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My jeans are very dirty inside with ModelNatalya94 [MPEG-4]

I love to arrange erotic shows in which I pose walk around the room, show you myself, this time I decided to use in the video jeans in white, first I walk around the room in the ass and in front, showing you my ass, legs and of course jeans, after the demonstration I lower my jeans and show you my white clean ass, after that I again put the jeans back on my ass and shoot them shit and urine, on my legs stick urine together with shit leaving on my white jeans footprints, Oh Yes traces gradually increase and now my white jeans already from outside in shit, I again pose for you in dirty jeans , I walk around the room I take various poses, in a word I arrange for you erotic show, after demonstration of dirty jeans I remove them and I show you the dirty ass and dirty jeans in inside. At the end of the video, I put my jeans back on my ass and pose for you
So Horny Smear with ChubbiBunni [MPEG-4]

Every time I poop, I get so horny. I love feeling it come out my ass and I love the smell when it’s still warm. Then I discovered smearing and it turns me on even more. This time I couldn’t contain myself. I had to play with myself when I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I barely had time to make it to the bathroom. It feels so good…
Bratty Girl Has An Accident with littlefuckslut [Windows Media]

I tried to call you Daddy but you didn’t come! I was coloring you a pretty picture but then I had to go potty. I called you and called you but nope! So I just went. I thought I just had to go pee but it was actually #2! So I started going and filling up my panties but then I pulled them down a little to get them out of the way and my potty plopped out of them. Then I pushed all my poop out and it all fell to the floor. My panties only got a little dirty but it still made me sad because they’re my cute blue ones. You should have come when I called you Daddy now you have a dirty mess to clean up!
Mao - THE KANCHOOOOOO!!!!!! [ppv1020] 5 [wmv]

Mao - THE KANCHOOOOOO!!!!!! [ppv1020] 3 [wmv]

Mao - THE KANCHOOOOOO!!!!!! 2 [wmv]

Unknown Amateur - [V AVGL-005] Scatology extreme torture, bondage nakadashi [avi]

Dany, Beatrix, Marie Delvaux - Sale Correction [avi]

Mao and Others - THE KANCHOOOOOO!!!!!! [ppv1020] [wmv]

Miri Kawamura, Ibuki Harkuki, Nancy - Masd-013 School Group Scatology Lesbian [avi]


Tumi - Lesbian Piss And Kaviar / BKW-03 [avi]

Mona - Kaviar Groupies 4 - Panty Pooping Girls [mpg]


Veronica Moser - VM24 - Betty Poop [avi]

Sui - Toilet Slave Wannabe 03 [avi]

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