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Full Toilet Training at House of Sin with Medea Mortelle [MPEG-4]

Toilet Training is called „Training“ for a reason. The goal is to fixate the slave´s horniness on the fluids and excretions of the mistress.
When I see that there is a toilet chair at Mistress Ezada Sin´s dungeon, I decide to use it to train my slave. I tell him to lie with his head directly under the toilet seat. Then I am giving my slave a handjob, because I want my toilet to be very horny, when he is receiving my divine piss & shit. Now I sit above his head on the toilet chair. I command my slave to jerk his cock, but only when he is drinking my piss. His job is to catch my pee in his mouth and swallow it fast, so I can continue to empty my bladder. My slave is doing quite a good job as my pee drinker, so I decide to reward him. As a reward he will receive my shit onto his dick. Finally, I tell him to jerk his cock with my shit until he cums. I also push my dirty asshole into the camera & tell you to lick it clean…
Container for Slave with Gassy Fills [MPEG-4]

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Do you see those monsters too? They come right out of my hot ass while you sleep so I decided to film them in every detail… You have no idea what the smell of shit was there, I was soaked in just a couple of seconds. I pushed and fresh warm shit literally tore my hairy ass. And in the second clip (yes, baby, this is again 2 absolutely new clips in one incredibly hot video) you will see how a huge poop crawls out of my thick and hairy ass (and not only asses, just look at my feminine hairy legs) which I almost immediately smear on my ass, inhaling the aroma of shit and feeling like my ass and wet panties are covered with a thick layer of fresh shit! Two new pooping clips in One video for u
Love Messy Cock with Thefartbabes [MPEG-4]

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