my mess on top of it while using my dildo to cum
Sex machine enema with BabyDollNaughty  [MPEG-4]

Sex machine + Enema = Wet, Orgasmic fun!