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Diaper Gassy Diarrhea Attack with ElenaToilet [MPEG-4]

I think this video is wonderful… I’m farting and pooping in double diaper… because I really need to poo… my diaper is full of shit… so much shit on my diaper and on my perfect ass… WOW! That’s amazing!
Pushing Massive Poop with ElenaToilet [MPEG-4]

Pushing out massive and smelly turds in this vid, each of them is unique. But I love a thick shit and I can’t help but always pleasure when I shit… I feels having them inside me, how much I love the pressure and the feel of them coming out of my ass. Oops, it’s really big! I especially like thick turds where I have to strain. I made your dinner, bitch
I Need Yor Mouth, Babe with ElenaToilet [MPEG-4]

Hey babe, come here for a sec, would yah? I need you to do something nice for me. Put your face right up to my ass and hold it there…. you ready? Good! I’ll fill your mouth with massive thick smelly shit and I need you to eat it for me! Oops, it smells disgusting, babe. Let me take videotape at your face. Do you like the taste of my shit? So you like my dirty asshole, too! I can’t keep this shit to myself anymore?
Adelina Frau Pooh with ElenaToilet [MPEG-4]

This is a custom video. Adelina Pooh dined at the rabbit and got ready to go home. But trying to get out, she was stuck in a hole and shits in her panty. She was very embarrassed and ashamed, but she had no choice
EAT ALL MY SHIT with ElenaToilet [MPEG-4]

I HATE when slaves do not eat EVERYTHING I PRODUCE. So sometimes i need to PUSH IT IN his fucking mouth! In this video i use a slave as a seat, SMOTHERING HIS FACE under my sexy sweet ass. That is just the beginning though, I proceed to use him as my personal toilet! He tries his best to eat the huge load i produces, but gags and chokes. I help him though by PUSHING IT DOWN HIS THROAT AND WHIPPING HIM! The slave begs me for forgiveness but i don't not care! She walks upstairs leaving the slave with the mess! I take my camera and show him eating my shit.
Mistress Mia Feeding Her Slave with ElenaToilet [MPEG-4]

Mistress Mia with perfect round ass is feeding her slave with hot shit. He is licking his asshole until she becomes to shit in his mouth witouth warning! He has to open his mouth wider and take the nasty shit. She makes him eat it for breakfast by putting his face in the shit.
Humiliating Looser to Eat My Shit with ElenaToilet  [MPEG-4]

I will use a human toilet slave! Every day he will eat my shit or he will starve until I feed him again on the next day! Looser will be humiliated a lot this time as my footstool, foot licker. I will be slapped him with my whip. Verbal humiliatons and degradations. In the end he will eat my shit and lick my ass clean!
Dirty Panty in Bathtub with ElenaToilet [MPEG-4]

Taking a shit in my bathroom after twerking my big asshole for you. Enjoy my shit and eat right out of my panties!
Dropping Massive Thick Shit with ElenaToilet [MPEG-4]

I'm making and sending you a video of me pooping to enjoy while you're finished. I want your nose right up to your screen as you watch me wink my shit-brimmed anus and harden in your hand as you listen to the glistening sounds my wet asshole makes, just begging to shit. I want you licking your lips as my pussy drips with excitement as I'm about to birth all these smelly turds for you. Mmm, I show you my load and make you eat all that stinky shit ? So glad you still get to watch me shit from the source.
Swallow my Thick Shit with ElenaToilet [MPEG-4]

Monster Shit Out Off My Ass with ElenaToilet [MPEG-4]

Oops! Pushing out thick, monster turds is hard! My tight little asshole is not used to such a huge volume. At first it's seems easy – and feels pleasurable to push. I groan combining with of pleasured pain each time, and ground hog these shit. Mmm. my perfect shit? Treat for the elect. One of the widest I've ever had push out my asshole. That was so thick and hard, it actually hurt! In a good way, of course. but it was so intense I could barely stand it
Toilet Service for 3 Girls with ElenaToilet [MPEG-4]

How I Want You To Eat My Shit with ElenaToilet [MPEG-4]

New great video with me pushing out your poop meal!? I masturbate and poop while facing at the camera and groan with pleasure while thick turds comes out of my butthole! I know how much you enjoy eating my poop, and want me to show you my shit close. So close! Look more. They disgustingly smell and have different colors, exactly as you like, stupid toilet.
Tethering to My Thick Shit  with ElenaToilet [MPEG-4]

I can't hold anymore shit inside me, I'm absolutely DESPERATE! I masturbate before shit. I thrust my fingers deep into my pussy and lick them. I struggled to keep my shit in but I couldn't, it all rushed right out of my tight, abused little hole! I show off my hot stinky thick turds and show you it close.Now that I'm all emptied out, I wanna you clean my butt with your tongue?
Stupid Slave Wants My Butthole with ElenaToilet [MPEG-4]

Oops! Pushing out these thick fat shit is hard! My tight little asshole certainly has its surprise for you, stupid slave ? At first it's easy – and feels pleasurable to push.One of the biggest I've ever had to groan and push out my asshole. That one took, and was so thick and hard, it really hurt!? In a good way, of course. but it was so intense I could barely restrain myself! As a reward for the slave I have huge farts at the end!
Twerking Big Shitty Ass with ElenaToilet [MPEG-4]

You realy like being my toilet, stupid pig? Excitedly watching as I shit wherever I want, and you get to obsess over each pile of my shit and want to eat it up as you please? Quite exactly – It's all for you, toilet. Quite a treat! And you get to eat it up wholly. Are you happy you have a Mistress to clean up after? You better lick my ass, loser. Watching twerk and Eat My Shit!
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