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A huge pile of shit in panties, play with toys and put my panties in my pussy with p00girl [MPEG-4]

Tasting precious Scat Turd with KinkGodess  [MPEG-4]

Custom Scat Order with KinkGodess  [MPEG-4]


Latex attire; close-up of backwards pooping; dirty talk throughout with JOI (jerk off instructions); sniffing poop; licking poop, give poop a blow job, lots of brown saliva spitting over latex, smear poop all over face, lips, latex outfit, legs, arms, open latex top and smear over breasts, smear poop over ass and pussy, gagging on poop, poop in mouth, rub poop on pussy

Panty Poop Accident! with FilthJapaneseGirl  [MPEG-4]

Huge Snaky Shit Outdoors with goddesslucy  [MPEG-4]

Scense includes things like Shitting Outside, Closeups, Pissing Outside, Shit on Floor, Farting
Casal Fist Sex Anal [MPEG-4]

Scat Sex Porn Anal [MPEG-4]

Licking Girls Feet - Golden shower as a lesson for a whore with NICOLE [MPEG-4]

Nicole expects that when her slave is nearby, the house must be perfectly clean .. Not so long ago, she ordered avril to eat only from the toilet because she is not worthy to eat somewhere else. Recently, the toilet serves as a dining table for avril. When Nicole went to the toilet, she saw a mess in the toilet that stupid avril forgot to clean up after herself. This made Nicole very angry .. She immediately dragged avril by the hair to the toilet and ordered to clean up. The slave licked all the mess from the toilet while Nicole shouted at her and humiliated her morally! "Were you so hungry that you forgot to clean up? I'll feed you!" Nicole said and started feeding avril toilet paper. The slave chewed, swallowed toilet paper and thanked her Mistress. "Now I will give you a lesson so that you will remember this for the rest of your life! Lie down on the toilet and lift your face!" - Nicole ordered and took off her panties .. avril realized what awaited her and began to beg Nicole not to do this .. But Nicole was relentless and began to piss on the slave's face. Nicole's urine fell on the face and eyes of the slave and avril began to cry from such humiliation. "Forgive me Mistress! From now on I will always clean up .. I just did not rest for a very long time, so I fell resting and forgot to clean the toilet" - avril tearfully asked for forgiveness. But Nicole did not care about the pleas of a stupid slave and ordered the arvil to lie on the floor with her face in the urine. Nicole jumped and stomped on the slave's back, pressing her head to the floor and wiping the urine on the slave's cheek. After that, Nicole continued to piss on avril's face and urine splattered even more on the floor. "Don't you see that everything is splattered with urine, idiot? Take a rag and wipe it off! Your disgusting face too!" Nicole ordered. avril took a doormat between her teeth and began to wipe the floor with it .. after which she wiped her face. "You stink of urine! Get into the bath and now I'll wash you" - Nicole said and when the slave climbed into the bath, she began to spit in her face and hands. avril washed her face with Nicole's saliva, trying to wash off the smell of urine. Nicole is sure that her slave avril will remember this lesson for a long time and will continue to keep her dining table (toilet) clean.

Spoon-fed Shit Slave with PulsiferPaprocki [MPEG-4]

Lollipoop  with Amethyst [MPEG-4]

A bit nutty with Amethyst [MPEG-4]

Big Pile Chocolate Banana Breakfast/Smear with MyPetiteAss [MPEG-4]

I’m naked and reveal my asshole from the very beginning. Winking and talk dirty. Do you like my pretty asshole don’t you? You can’t even turn away your head right? I let you stare on it as long you wish but don’t forget to worship and jerk against your cock. Easy rules! I keep winking asshole and winking out some shit I tell you I can’t hold it. I ask you about how much you wanna lick my toes and sucking each off? You obsessed to my feet and asshole that’s right .I turn to my side and keep desperation. I release a nice and hug pile of veggie shit beetroot and celery mixed with focus on feet. I start to smear the thick veggies shit on my ass cheeks and keep encourage you to stroke your cock also draw some scat heart on cheeks. I’m not tired of teasing you until you will explode! I have a banana so let the things make so sweet. My plan was to fuck my asshole with that huge banana but it was split in my hand then I peeled and stuff partly in my shitty asshole. Make even more mess around my pretty stinky asshole. I stuff and push out the pieces of banana, fingering my asshole, talking dirty and definitely make you cum at the end. I give 10-1 cum countdown and order you to spread it all over on my messy sweet chocolate banana ass. I bet this was your favorite breakfast ever!
Shit on Dildo on the kitchen table  with ModelNatalya94 [MPEG-4]

Three girls Jana Carolina and Alice decided to arrange a show for you on the kitchen table. In this video, the girls use a rubber penis, first the girls take turns caressing the rubber penis with their mouths after the girl caresses the girl in turn to sit on the rubber penis from above and enter it into their ass and jump on it as riders on the loshali, a few movements top down and the girl pulls the rubber penis from her butt, the other girl at this moment begins to caress her friend’s ass and the third girl licks the shit from the rubber penis. After that, the girl again sits on the rubber member on top and again jumps on it like a rider on a horse. A play with his ass girl gets up and shits on the rubber cock on top, one of the girls rubs shit on the rubber cock and the other begins to caress the dirty shit ass of his girlfriend. All rubber cock in shit and faces and mouths of girls too, on the table a lot of shit and urine. Girls change and each of the girls does the same as the leading
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