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Two thick poops that stretch my hole nice and wide with DirtyPrincess  [MPEG-4]

this video contains two nice wide poops I did 2 days in a row the first one I spread my legs facing you as it slooooowly slides out. you can see it moving the skin under my pussy! And I get really red with pleasure. the second poop comes out in some chunks with a large chunk that really spreads my asshole at the very end
2 Hole-stretching turds & poop on a plate with DirtyPrincess  [MPEG-4]

This is a 2 for 1! This video starts with a nice poop that had been churning inside of me all day while I worked. once I get home it is time! I play with my hole a bit and release a nice wide poop right onto the floor for you. This one really felt lovely.. I stretch out my asshole, in hopes that someone could lick it for me. Then I have an urgent morning poop. But I just enjoy this newfound love of winking my ass and feeling the poop right there, ready to burst out, so I do that for a bit. sorry for all the adjusting here.. I finally turn around and release a long soft turd on a plate for you. A pee comes out too. When I go to show it to you AHH it falls off the plate! this messy day ends with me peeing in the shower and it getting all over my leg & feet, which I then show to you up close. Of course we inspect the poops together both times!
Pushing out logs morning & night! with DirtyPrincess  [MPEG-4]

These poops were back to back at night and then the next morning! I start by telling you how long it's been since I last went. Then I play with my hole a bit but I know I have to pee, so I do so in the toilet with a view of my stream. Then I spread my legs and face you to push out my load. It is a stubborn to come out at first but once it does. It is a great relief!! I actually get creamy in the process. I wipe and then show you the results and examine with you. This one smelled ESPECIALLY bad. Like poison. The next morning after I take a shower I have to go again! I wink my hole in doggy style for a while before flipping around. I am still dripping wet as a nice soft but wide log spills out of my hole. And once again.. I missed the target and got it on the floor. Oops. I pick it up with my hands. I apologize for using the Tupperware, I thought my custom shippables listing was approved at this time but it wasn't. So these loads went to waste and were not for sale unfortunately.
Sweet sundress shit and pee on the floor with DirtyPrincess  [MPEG-4]

happy in my new sundress, but I desperately have to poop after holding it for a 2 hour car ride! I wink for you and then sit on the ground and lift my leg to play a bit with my hole. but then I start to pee and it is like a fountain coming out that will not stop! I eventually stop and put the remainder into the toilet. Then comes the moment. I lift my leg and spread both holes for you to release a nice, wide smelly load. It is such a work of art with different varieties of poop in the pile! Some hard and dark small pebbles are the strangest part for me, have never seen anything like it from me haha. I had a weekend full of good food. I am extremely creamy after seeing this great pile.. So I rub my clit a bit as well
Smushing and squirting round 2 with DirtyPrincess  [MPEG-4]

this one was so fun to make! I wake up and immediately have to go. I waste no time getting on my back and playing with my hole. Slowly, some dark hard turds slip out as I push, feeling the pleasure of my hole stretching. As the last turd comes out, I gape and it feels so good that I can't help but get excited and a bit creamy.. So it is time to smush again! I slam my ass into my load and smush it around as I rub my clit until I cum. Then I show you my nice smushed load and show off my dirty ass for a while
Urgent shit plops on the floor with DirtyPrincess  [MPEG-4]

AHH I couldn't hold it! I woke up and immediately ran to the bathroom and as soon as I close the door a tiny piece of turd comes out!! I try to hold the rest in long enough to set up some toilet paper on the floor but alas.. it is just too urgent and it comes spilling out onto the floor. I then inspect the load with you before cleaning it up. When I pick it up I accidentally get some all over the toilet bowl oh boy..
Petite girl has fun playing with her hole before releasing a huge log with DirtyPrincess  [MPEG-4]

I am having more and more fun playing with my full hole. I let you look up at me from below as I wink my hole, feeling the nice full feeling. For some reason this felt especially good this day so I do it for a while. I stretch my front hole for you as well! After a while I finally loosen my ass muscles and let the shit slip right out from my hole, and it is a nice thick log! I inspect with you before I toss it. Still waiting to be able to ship these logs to you all
Wide poop into a bowl with DirtyPrincess  [MPEG-4]

Trying the bowl once again for you!! I felt nice and full, and wanted to serve up a nice bowl of poop just for you. It wasn't as long as my usual poops but it was certainly wide and pleasurable. I definitely got red with excitement from this as you can see.
Pushing out a thick log after work with DirtyPrincess [MPEG-4]

I held this in all day long at work for you to see!! I get down and show you my hairy self spread eagle as I release the poop I had stored in me all day! As always, I can't help but get warm and red with pleasure as I lift my ass up to release the thick load.. Lots of pee dribbles out as well! Then I inspect my work with you
Pooping a long thick one into a bowl in my bedroom with DirtyPrincess  [MPEG-4]

I just woke up and feel that something big is right at the very edge of my hole! I slip off my underwear and play with my hole for a while. I've already prepared a bowl for the occasion, as if I am going to serve you a delicious meal. I flip on my side and spread my cheeks to the side, and my nice long load spills out of my hole into the bowl. It's sticks over the edge a bit! It's a nice long turd, one of my longest ever probably. My ass gets quite dirty in the process too. I jiggle my dirty ass for a bit and then spread my front hole a bit. Honestly the smell and seeing that giant thing was turning me on!! Then I meet you in the bathroom where we look at this giant brown snake together. And I finally wipe my dirty ass. just like I say- it's one of those times where I feel like I could just keep wiping and never be clean! It's still dirty but I am too tired for this shit (literally) so I'm just gonna wash it off in the shower lol. Then we flush the turd together. Pretty soon these won't go to waste anymore!
My nice wide load comes out in 2 parts with DirtyPrincess  [MPEG-4]

in this video I haven't gone for a while, and I feel a lot of pressure down below. I push a and push for you, as my front hole turns red and creamy. But alas I must wait until the morning! I have a very good dinner of some cauliflower which really does the trick. The next morning I lay on my back with my cheeks spread open to you and a wonderful wide load slips out slowly. It feels amazing! Then I inspect with you
Prepping my load on a plate for you with DirtyPrincess  [MPEG-4]

In this video I wanted to try serving you my load on a plate again. I spread my legs and give you a nice view of my holes and stomach as I position my ass above the plate. This wide load feels so nice coming out slowly. a pee comes out too. Then I show you your meal
Big thick poop and bright yellow pee in a bowl with DirtyPrincess  [MPEG-4]

My first time ever doing this. I couldn't stop looking at the bowl full of my bright yellow piss and thick dark shit mixed all together. After I drop my thick load into the glass bowl full of piss, I wipe myself as you watch from a nice view and then I inspect the bowl with you! I have my period during this so do not worry about the two blood drops at the end. Also I'm sorry about how puffy my face looks under my eyes since I just woke up.. I almost didn't post this because of that but I loved how the bowl looked so I hope you can overlook how bad my face looks in this one. I'll be showing more of myself for sure!
Long smooth thick morning poop & bonus horny poop with DirtyPrincess  [MPEG-4]

Watch me as I take my morning poops! Both full frontal. The first one is looong and smooth, and has the worst strong smell of any poop I've ever done, it was stinging my nose so badly. In the second clip, you can see as I unintentionally turn red from being turned on by my own shit and by the feeling of my hole stretching to let it all out. watch as my pussy turns red. I can't help it. The feeling is just so nice!
Pushing out a thick log after work with DirtyPrincess  [MPEG-4]

I held this in all day long at work for you to see!! I get down and show you my hairy self spread eagle as I release the poop I had stored in me all day! As always, I can't help but get warm and red with pleasure as I lift my ass up to release the thick load.. Lots of pee dribbles out as well! Then I inspect my work with you
Big poop relief after the workday with DirtyPrincess  [MPEG-4]

I held it in all day!! But when I get home and get changed into some comfy clothes, I can't hold it any longer. The thick hard log feels so nice coming out, of course some pee dribbles out and my front hole turns red with pleasure. I inspect the load, a lot went into this one! – 12 grain toast, kale, lentils, quinoa, sweet potatoes, and my favorite- hot chicken strips. Theres one last nugget left, and I pop it out into the toilet with some bonus pee.
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